I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse

Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather

Most sales pitches for online marketing products fall into a few small categories.

There are the overly hyped pages that go crazy with highlighted text, bold text and sensational images.

Then there are the more subdued and professional style sales letters.

Finally there are the cheesy sales pages, ones that use a particular theme or gimmick to try and sell whatever they are pitching.

You may have already guessed which category the Binary Godfather falls into, and yes, it is most definitely cheesy.

The Pitch

The sales letter and video go overboard with references to the Godfather, from a logo that most probably infringes some copyrights, to the videos background music and the narrator’s poor attempt at sound like a Mafia gangster.

The videos content also leans heavily on Mafia references and is just as cringe worthy.

There is also a countdown of how many licences available showing in the top corner, but as is usual for this type of product, it’s B.S. and will reset when you refresh the page.

Binary Godfather black market

Black market’s aren’t legal, nor generally trustworthy and yet this product associates with one?[/caption]

Joining the Binary Godfather Family

After handing over your email address, you’re transferred to another pun filled page. This one provides all sorts of information to help you hand over your cash – they don’t need a gun you see, they just need lies.

Their “Live Profit Statement” is a feed from a website called BinaryBonus.net. I’ve seen this before and I’m convinced this is just a front used by a bunch of Binary Options affiliates to make their sales pages look better. Why do I think that? Well when you visit the site you are greeted with “Welcome to Bot Admin”, never a promising sign.

On top of that, the data cannot be confirmed as being from users using Binary Godfather. As I have seen it on numerous other sites, I doubt it is anything other than fake data.

The “Realise Your Profit Potential” slider is sheer genius. It really doesn’t do anything apart from help make greedy (or desperate) people greedier (or hopeful).

Binary Godfather slider

Then there is the countdown. Apparently you need to sign up before the countdown hits zero, but nothing happens when it does hit zero, it’s just a cheap trick to make you rush your decision.

Signing up (again)

After providing more info including your email address again, you are once again transferred. This time you head over to binarygodfathersystem.com where you can start trading.

Of course, in order to start trading you need to hand over some cash to an unregulated (in the US) trading broker.

Once that’s done, you can start using the magical trading software that the Godfather has supplied.

At best the software will help you break even; at worst (and most likely) you will simply end up losing money.

Binary trading is in itself a risky proposition, and if you take away the human instinct aspect you’re pretty much screwed.

Bear in mind that in order to make money with binary options, you have to win consistently. The brokers take a percentage of every win, so if you don’t win regularly and by a factor above the amount you traded with, you lose.

As an example, if the broker takes 20%, and you use $100 to trade with, you need to make sure that your trade will net you more than $20 in earnings; otherwise you have just risked your money for no reward.

The Bottom Line

Lawyers can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks.

Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather

They can, but I bet you the Binary Options affiliates are not far behind them! While the Godfather movie is excellent, at the end of the day it’s all smoke and mirrors and that is exactly what Binary Godfather is too.

There is no substance to this product; it’s all just an act to get you to hand over your cash to the broker so the affiliate can make a nice fact commission from you.

As with any binary product, my advice is to avoid it and put your money into something that can actually help you build a long term business.

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