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12 Ways to Earn Affiliate Commissions from Web Hosting Plans

Web hosting packages are some of the most lucrative affiliate programs available today. If you’re just starting out in the wide world of earning online income, promoting web hosting is a sure-fire way to learn affiliate marketing. Many of these programs have existed for several years and continue to pay their affiliates consistently.

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The downside to selling hosting packages is that people are notoriously cautious about web hosting. The reason for this is definitely valid, since web hosting plays a huge part in website maintenance and moving from one hosting company to another can be a hassle. In addition, if a person subscribes to an annual plan (or longer), they’d be stuck with that company for a long time, which is why deciding om the best web hosting package can be an important decision.

However, if you focus on earning commissions through web hosting affiliate programs, you’ll be surprised at the amount companies pay for customer referrals.

How much can you earn from Web Hosting affiliate programs?

Web hosting packages start at around $2 to $12 per month, but this doesn’t mean web hosting companies only pay its affiliates a percentage of this package plan. Instead, since hosting packages usually require customers to purchase a minimum length (3-month, 6-month, 1-year service, and so on), web hosting companies can afford to pay commissions somewhere from $50 and $200 per sale.

The only problem is that in order to make a stable income from commissions, you’d have to be able to sell more than one plan each month. You can do this by either promoting multiple web hosting companies (yes, this is the reason why there are hundreds of web hosting comparison sites around), or work hard to become an authority figure so that even if you promote just one web hosting company, you’d be able to receive a sizable chunk from commissions.

Bluehost Commission Payouts

What’s the highest paying Web Hosting affiliate program?

When you’re looking for web hosting affiliate programs, you’ll be faced with hundreds of companies with varying commission rates and terms. Some give a one-off commission per sale, others add a monthly recurring commission (every time the customer you referred continued the service), while a few hosting companies provide a more complex commission table with sliding commission rates.

If you’re promoting via affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Clickbank, you’ll be sharing a bit of the commission with the chosen network. However, not all web hosting companies operate their affiliate programs in-house, so you might not have a choice but to use affiliate networks.

WP Engine Affiliate Program

To get an idea about commissions and whether the highest paying web hosting affiliate program is worth the trouble, here are several examples:

  • LiquidWeb – Aimed at enterprise-level customers, this company pays affiliates up to $1,500 per month initially and 5% recurring commission as long as the customer you referred continued using LiquidWeb’s dedicated servers.
  • WP Engine – This web hosting only focuses on WordPress sites, but pays $200 per referral and incentive bonuses for 5 and higher sales monthly.
  • Hostgator – If you joined as an affiliate directly on Hostgator, you can earn up to $150 per sale for the shared hosting plans. This amount gets cut less $50 if you joined through Commission Junction so expect around $100 instead.
  • SiteGround – SiteGround is another popular web hosting company with exceptional reputation and performance-based commissions for its affiliates, which means you can earn $50 to over $100 per sale depending on how many plans you sell.
  • iPage – This web hosting company is popular for its $1 and $2 plans, but you’d be surprised that its affiliates receive up to $105 per sale.
  • WPX Hosting – Affiliates start out with $70 per sale up to the 25th From 26th to 99th, you’ll get a raise of $15 per sale and take home $85. But if you refer over 100 customers, you’ll start earning $100 for every sale moving forward.
  • Bluehost – Known for its superb reputation, Bluehost has its own in-house affiliate program, which pays $65 per sale, up to $135 depending on performance. While the commission rate is cheaper, note that the company’s solid standing leads to more sales that could quickly add up to your commissions.

There are tons of other web hosting companies and most of them have affiliate programs. Finding out the highest paying web hosting affiliate program is easy, but making a sale is hard. Imagine promoting enterprise-level plans to regular folks or startup companies. Are you OK with promoting web hosting packages that you haven’t used?

Figure out the target audience you’d want to focus on, find web hosting plans that you believe they’d invest in, and promote them day in, day out everywhere you can.

12 Ways You Can Earn Commissions from Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Hostgator Affiliate Program

1. Write a blog post about it

Blogging is the most common way of promoting web hosting plans – or any other products or services as part of your affiliate marketing efforts. There are a number of techniques you can do this, such as:

  • Feature one web hosting company and its packages offered
  • List all authority figures using the web hosting (this is easy since many popular marketers continue to earn from web hosting affiliates, except they only promote the one they actually use)
  • Comparison posts are clickbait-worthy because so many people search for answers when choosing Bluehost vs. Hostgator, and so on. The result would depend on how smart you write your review – are you promoting both (don’t put down one web hosting company too much) or are you just promoting one? (conclude the post by choosing that one company and recommending it to your readers)
  • Share your complaints. Instead of focusing on the good, you can also write about the bad side of a web hosting company. Make sure this is a valid complaint, which means you have to be a client recently. If you want, you can also include a post discussing the reason why you’re moving to another web hosting company.
  • Know a popular person or company who uses your preferred web hosting company? Compile this list and show it off to your readers.

