Quick Summary of Auto Profit Suite

Rating: 1 It gets 5 for marketing technique and minus 4 for being a scam

The Good: None

The Bad: Everything about this system screams scam!

The Bottom Line: This "system" is built on the premise that you are greedy and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Auto Profit Suite Review

Marketing professionals around the world sometimes get carried away with themselves. They end up creating monstrously complex ad campaigns that end up doing little more than boosting their own egos.

Smart marketers know that more often than not simple campaigns work just as well, if not better, than overly complex ones.

This is why Auto Profit Suite worries me. While this system is just another in the long line of Binary Options systems, the person behind it has kept everything very simple and very basic, knowing that what he has created is still likely to ensnare the unwary.

The Pitch

The plain black website boldly proclaims that with a mere $7 you can make $1,011.88 every day for life.

This proclamation is followed up by a short marketing video. The video starts with a reminder that this system (alleges) that you can make $1000 per day, but only 20 people per day can be taken on board.

Images flash up of fast cars, big boats, and luxurious holidays. This is followed by screenshots of bank accounts overlaid with mug shots of supposedly real users of Auto Profit Suite.

Auto Profit Suite bank proof 2

Remember: if you can add a picture of a stock photo to a bank account screenshot, you can just as easily fake the balance amount…

After this comes more information telling you that this is “Totally brand new”, “Totally automated” and “Totally free (to get started)”.

Finally before the push to get you to sign up, comes a kicker: today is the final day you can sign up.

This is a well-crafted marketing message designed to push two specific buttons: greed and urgency.

By slapping a large amount of money in your face ($365,000 a year is not to be sniffed at), and by stating there is a limited supply and time, two things happen. One, you get greedy and two, you panic.

As the second video (after signing up) states, “If you don’t do it now you will miss the opportunity and hate yourself forever”.

This is precisely the mind set they are trying to achieve and one that unfortunately works way too often, judging by the number of people I hear about being scammed every day.

I mentioned the second video, this pops up once you have handed over your email and it is there to push you to the next step – signing up to the broker.

Auto Profit Suite hate yourself

This video echoes the first, re-iterating the $1,000 a day guarantee and pushing the scarcity of the system.

The problem is, I know for a fact if I turn up again tomorrow, after the final day, tomorrow will also be the final day, and the day after that and so on until the site is pulled down.

There is also live trade data showing win after win. This data comes from a site called Binary Bonus, which as far as I can tell (and I look into them every time I see them) they are nothing but a site that provides fake trading data.

Signing up to Auto Profit Suite

Unsurprisingly, once you get into the main area you are asked to deposit funds into the broker account. This trusted broker is apparently the main reason why you will make so much money: the details are vague to the point of not existing.

The broker, Inside Option, is an apparently British based company. While seemingly legit, it’s interesting to note that the director of this company, Manford Martin Mponda, is also the director for 15 other marketing and trading companies.

Auto Profit Suite decides that you should also deposit your money via their website rather than the broker site.

While there is HTTPS security on the page, the card details are routed through another site called Binary Promos which to all intents and purposes is a one page site (affiliate) linking to a variety of Binary Options brokers.

This would not be a site that I would hand my credit card details over to, would you?

The Bottom Line

While Auto Profit Suite has a flashy & effective video, it doesn’t erase the fact that this system is a pile of garbage.

It is all hype and the guarantees are flimsy and unobtainable. It was created as a lure to get you excited enough to sign up with a Binary Options broker and deposit some money.

Once that’s done, the affiliate behind Auto Profit Suite, will be laughing all the way to the bank with his commission, while you cross your fingers and hope you don’t lose all your savings with Binary Options trading.

There is nothing about Binary Options that can make me want to promote it, in fact I wish to discourage anyone and everyone from trying this high risk venture. Even the FTC warns against it, though they are powerless to stop it as it is not illegal as such.

My final words on Auto Profit Suite are, avoid it!

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