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  • lisa

    i was about to join it few minutes ago..thanks for your info about the binary system.. i unfinish to filled the column which asked me to put my credit card number and i was thinking is this a good decision i made?and i google for some information about them and then i read what you’ve wrote the same time they directly calling im starting nervous now…they really needs an idiot now.

  • patrica

    I just signed up with the Walter green.I am nervous now after reading your scam reports!!I invested 250dollars then was told 1000 dollers is better.My account is being managed by Toney Gordon based in the UK 15years experience as a trader from south africa.His parents reside here! He said he cant make me a millionare but he can try to get me better returns than unit trusts! He then asked me to transfere ALL MY MONEY TO BINERYS……That is crazy in my estimate putting all my eggs in onebasket.He sonded soo sincere.Am i wrong,i am unemployed and every penny counts.

    • Camille

      I suggest that you don’t do it… He’s trying to scam you… I know life may hard for some of us… Well all of us, but you have to trust me! no one gives a goddamn $1 million just for free… Think about it… If this money system does reAlly exist and gives you millions of money… No one here on earth would be poor anymore… Ps. My best advice for you don’t be fooled easily, never give your personal stuff like your bank account etc. because you never know that the person you thought were sincere when actually he/she’s the devil disguised as a little Angel. All things are worked hard for…. Stay away from this scam… Because in just a second, you might regret losing all your money that you spent many hours just to earn it.

  • Loretta

    If I can help one person from losing their money I will. I am posting this everywhere I can. Do no sign up for this system. I deposited 250.00 and then changed my mind and have been fighting to get my money back. I doubt I will even see one penny of it. They have me jumping through all kinds of loops to get my money back.

  • M.T.Davis

    I agree with you.
    Binaries are a scam bar none! No one or no program can predict when its going up or down, just like brokers they make money either way, it is a waster of time and money!
    However the greed factor always comes into play and some people cant refuse the urge for “fast” money.

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