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Can Instant Traffic Mastery Really Turn You Into a Master?

Last week I was talking about a product for generating traffic that turned out to be less than ideal for generating traffic.

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This week’s product is also about how to get more visitors to your site, and I’m hoping it stays on topic and is at least vaguely useful. The product in question is called Instant Traffic Mastery by  Jonathan Teng & Venkata Ramana.

The Pitch

The sales page heavily focuses on both scarcity and how much of a bargain this product allegedly is. I understand why saying the product has a larger value and is being discounted helps improve sales, but why do marketers insist on using ridiculous figures? Apparently this product is worth over $997 dollars but he is only going to charge me $9.95? Who falls for this rubbish?

The scarcity tactic of saying it is only available for 7 days is combined with a potential price rise to squeeze you into a panic purchase.

As well as that are the usual heavy handed highlighting and bolded text, and proof of sales that may or may not be related to the effectiveness of the product (usually it’s a not).

Purchasing Instant Traffic Mastery

As mentioned, the product is only $9.95 but this is the edge of a sales funnel with plenty of upsells being sent your way once you head down the rabbit hole.

Instant Traffic Mastery Sales Funnel

The first upsell is on a dime sale (it increases in price after every sale) and was $18 bucks when I saw it. The upsell is for a “done for you” traffic pack, which is basically a ready-made sales funnel.

The second upsell has a longer sales page, probably because it costs $67 dollars and is for a package of PLR content (articles, graphics, etc). PLR is something I always suggest avoiding if possible. While the graphics might be useful the content supplied will all need to be re-written anyway.

Next up is a “lite” version of the above PLR package at a mere $37.

The last upsell is something I haven’t seen in a while, and that is access to a membership site. The cost is OK in comparison to other membership sites, ($17 per month) but the problem with this is that it doesn’t teach you anything it instead provides PLR content twice a month… I wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole personally.

The Product

After navigating the swirling mess of sales funnel I finally arrived at the product membership page and I was slightly surprised.

Looking at the content list of the product it seems like they have packed a lot of information in here, with 50 separate items ranging from setting up a blog, through social media, building relationships, video marketing and more.

Quantity does not necessarily mean quality though.

Each item in the content list is a video, and each one is roughly 5 minutes long on average.

The videos all seem to be PLR themselves (I can’t be 100% sure but it’s my gut feeling and fits well with all the upsells) as they are labelled “50 targeted traffic methods for online business” rather than Instant Traffic Mastery.

Instant Traffic Mastery Video Example

PLR aside, the training is quite reasonable though it is obviously brief in its content.

The training covers a wide variety of traffic generation methods, some of them quite old school such as using forums, but the narrator is to the point about how effective/speedy they are; he isn’t trying to spin anything.

The traffic methods may not be suitable for pure internet marketers, as some methods such as press releases and getting into the local press just won’t work when your site promotes vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

As mentioned the content is quite brief. If we take the Pinterest and Others video, it’s 2 and a half minutes long and basically tells you that Pinterest uses images and videos and that you can add links, and that Instagram and Vine are options too.

On that note, the videos are at least a year or two old as they suggest Vine is really new and you can become an early adopter in your niche.

The Bottom Line

Instant Traffic Mastery is not a scam as such, but it’s not something I would generally recommend.

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The content you get is quite wide and possibly informative, but it is brief.

If you are an experienced marketer you probably won’t get much out of this, though if you are new to online marketing, then there is probably something you can pick up from this.

Really though the information is quite basic: you are paying for an overview and for it to be collected in one spot rather than spending time trawling Google for information.

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