Quick Summary of Cash Code

Rating: 1 This is just another scam video aimed at earning a commission off of you.

The Good: None that I could see.

The Bad: Cash Code has a few cons:It pushes a high risk trading system ; Binary Options It offers no proof it actually works It isn't free, you actually have to deposit money The offered proof on the website and in the video looks faked

The Bottom Line: This "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. It also fails to provide any evidence that it works, most likely because it doesn't! If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Cash Code Review

Binary Options scams come in all forms.

Wait, that’s not true at all.

The vast majority of the come in a very similar format. This format consists of a sales video which leads you by the hands and the emotions to try and scam money out of you.

Cash Code is an example of a typical Binary Options sale pitch; it waves vast amounts of cash in front of you, offers “proof”, explains the story of how this miraculous software was found and then offers you the chance to use it for free, wait no for only $250 bucks!

Let me break down for you why Cash Code is a scam.

Cash Code deposit

It’s not really free.

The Cash Code Pitch

As with most Binary Options scams, the main pitch is done via a lengthy sales video.

This particular one is 20 minutes long and features the ramblings of an out of work actor given a poor script to read.

It starts by telling you that you have one the lottery… by visiting this site, and that this website has created more millionaires in the past 6 months than any other website, on Earth!

Good thing I know of a few Martian websites!

Really though, discarding the fact that websites are terrestrial, the narrator offers no proof to back up his claims that this website has even made 1 millionaire, let alone more the most in the world.

What is offered is screenshots of random bank accounts with photos of random people overlaid. This is not proof.

From that point the script rambles on about how this system will double your money, and the script forces the narrator to relay a story about a king who was saved by someone. When the king offered this person $100,000,000 they declined and instead took all the rice in the world via a game of rice chess. The story is a bad hash of this fable.

After story time,  the video then starts raining blows on every other money making system out there, trying to convince you that they understand your pain of being ripped off one too many times.

The angle they attack this with is focusing on the fact that the “proof” these other systems offer is nothing more than Photoshopped screenshots of bank accounts.

I agree with them, this is something a lot of scams do.

Cash Code then shoots itself in the foot by offering its own “live proof” that will show you without a doubt that this system is genuine.

What you are shown is a partial screen shot of a bank account, and you watch as the time goes on and the bank balance goes up.

Cash Code live profits

Live proof as in fake.

The problem with this so called proof is twofold.

Firstly, you can still fake this sort of proof. It really isn’t hard to modify figures even in a video, especially when the figures go up in blocks rather than incrementally.

Secondly, the figures only went up when the user’s mouse went off screen. Is this a coincidence? I doubt it.

Most likely there is a button off screen that when clicked, changes the value on screen – very easy to even with a legitimate website.

That is also most likely why you only see a segment of the screen.

Live proof shot down!

The next section of the video explains how the narrator/writer/whoever is able to make so much money.

The story in short form is: narrator is rich Hamptons doctor, meets billionaire, treats billionaire, billionaire dying, gives doctor flash drive with magical software, doctor now even richer.

Of course, he offsets the fact that he was already rich and now even more stinking rich by telling you that he does charity work.

Signing up to Cash Code

Handing over your email address will get you access to the next section of the website.

Here you can view another video if you want, though all it is, is a recap designed to make you push forward with the sign up process.

There are also some user earnings examples, though sadly these are BS, with made up names, images plundered from the internet and a location that is tied to your own.  I’m an expat, and some of the images are plundered from real life accounts, so I can confirm they do not live within 5000 miles of me.

After signing up again, you are sent to a new website and forced to hand over $250.

Please, please don’t do this.

The Bottom Line

Cash Code is an infomercial style sales pitch for yet another Binary Options scam. The proof being offered is easily faked. Combine that with the made up testimonials and you got a recipe for losing money.

Binary Options trading essentially comes down to a coin flip. You guess which way a stock will go. Guess wrong, and you lose the bet. What these binary option programs claim is that they have a program which can accurately predict if a coin will land on heads or tails.

Never. Going. To. Happen. Do yourself a favor today: avoid Cash Code like the plague and save yourself and your wallet from heartache.

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  • Keiko Holmes
    Keiko Holmes


    I have just invested $250, $197, and $97 for millionaire code; however, my computer does not allow me to install the millionaire code. Therefore, please reverse my charge of $544 in total. Thank you,
    Keiko Holmes

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