It’s not every day that you stumble across a program that promises you are about to become rich.

If you’ve checked out Desert Millionaire’s sales page and want to know if it’s legit or not, then you’ve come to the correct place. I don’t have good news for you though. If you keep reading this review, you’ll find out not only why you should stay away from this product, but also hear my suggestions for what you can do instead.

What Is Desert Millionaire?

Finding out exactly what it is takes a bit of patience. First of all you have to listen through the testimonials from dubious actors, then you have to listen to the “I used to be a college dropout” rags to riches story (can you tell I’ve seen a few of these products before?). Eventually you find out..kind of..that Desert Millionaire is a piece of software.

Ah..magic to the rescue!

The star of our story, “Chris” was a college dropout who happened to chance upon a meeting with another guy called Omar. Omar let him in on his secret to getting rich online.

The thing is with these programs, it’s never the guy telling the story who created it, he always met some good Samaritan or wizard or something who let him in on the secret, and he’s just paying it forward to us. Cheers Merlin!

That’s exactly the case with Desert Millionaire. Omar and his friends in Dubai developed a piece of software that let them get rich with trading Binary Options.

Since they were all from Dubai, Chris nicknamed them the “Desert Millionaires”. Not a bad nickname eh?

Let’s get down to it.

Binary Options are essentially coin-tosses where you bet on which direction a stock is going to go, over a short period of time (a few seconds). In theory Desert Millionaire is a trading robot that does the decisions for you, and has an incredibly high accuracy. In the examples out of 75 trades, 70 were correct.

There’s no way to prove this of course.

Why I Didn’t Trust This Product From The Get Go

I’ve seen enough products like this to know that they are full of false promises to trick you into parting with your cash. Yes that’s right. The “software” is offered to you for free, but you still need to deposit funds into your account in order to trade, and that’s where you lose your money (more on this later).

You can always tell when they’re tricking you because things in the sales page don’t add up. For example in this case, you’re told there are only 50 copies left available, but while the video is going on you see over 50 people download a copy. Besides, a week later the video still says the same thing.


Look closely at the scrolling text on the right (red arrow).

Another thing that throws you onto the “BS” scent is that they are offering $250 commissions for helping promote their “free” product. What happened to paying it forward huh?

Desert Millionaire is currently in the top 10 trending products to promote on (a notorious affiliate platform for dodgy products).

Enough about how bad it smells though, let’s move onto the real important part…

Does Desert Millionaire Work?

I can safely say it doesn’t. Well, the robot part does. It will indeed trade on your behalf, but it will literally be like tossing a coin. Sometimes you’ll win (and get about 75% of the actual winnings) and sometimes you’ll lose (and lose 100%).

Have a lot of caution though, if you try to get your deposit back once you realize it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, the broker will refuse. You need to make a certain number of bets before you can get your money back, and by the time those bets are made, chances are your money will be gone.

This is the same with virtually ever Binary Options program I’ve reviewed.

On top of that, “Chris” just wants to get a commission for getting you to sign up. Did you notice how the minimum deposit is $250 USD? Chris receives a MASSIVE part of that as a commission for getting you to deposit the funds.

You pay in, the brokerage gets your money, Chris gets a commission, you get nothing.

Honestly there are dozens and dozens of these programs and they all work the same way. I’m surprised they don’t at least try to mix it up a little and offer a different commission or a different minimum deposit, but I guess what works works, and Desert Millionaire definitely works here.

Oh..I meant “works” as to get your money, not “works to get you rich”.

It doesn’t do that.

How Does Desert Millionaire Compare?

Binary Options trading programs all come down to essentially one thing: You’re betting your hard earned money on a coin flip. Successful businesses are not built this way! You can’t expect to make money this way.

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing ways to make money from home since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Desert Millionaire compares…

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