Quick Summary of Chrissy's Invite

Rating: 0.5 Absolutely not worth your time.

The Good: You'll have a good laugh at the ridiculous sales pitch...

The Bad: Just about everything else. It's a binary option scam. They sell you on a free trading app that can "correctly" predict the outcome of a coin flip. However, it's all just a ploy to get you to deposit money into a brokerage account. Scammer takes your money, makes it impossible to withdrawal, and you're left with a $500+ loss.

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Chrissy's Invite Review

Some days I really love my job of writing reviews for make money online products that you should avoid.

It isn’t just that I get to save people like yourself from losing money.

It isn’t just the fact that I’m trying to stem the tide of dodgy and unscrupulous marketers pushing crap systems like Binary Options.

Nope, some days it’s simply that the sales pitches make me laugh, like on the floor rolling with laughter, cringing at the things they say.

That’s exactly how I felt when I did my research for this week’s latest offering: Chrissy’s Invite.

Examining Chrissy’s Invite

The narrator of the sales pitch video, one lady named Chrissy Jane Thomas actually startled me at first. Of late few actors or actresses hired to star in Binary Options affiliate videos have been any good, in fact most have obviously been hired at a pittance judging from their lack luster acting skills.

Chrissy was actually pretty good, barring a few teleprompter errors.

She starts bold, stating that her secret system is going to make you “up to a million dollars in 90 days”.

That is an amazing claim, one that usually only comes from the mouths of people being paid to hype up a scam.

The video continues with the usual marketing tactics of offering you your desires, just use this system and you too can get:

  • Money
  • Flash Cars
  • Dream houses

This is all pretty typical stuff, and it seemingly continues that way when the narrator starts discussing the 2008 financial crash and how it has affected so many people negatively.

Now even 7 years on it is true that that crash and subsequent financial turmoil has affected a wide swathe of people and not for good.

However, the writers of this script obviously started getting carried away as it suddenly starts heading deep into conspiracy theories.

Chrissy tells us how after this 2008 crash, $56 billion dollars was squirreled away by the fat cat financiers and the government.

This lump sum of cash has been placed in secret virtual money boxes by the 1%, and she only found out about it when her, now, ex-husband who of course is schooled in finance himself told her about it.

Fear not though, because there is another secret: there is a legal, ethical and “guaranteed way of making money” out of this lump sum set aside by the 1%.

That’s right: Binary Options.

Binary Options are the secret way that these rich people are making themselves richer, and how you too can make millions.

By this point I was in tears of laughter!

She continues to sagely state that her (ex)husband showed her how to do it and she started making $26 per minute (this would equate to $3,244,800 per year based on a standard 8 hour work day, 5 days a week).

Then she states she made $5870 her first day in 20 minutes – or $293.50 per minute.

Come on people, surely by now you must realise this is all B.S.?

Chrissys Invite testimonials
Fake testimonials, alongside stock photos.

No one makes that sort of money without having a multi-national company underneath them.

If Binary Options were that good, everyone would be doing it and Binary Options brokers would not resort to using underhand marketers to get them business, instead they would be advertising to you at the Super Bowl.

The reality is that these figures are a crock of lies.

The video continues in the same vein, trying to convince you that Binary Options are the bee’s knees.

As well as the lady portraying Chrissy Jane Thomas, there are a few other actors in the video. I can’t confirm them as actors, but when the young lad looks at the web cam and says “is this thing on?” and then straightaway looks at the main camera pointed at him and ignores the webcam, you know it’s a set up.

What about the Skype call? Have you ever had that level of audio quality on a Skype call? It’s all smoke and mirrors.

What I would love to know is, if anyone has fallen for this system already, whether they did indeed get their invite to her party in San Diego…

The Bottom Line

Chrissy’s Invite is a scam. It’s there to work you up and prime you so you can hand over your cash to a Binary Options broker and the creators get their commission.

The creators of this “product”, Chris Freville and Desmond Ong, don’t even bother to try and use the unique software angle, so they are literally just pushing you towards Binary Options on a mix of greed, hatred for the 1%, and conspiracy theories.

My recommendation is to avoid this like the plague.

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