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Average unique visitors: 1,800/day
Average page loads: 4,000/day
Google Pagerank: 3/10
Technorati rank: 298,786
Alexa rank: 169,159

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There are four 125×125 banners situated within sidebars. The ads are available at $50/month for one.

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We’re selling 5 spots on our RSS feed for $10 a month. Your ad will appear at the bottom of every post in our RSS feed. Our current RSS count is

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Whether you are just starting and would like some exposure, or you have an established program and want some new customers, we review them all for $50/review. You will receive a thorough review and it will remain as the first post for a minimum of 24 hours as well as, a permanent spot in our completed reviews section.

Disclaimer: We give the TRUTH about how we feel. This means that you authorize us to print what we want about your program or product. We DO NOT simply hand out positive reviews.

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