Quick Summary of Crisis Killer

Rating: 1 Just another Binary Options scam

The Good: It has cartoons!

The Bad: It is still lying to you with the trade data and others zero actual evidence of it working

The Bottom Line: If you want a way to build a real business, without having to rely on made up stories, read my top recommendation.

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Crisis Killer Review

The world seems like it’s going to the dogs: wars everywhere, refugees looking for safety and the world’s economy tanking day after day.

You would hope that people would come together, would help each other out in hard times like these.

Sure, you see the best of humanity, but you also see some of the worst. Even while you’re sat at home, safe in your own 4 walls, people are exploiting the crises to hurt you.

Why do I say this? Well take Crisis Killer for example; its main focus is using the economic crises to pitch you a Binary Options system.

A Binary What?

Binary Options are a type of trading system that is very simplistic to do and requires very little in the way of knowledge.

Sounds great yeah? Well, there’s a few cons. Barring the fact that the stock market is fluctuating like crazy anyway, Binary Options works over micro time periods which are volatile even in the best of market conditions.

Over this short and volatile period, you have to guess whether a commodity will go up in price or down. If you guess correctly, you win your investment back with a little on top (minus a cut for the Binary Options broker).

Guess wrong and you lose the lot.

Why do I say guess? Well, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, and due to the short time periods and volatility no amount of market knowledge or trends will help you pick the right option.

Surely computers can predict it? Nope, no software has been confirmed as accurately predicting Binary Options stocks, again due to the volatile nature of the stock, and lack of overall trends having any impact.

At best they can provide “signals” using broad trends but these are virtually useless.

This is precisely why the FTC requires a high risk disclaimer attaching to any service or product that promotes Binary Options.

If the FTC is worried about it, you should be too!

The Crisis Killer Pitch

The sales pitch for the Crisis Killer is somewhat backwards when compared to other Binary Options systems.

Normally you see a long sales page or lengthy sales video to start with. Instead Crisis Killer offers just a short video and “testimonial” quotes from a couple of random (made up?) people.

This short video is a like a cinematic trailer for a pre apocalyptic movie, complete with hype, tension and an overly baritone British narrator.

The video is a teaser and states that the person behind Crises Killer, an Austrian guy called Thomas, has made his own software that makes him rich and sticks a finger up at governments everywhere.

This teaser is of course designed to play on your emotions, especially ones concerning the current economic crisis and governments across the world seeming lack of ability to do anything about it.

The Next Step

After handing over your email, you get to the real sales pitch. Here is a 10 minute vomit-inducing video and, unusually for Binary Options systems, a lengthy sales letter.

Vomit-inducing? Yeah, the video spins and punches text all over the place, after 2 minutes I had to close my eyes and just listen so I could keep my lunch down.

It does look like the person behind Crisis Killer is going a different route with his pitch. He explains how he is a computer nerd (not unusual) and lived a fairly normal life saving up a bit of money etc.

He laughs at other systems that state they have miraculous software with neural networks and artificial intelligence, and rightly states that these are cons and only contain some basic code that shows indicators or “signals” which are basically useless.

However, this sort of tactic is not unusual in Binary Options circles: take a tactic that has become widespread and likely burnt a lot of people and trash it.

Crisis Killer continually make money

Or did you just use the Brokers white labeled “signals” software…

It then goes on to use the current problems in Europe to explain how people all over the world are stuck in the middle of the “cross fire between governments and tax evaders”.

The video talks about how Thomas has made this amazing software (you know, like the amazing software all the other binary Options scammers tell you about), and how it makes him thousands, but there is no evidence on offer here.

He says he will show you how it works with his own money, but that seems to be only after you have handed over your own cash, if ever.

Of course the “software” itself is free though with a start-up cost of less than a McDonald’s meal; he says this is because he doesn’t want to also exploit the working people, but really providing it for free does a few things: it lowers the barrier for people wanting to try it, it removes a huge objection (cost) immediately and it means there will be no refunds when people find out that it doesn’t do as advertised.

Thomas makes money by affiliating with the Binary Options broker, so every time he convinces some poor sucker to sign up and deposit money with the broker, Thomas walks away with hundreds of dollars in commissions.

The start-up cost? I didn’t see one when I signed up.

Thomas states that he takes a small commission off of every wining trade, but this is included in the broker’s commission.

The Sales Page

What makes me think that this is a scam?  Barring the fact that it’s a Binary Options system you mean? Well, the first thing that pops out is the live trade data. This data doesn’t come from Crisis Killer; instead it comes from a website called BinaryPromos. This website and data is used by a slew of other Binary Options scams and while it may well be real trade data, it is impossible to validate whether it is real or has anything to do with Crisis Killer.

Crisis Killer live trades

BinaryPromo trade data: used by dozens of other Binary Options scams.

The sales page has an interesting video concept: it shows a short 30 second video of supposedly 100 €100 euro bills on a table next to a paper sign with Crisis Killer on it.

The shakiness is explained away by saying he had downed some coffee.

To me though, it doesn’t prove anything.  The money can easily be fake, and just as likely absolutely nothing to do with Crisis Killer regardless of the sign. As such this “evidence” is not proof that Crisis Killer works.

Crisis Killer money video

This doesn’t prove anything!

The video of his bank account also looks real, but once more cannot be trusted. While it’s easy to fake a screenshot, it’s just as easy to fake a screencast as you can edit the webpage from your computer and then screen cast the edited page: it looks real but is fake.

The sales pitch goes on with the usual marketing BS, hyping up the possible rewards and playing down the cons.

The Bottom Line

Crisis Killer might use new and improved tactics to win you over but I could see absolutely nothing that validated this system as anything other than a typical Binary Options scam.

It uses potentially fake data and there is no solid evidence that any of the money, trades and earnings shown through the sales pitch has anything at all to do with using Crisis Killer.

Combine that with the known fact that Binary Options is both high risk and flooded with scammers and my only advice is for you to steer well clear of this system.

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