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How I Figure that 7 Figure Club is a Scam

The Good / The videos can be paused, and they repeat the same spiel.

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The Bad / The story follows no logical pattern whatsoever.

My Recommendation / Don't fall for this nonsensical binary options scam. Stick with real ways to generate an income instead.

7 Figure Club Review

“You’re about to make $1,000,000 in the next 27 days. Guaranteed.”

So starts the spiel of Martin Taylor, the spokesman for the 7 Figure Club. Here’s a photo of Martin.


After we see some glowing customer testimonial videos, Martin’s spiel continues. “I want to make ten invites into millionaires within a month.”

In fact, Martin says that, if you’re not a millionaire in 27 days, he’ll pay you $10,000 out of his own pocket.

7 Figure

Why is Martin being so generous? He doesn’t say. How does Martin plan to pay you $10,000 of his own money? He also doesn’t say.

And just how are you guaranteed to become a millionaire?

By using Martin’s state-of-the-art binary options trading software, apparently. This software “requires zero financial knowledge, sets up in a few clicks, and operates on autopilot.” It’s also completely free to use.

Martin notes that you could “take your daughter to dance recital, stop by the grocery store, and come home to find that you’ve made $358,900.” That’s how automated this automatic software really is.

After you input your name and email, you see a second sales video. Here, Martin explains how you’ll be earning your cash.

Oh, what a tangled web 7 Figure Club weaves…

Martin explains that you’ll be making money by, in essence, riding the financial coattails of automated binary options trades. “You just register, for free, when a new guaranteed profitable trade is available and you get paid that money into your account.”

It took me some time to understand how this would work.

Somehow, if you register your account when a trade is about to be placed and- I assume- won, you get to keep the money from that binary option trade.

But wait!

Before you can proceed with your registration, Martin has some bad news: All ten spots have been filled.

Or, maybe not…

Martin then goes on about how you can still register for an account before all spots are filled. Huh?

You’ll also need to register an account with Martin’s recommended broker. Why? Because Martin’s software is “built to interface with my broker’s system,” and so “he’s the only one with compatible software to mine.” In fact, “anyone other than my broker will not be able to connect, which means they can’t make trades and collect your binary profits.”

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Martin notes that his broker is ISA authorized, which increases security and better protects your investments. What is the ISA?

I searched “ISA certified brokers” on Google but was unable to find anything that defined ISA in terms of brokers. I did locate information on customs brokers, however, and how U.S. Customs and Border Protection asks them to complete importer self assessments, or ISAs. But how does this relate to trading software?

There’s a method to the madness

Once you input your name, email and phone number into the form on the second sales page, you are directed to Martin’s recommended broker. In this case, it is Bee Options.

Once on the Bee Options page, I learned that in order to activate the 7 Figure Club software, I would need to make a deposit of $600.

7 Figure Club 4

The fact that you must pay $600 to use the 7 Figure Club software already tells me that this freebie isn’t really free.

I also learned something else: 7 Figure Club is offered as an affiliate product on Clicksure.


When a product offers affiliates a $250 commission per sale, is it any wonder that there are at least three pages of search results sporting “positive” reviews for 7 Figure Club? Also, these reviews all contain affiliate links such as the following: =2010888350&aff=enator&c=US&tid=102cabad89db56762f53f5289a6d10&aff_id=5584

What else is askew with 7 Figure Club?

7 Figure Club features several customer testimonials, including the following:

7 Figure Club 6

jerry s hart

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the happy customers are actually actors who sell their testimonials on Fiverr at the rate of $5/testimonial.

7 Figure Club 7

7 Figure Club 8

There are also these “security measures” that the site provides:

7 Figure Club 2

There are no links associated with these security seals, which makes them essentially ornamental. The same can be said of the following news announcements- if you can’t click on the trademarks and find the associated story, then the announcement might as well be imaginary.

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7 Figure Club 10

The website shows the following countdown of spots left available:

7 Figure Club 9

This counter eventually goes to just one spot left available. However, if you refresh your page, you again have “9 spots left” on the counter.


The 7 Figure Club proposes that it will make you a millionaire in under a month, but provides no strategy on how that will happen, just actor-based testimonials. You are also told that you will be paid $10,000 from Martin Taylor’s personal funds if he fails to make you a millionaire- yet again there is no strategy provided or even how you would receive those funds. Furthermore, you are on the hook for $600 of your own money if you try the software out. This is nothing but a plain old binary options scam, and the only winners here are the affiliates and brokers, not you.

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