If there is a holy grail in internet marketing, then I believe that it is this: recurring payments.

Of course you want to get paid, so what better than getting paid by the same person month in, month out?

This type of payment though is probably one of the harder ones to get, as often affiliate systems don’t give recurring commissions even if the product itself does (there are some that do of course).

In my humble opinion the best way to obtain recurring payments is to set up your own service, often a membership site.

There are other alternatives and this weeks product review covers one: hosting.  Hosting provides a regular income and one that normally lasts a reasonable period of time as people tend not to switch hosts that easily.

We have already covered the basics of setting up your own hosting company on I’ve Tried That

The 100k Hosting Formula v2.0 by Aiden Tingley has been recently released and its aim is to help you create your own hosting business.

The Pitch

The sales letter is pretty standard, and focuses primarily on the recurring earnings which make sense as that’s a key part of this set up.

As usual though the sales pitch advises that you do not need any skills/experiences/maybe even brains, in order to make fistfuls of cash daily.

Now, I’m hesitant about that because hosting in general requires at least some technical know-how, and though I am fairly handy with websites, I still bow down to the system admins that run hosting servers.  As such I’m intrigued as to how exactly this is set up so zero skills or experience is required.

Purchasing 100k Hosting Formula

The front end product itself is relatively cheap: I picked it up for just over $8 dollars, but it is on a dime sale, so will cap at $11 dollars.

An upsell follows this product but my word, what an upsell. Normally you see upsells that increase in steps e.g. $10 for the front end then upsell one at $47 and upsell two at $199, something like that.

Oh no, not Aiden, he goes right for the throat. The first upsell after this $8 buck system is for coaching and will cost you a mere $4995.00. Five freaking grand! Talk about a jump.

100k hosting 5000 dollars

No thanks, no really, no thanks!

The downsell that follows you declining this offer is also for coaching, and the cost dramatically shifts again by dropping to $495.00 but of course the contents of the product also get reduced.

Saving myself a chunk of money, I declined both of these offers.

The Product

Once purchased you access the product page and are faced with 18 different videos. Most of these videos are incredibly short, running between 1 to 3 and a half minutes long. Only 3 out of the 18 were between 5 and 10 minutes long.

Total running time is a little bit over 50 minutes.


This is of course an introductory video. Within the space of the 2 and half minute video I already know that the narrator’s voice will drive me insane.


This short video covers in brief how you should brand your business. The advice is short and to the point.

Business plan

An optional video, which doesn’t really tell you much except that writing a business plan is worthwhile.  I liked the fact he included this aspect as it is important to help provide you with clarity in your endeavours, but the video itself was fairly pointless as it didn’t provide much info.

Hosting and domains

Unlike a lot of internet marketing products, Aiden doesn’t go into much detail on the hosting, instead he merely suggest a few hosts and some aspects to look out for such as server location.

Getting a website

If you buy this product let’s hope you have some experience with websites as this video really doesn’t teach you anything. Oh wait, no experience was necessary! Well that sucks because the video basically says get a website, install the billing software and “jazz it up a bit”. Helpful…

Building packages

This section covers the different product packages you can offer your potential clients and does contain a good idea in respect to websites.


Not much different from the previous video but it takes a look at the front end of the authors own hosting company website.

Gaining customers

This very short video is another intro video but this is for the traffic generating methods outlined below.

Online traffic

Oddly enough this only covers Facebook Adverts. It is also as is seemingly customary now, incredibly top level training. “Set up a Facebook page”. How? “Write an advert”. How do I do that? “Do A/B testing”. Say what?

Facebook ads

OK, here we go. This is the longest video in the series as it runs at 10 minutes and this video covers in much more detail about how to set up Facebook ads.

Joint ventures

The idea here is a good one, but once more it fails to really give any help or training. It provides a link to one UK website for freelancers, but does not provide anything US centric.


Oh wait, here’s more information! This video should have just been combined with the one above, but I think the author of the content split them up to make it seem like there is more content than there actually is.

This 5 minute video covers finding freelancers that could potentially become Joint venture partners. He also covers more international and US based sites rather than just the UK one he initially discusses.


Oddly enough this brief video covers using online classified ads to generate traffic.

Cold calling

The training here covers cold calling and provides some simple ideas (basic cold call marketing techniques) to get the person interested in the product,

Customer websites

Basically this is an overview for getting customer info on their website and installing a WordPress website. It doesn’t tell you HOW to install it or how to use it, but just suggests that you should.

It also didn’t comment on how to best limit the clients needs (for $15 a month you don’t want to spend 20+ hours making them a website) or how to automate it or how to set it up so they can choose styles etc.


Surprise surprise, this video covers installing and the basic set up of a WordPress site. By now I am quite bored of the filler videos – why not just make the 2 videos into 1?

Email lists

Advice that you should add your customers to an email list, and sell add on products to them.

Expanding the business

Concluding the video training this video offers potential ways to scale up, outsource and sell the business.

My thoughts on the training

The quality of the videos is ok, the audio is clear and audible. The authors spelling though is awful, so he is either dyslexic or just didn’t bother to proof read his PowerPoint  presentation.

100k hosting formula quality issues

If you have some previous experience with creating websites and getting a small business together then this product might offer some value in terms of guidance in creating a hosting business.

If you don’t have any experience then you are going to get stuck and get stuck quickly.

There just simply isn’t enough depth to the training provided.

That is of course intended. The author is trying to sell a coaching package for $5000 dollars so the cheap front end product will most certainly have holes in it so that people will become tempted to take him up on the coaching offer.

The Bottom Line

100k Hosting Formula v2.0 is not a scam, there is something for your money and the business idea is a sound one.

However, the overall quality of the training is limited. It is too patchy and brief for a complete newbie to take advantage of without additional help or training ($5000 coaching anyone..?).

A more experienced business person/marketer/someone used to websites might have better luck, but I still feel as though the product is just too thin.

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