I had a nice break from reviewing Binary Options products over the last couple of weeks, but I’m right back into it this week with the latest product: 60k in 60 seconds. The good thing about reviewing products like this is that you can dig around and find their lies within a few minutes. The bad thing is that there seems to be no end to them. I’m sure I’ll be back next week reviewing an identical product with a different name.

It’s funny how often new ones come out and how quickly old ones die down. Surely if you could earn 60k in 60 seconds everyone would know about it by now?

I’ll tell you this as well, if this product worked, I wouldn’t be writing this review. If I could really earn 60k every time I pushed a button, I would be sat here pushing that button, I wouldn’t be writing. Unfortunately, it’s another thinly disguised excuse to get you to part with your money. $250 of it in fact.

What Exactly Is 60k In 60 Seconds?

Let’s go back to the beginning. On the product homepage at 60kin60seconds.co, you’ll find the same tired sales pitch about being able to make money online in an instant. It’s fast, it’s simple, you only need to perform 3 steps, and it’s FREE. On the next page we find out that it’s not exactly free, but page one is always free.

I think even the people who make these products are getting tired of it, this video seemed a little lazier than the previous ones. “Bla Bla sign up here, it’s cool you’ll make some money *yawn*”.

The homepage itself doesn’t have a lot going on, just an e-mail capture form, one of those “hurry before your offer expires” countdown timers, and a few other standard tricks. I’ve seen this same landing page on about 3 different products now. I guess it must work.

Once you enter your email you’ll find out how the product works. It’s the same as all the others. In three simple steps, you’ll able to get started:

Step One: Sign up for an account with OptionRally (A binary options broker).

Step Two: Fund that account with no less than $250 (earning the product maker his commission).

Step Three: Sit back and watch your 60k roll in (or sit back and watch your $250 roll out).

*(Please don’t actually do these steps)*

So Does It Live Up To Its Promise?

Here’s the truth behind these products. The person who has made it is an affiliate with the options broker. They get you to sign up and deposit funds into the account, and they get paid $250 by the options broker. After that, they don’t care what happens to you.

60k in 60 seconds review

Some of the options brokers are actually legitimate companies that will let you trade, others will just keep hold of your money until you have made enough trades to withdraw.

As is the case with most companies, OptionRally isn’t really regulated. They are owned by a company based out of Cyprus. There are just dozens of companies out there online performing various levels of unethical trading.

But let’s just assume for a second that OptionRally are legitimate. In truth I couldn’t find a whole lot of evidence that they aren’t, I just can’t find any reassurances that they are either.

When you make a trade, if you win you will earn 78% of the winnings. If you lose, you get refunded 10%. In other words, you win 78% and lose 90%. Given that binary option trades are essentially a 50-50, making 10 trades and winning 5 of them would still see you losing money.

Withdrawing Funds

Can you just try a few trades then withdraw your money? In most cases no. You will usually have to make a minimum number of trades before you can withdraw your funds. Remember that performing a few trades will see you lose most if not all of your money.

This is actually besides the point. 60k in 60 seconds is just another BS product that is getting you to sign up and so the product creator will earn a commission. They’re lying to you about their wealth, their secret software and their system. All they want is that commission.

I didn’t even bother to test out the software itself, I’ve seen it all before, and I like my $250 where I can control it.

Final Thoughts

Need I say much more? This product is not what it promises to be, it will not make you 60k in 60 seconds, and you would do very well to stay away.

How Does 60K in 60 Seconds Compare?

Binary Options trading programs all come down to essentially one thing: You’re betting your hard earned money on a coin flip. Successful businesses are not built this way! You can’t expect to make money this way.

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing ways to make money from home since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how 60K in 60 Seconds compares…

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  • Kimberly

    I almost feel like this review is totally unnecessary. I actually sat through the entire presentation video and was like… really man?? Sometimes I think these product creators create these products as a joke to see who would actually fall for it… Like they sit around placing bets on who can lure in more suckers lol

    Stay away from this binary options thing people… if you wanna make money online, put in the time and the work. I highly doubt that you can simply push a button and make $60,000… something about that just doesn’t feel right lol

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