2. Create an eBook

The book doesn’t have to be focused on web hosting per se, but you can always squeeze in details of your recommend web hosting company or plan. For example, if you’re writing an eBook about how to start a blog for beginners, you could feature your chosen web hosting company on the chapter where you discuss domain names and hosting.

Many authority figures in the internet marketing or SEO space talk about a wide range of techniques, but never forget to indicate “tools of the industry” page where they list down tools (products/services) they use to become successful.  This can be the part of an eBook where you place your web hosting affiliate links.

3. Build a website dedicated at reviewing and comparing Web Hosting programs

As I’ve mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why you find tons of website comparison sites aimed at web hosting is because promoting multiple companies or hosting plans at the same time increases your chances of bagging a sale.

You can implement this in multiple ways, such as developing a chart that welcomes visitors with the Top 10 Web Hosting plans, or maintain a blog with helpful posts like “alternatives to X company,” “pros and cons of InMotion Hosting,” “x company vs y company” and so on. You can choose to make the posts as simple or as comprehensive as you like.

4. Craft YouTube videos that feature web hosting plans

You don’t even need a website with full-length posts to promote web hosting plans. If you’re not much of a writer, you can make a video tutorial highlighting the web host plan or company of your choice. The cool thing about videos is that you can put together a comprehensive guide with the simplest topics, such as ‘installing WordPress on BlueHost’ or exporting your website from company z.

5. Build a web hosting deals website

People love deals, even when it comes to web hosting. What’s great is that you can target more people with a deals site – there are people who are looking for the best web host available, current customers looking to re-new their hosting plans, or even existing web host customers looking to shift to another company.

As affiliates, you are given discounts by web hosting companies and you can offer these deals to anyone you like. You can make up any kind of marketing trick, and promote them through occasions like Black Friday deals and so on. Because sites like these are fun and informal, you can even hold contests or schedule giveaways.

6. Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other social media platforms to promote your web hosting affiliate links. You can use social media as complimentary to your website, or even use it as a stand-alone promotion technique. Some affiliates don’t even bother with websites anymore and just create a free Facebook page and market their links exclusively on that page and via Facebook ads.

7. Take Advantage of Ad Banners

One way to promote your web host of choice without hard-selling on a blog post, email newsletter, landing page or other content. If you maintain a blog, take advantage of the ad banner spaces. Skip the banners provided by the web host company and create attention-grabbing, one-of-a-kind banners instead.

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8. Teach People

If you’re someone with a following, you can conduct a webinar, podcast, case study, or other teaching method you prefer and link to your affiliate products. However, note that the more people look up to you, the more you should recommend only trusted products/services that you’ve actually used.

9. Negotiate with Web Hosting Companies to Give Your Readers Exclusive Deals

Aside from the web hosting coupons you can create on your affiliate dashboard, you can also negotiate with the hosting company for a unique deal you can give away to your readers. Of course, hosting companies don’t just give in to anyone’s request.  You should have the numbers, reputation and following to back up your request for an exclusive deal.

10. Make a Guest Post on Other Blogs

In the online world, networking is a proven way to make it as an authority figure in any field. While it’s important to pinpoint and follow your competition, it’s just as important building relationships with other people within your niche. In fact, if you have the chance to guest post on other blogs, find a way to squeeze in your web host affiliate links in there (if it fits). Don’t force the links if you’re talking about something too far away from web hosting.

11. Market Your Chosen Web Hosting package via newsletters

Whether you’re an expert in email marketing, or you have an existing list ready for use, don’t forget about promoting your affiliate links via newsletters. Marketing via email still works, as long as you practice restraint and focus on what your audience needs. Putting together a product giveaway, offering coupons, or sending an interesting e-mail about a newly-published blog post can pique the interest of your readers.

12. Create a Unique Landing Page

Landing pages don’t have to be boring. With a great idea or an eye-popping design, you’d be able to convince people to buy any product you’re selling. When it comes to web hosting, the landing page should act as your reader’s gateway to awesome web host deals.

The Bottom Line

These 12 ways of selling web host affiliates aren’t new, but they’re still very effective. Finding the best hosting affiliate program shouldn’t be the problem you’d have to mull over. Instead, you get started and begin selling hosting packages now. I promise you, everything else will follow.

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