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  • Ayokunnumi A. E
    Ayokunnumi A. E

    Very good and insightful article for pet parents and lovers at large. Well done!

    I must stress that there aren’t many things better than earning from what you love to do. So if you are a canine lover and can earn financial rewards by doing what you love to do, then that’s a big hit.

    On the other hand for prospective clients of such businesses, it reduces the chances of separation anxiety, well as helps your dog develop social skills.

    Also, if you happen to be very busy with other commitments and can’t keep an eye on your dog’s health and well being, enrolling for such is nothing short of a good idea.

    Once again, great job with this article and site at large. Well done!

  • Stella Robbs
    Stella Robbs

    There is money to be made if you know what you are doing and can create a loyal client base with relatively well-behaved dogs. I run a dog waste removal company which is also quite lucrative depending on the competition in your area. Give it some thought and best of luck with this venture.

  • Marge Creedon
    Marge Creedon

    I just became unemployed and am tired off working for peanuts…drive 1 HR and 50 minutes round trip, Monday-Friday, pushed into full time(under protest), and running around like the manager of the place, for $8/hr. My raise after 1 yr was 30¢, and am told I’m lucky I got that. Well, no more!! I’ve been in business before, residential and commercial cleaning. At this time in my life, 63 yo, I cannot retire. My dog has severe separation anxiety. A bred known for that, cockapoo. This would be an ideal business. If there is an ordinance in my village against this, what type of facility should I look for, to possibly rent? If cheap enough. TIA

  • Theresa

    Hi, I am in the process of building a 2 run kennel behind my house, I can keep up to 5 dogs without it being a business per the adm & zoning with no HOAs. As a good neighbor, I am installing soundproof & anti-fight panels as well as enclosed fencing. My end goal is to purchase more land and build up to 5 kennels,but for another day. Question,since I am not considered a business how do I go about License and insurance. Thanks, Theresa

  • TheRev

    I don’t see it mentioned here but the main reason ppl use a day care is they don’t have time in the work day to exercise and stimulate their dogs. As a 4 dog owner I would be noticing- is the caregiver fit enough to exercise my dogs? Is the caregiver knowledgeable enough to circumvent a fight? (Even the BEST dogs will get into a scuffle-can you anticipate it and prevent it or at the very least intercept before any damage is done?) do you know basic CPR? If there is an emergency at your home-in your city-like a flash flood (yes, it happened in hours) do you have a contingency plan?

  • Rachel

    I’ve been looking into dog waste composting you should check it out, it’s pretty efficient and not very costly

  • Halina Zakowicz
    Halina ZakowiczAuthor

    Hi Shannon, Sorry to hear about your job, but kudos to you for taking the initiative and looking into doggie daycare. As for the poop, you’ll have to do what many dog owners (like me) do, and either throw it out into the garbage or find a more creative alternative, like burying or even burning it (in a firepit). I’ve also seen dog poop services that will come over to your house and clean up your yard. Good luck to you.

  • Shannon

    I’m about to become unemployed. After 5 years at my curent job and repeatedly seeing the corporate greed overtake human life-lines, I’m tired of depending on that monster for my livelihood. I was thinking of starting a small dog, doggie day care from my home. What about the poop?

    • Theresa

      I have read about the inground septic tanks for a small price at k9 kennel, not sure if it works, but I plan on trying it. Theresa

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