Quick Summary of Auto Profit Signals

Rating: 1 Yup, just another scam!

The Good: There were no visible benefits to using this system.

The Bad: You're lied to, plain and simple: the software isn't unique or special, but off the shelf software used by hundreds of other Binary Options systems.It uses signals, which are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard!

The Bottom Line: If you want a way to build a real business, without having to rely on made up stories, read my top recommendation.

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Auto Profit Signals Review

If you have been researching Binary Options, you may have come across the term “signals”.

Perhaps you are not sure what it actually means. Well, signals are general indicators taken from analytic data of broad trends and are used to make a decision of which way to go when trading Binary Options.

In general trading, signals are very useful, for Binary Options, they are almost worthless. I’ll get to why in a moment, but knowing that signals for Binary Options are virtually pointless, seeing a Binary Options system called Auto Profit Signals signaled to me (yeah, pun intended!) that something was amiss.

Binary Options & Binary Options Signals

In case you’re not aware, Binary Option trading revolves around a very simple concept: you guess whether a commodity or stock will go up in price or down in price over a very short period of time (1 to 5 minutes normally).

It’s this simplicity that often lures unwary people into the clutches of unethical marketers pushing bogus or hyped up systems.

Binary Options signals are intended to guide you by predicting which way this will go.

The problem is that stocks and commodities fluctuate rapidly over micro time scales, which means that even if the general trend is for the stock price to go up, it’s impossible to tell where the stock price will be at the second your trade period ends.

Combine that with the fact that the signals are based on broad trends, over a general period of time, rather than the micro time scale, and you can see there’s a problem.

This is why Binary Options signals are worthless.

Can Auto Profit Signals Help?

Most Binary Options marketers that push the “next big thing” in Binary Options trading systems actually don’t. What they are pushing is a generic system, white labeled for their own use.

They might say that they have developed a unique system, but it isn’t true, they are just using that lie and some basic software to get you to sign up, because once you deposit some money they take home a fat commission check.

I did some digging for you, and it looks like Auto Profit Signals is using a generic product offered out to Binary Options marketers via a site called BOA Elite. This software will be used by dozens, hundreds of marketers, each of whom will pitch it to you as unique, one-of-a-kind software.

Let’s see what Auto Profit Signals has to say about their own system.

The Sales Pitch

Like a lot of sales pitches, Auto Profit Trader’s has an initial hook. It gets right to it and starts showing you massive earnings, and states that the person behind it is earning $30,000 a month.

This so called evidence proves very little though as it’s just screen shots of bank accounts: the screenshots could have been easily doctored or have nothing to do with the system itself. Most often I believe the screenshots are from the earrings they have made scamming people with systems like these.

Auto Profit Signals hiding

The video continues with well-worn Binary Option marketing tropes: showing off expensive cars, property and goods, and telling you that this can all be yours so long as you use this amazing system.

Then comes the typical sob story (these are to help build trust with you, to make you think that the guy is just an average Joe).

The story they used was despicable: how the guy’s girlfriend, a new mother, suffered from post-natal depression and got them into $20,000 worth of debt via online gambling and then left him with the debt and the baby.

I’m sorry, but I doubt that happened to the person behind this system: these stories are just designed to get you to empathize with them.

Of course, the sob story turns into a rags to riches story and he goes to a seminar and comes away with a miraculous idea to change his fortunes forever.

Don’t believe him? Well that’s OK, he has some video testimonials for you to watch. These testimonials are fake though, I’ve seen the actors used in numerous other Binary Options sales pitches

After these comes further “proof” where it shows you the narrator using the Auto Profits Signals system “live”.

This evidence is nothing of the sort; it merely shows short screencasts of the website, intermingled with screenshots. As mentioned earlier, it’s so easy to manipulate a screenshot, and even a live website, that you simply cannot trust this.

Take this image, though not from a Binary Options website, it shows clearly how easy it is to do: it took me longer to add the arrows in an art package than to manipulate the website itself.

Auto Profit Signals easy to fake website

The next 10 minutes of this sales video consists of nothing put prods and pokes, trying to win you over to try the system out. Remember, all the person behind this wants is for you to deposit some money with the Binary Options broker, because that’s when they earn their commission. What happens after that is irrelevant to them.

The Bottom Line

Auto Profit Signals is a scam system: it offers zero evidence of earnings, the sales page is designed to push your buttons and the system it uses seems to be a generic signals software system not a unique miraculous program.

Signals themselves, as mentioned, offer so little in the way of accuracy; you’d be better of flipping a coin!

My advice is that if you want to build a stable and sustainable business, and earn a regular income with little risk, avoid Auto Profit Signals and any sort of automated Binary Option systems.

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