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Is a Scam?

Today’s post is by I’ve Tried That reviewer extraordinaire, Miyako. She is the Web master at, an Anime fan site. Check it out. Another reviewer, Barney, had a less favorable take on I’ll post his remarks on Wednesday.

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When I started this review I thought, “There is no way someone could make $52,923 in five days by mailing postcards. That’s almost $10,600 per day! Who is this Luke Jaten guy? Does ‘Direct Marketing Group Inc.’ even exist?”

The most interesting thing I’ve discovered about this program is that it actually seems legit. The postal address on the terms and conditions page is real and DMG Inc. is actually located there (according to Google Maps). There are video testimonials. Jaten’s eBay seller account has been ID verified and his listings qualify for 100% PayPal buyer protection. His positive feedback is 100%. He has sold ten copies of his multidisc course on eBay for the same price that it’s being offered for on, but he supposedly threw in something called a project license for free. From what I understand, the license gives the purchaser permission to use one of Jaten’s “projects” that he has already developed and tested. It’s worth at least $1500, but the purchasers of the “Buy It Now” auction were so special that he wanted to give it away to them. The eBay auction information is essentially a transcription of his sales pitch from the video on the Postcard Profits website.

After signing up with your name and precious credit card information and paying $4 for shipping, you enter into a 30 day trial period. If you return the course within that time frame you pay nothing. If not, you are billed $59.99 in five (weekly? monthly? yearly?) installments. On top of this, if you try your best and don’t make at least $10,000 in 90 days, he will not only refund the money you spent on the course, but will also FedEx you a check for $500 just to say “thanks for trying it out.”

What Luke Jaten is selling is not a program where you profit simply from the act of mailing out postcards. It’s a course on how to use postcards to convince people to buy your products. And he never promises anything else. It’s true that the name of the site is as misleading as the terminology he uses to refer to postcard marketing (“postcard project”), but if you pay close attention to the video (or to the transcript) then you won’t be taken by surprise. The eBay listing isn’t clear on whether a product comes with the free license.

This DOES NOT mean that he is squeaky clean. Some of his business practices are on the shady side. He claims in the eBay auction information that you don’t need an actual product or an idea for one to get started. The last time I checked, it was illegal to sell merchandise that you didn’t have. [Note by Joe: I suppose you could use his tactics to sell products as an affiliate. That means you don’t technically “own” the product, but you still have the right to sell it.]

After Googling information from his site, I found three more websites dedicated to the Postcard Profits course. The sites are 1), 2), 3), 4), 5) Only #1 and #3 are in the Go Daddy WHOIS database as being the property of DMG Inc. #4 contains information in the footer that points to Relevant Marketing Group as the owner, but the organization doesn’t exist. Even without Googling them, it’s easy to be skeptical as there is absolutely no contact information listed on the website besides an e-mail address. Googling the organization with double quotes turns up three sites, one of which is supposedly the home page ( The entire site consists of a single page with a single link labeled “Postcard Profits” that points to website #4 above. Website #2 references two different phone numbers that connect to the same prerecorded sales pitch, four written testimonials from people who are different from the ones on site #1, and the sales pitch transcript. It is also the only site to mention a mailing list. I signed up for it.

DMG Inc.’s official Postcard Profits Web sites have secrets. If you use Google’s advanced options to search within each domain exclusively, you find longer video interviews of the people in the video on and a privacy policy that none of the pages link to. The policy was copied almost verbatim from a site called The two e-mail links in the policy still point to e-mail addresses in the HTML. Site #3 keeps you on the main page unless you use Google because the page’s only link links to the page that it’s on.

There seem to be two phone numbers that will connect you to an actual person. One number was found on the Better Business Bureau website (and, yes, there have been complaints filed against them) while the other was found on the terms and conditions page of I received the same voice mail message after dialing each number that said everyone was currently out of the office. I wonder if it’s worth trying again.

As almost a side note, Luke Jaten and Matt Trainer from seem to be friends. The video on is copyrighted to Matt Trainer and Trainer conducted a 38 minute web cam interview with Jaten that was supposed to be about Postcard Profits but instead focused almost entirely on Pay-Per-Click advertising and Google Ad Sense. The video is supposed to have a second part, but I doubt there will be one as the first part was posted to Trainer’s blog in April. There was also some sort of seminar on Postcard Profits in Phoenix, AZ in May with both Jaten and Trainer. I have yet to find commentary about it.

29 thoughts on “Is a Scam?”

  1. It doesn’t mean anything that Google Maps “verified” a location. It might mean there is a street with that name, but it certainly doesn’t “verify” that a particular company is located at a particular address any more than looking at a Rand McNally does.

  2. I spent over $13,000.00, yes, read that again, on that post card profit scam. 20 weeks of training, and not once was I, anything given to me, that I could sell, for what he claimed. I tried taking him, to goverment agencys that over watch these programs.I should have spent that amount on a lawyer and gotten a class action case, against him. Soon the guilt will overtake all these guys A recent TV scam artist hung himself, while waiting for his trial. DO NOT buy anything. from L. Jaden. You will never make the money he claims, I would have been happy if, I made my money back, as he promised.

  3. Hey g-dog … you must be one of the croney’s that works with Luke. No one here has really said his program is a scam (at least I didn’t anyway), but he’s an a$$hole for continueing to take money from peoples bank accounts AFTER they’ve returned the product WITHIN THE 30 DAYS. That’s my beef with him. He also NEVER says exactly how much it’s going to cost you, the buyer, to get one of these postcard things started. He’s vague in that area … very very vague. He only picked the people in his video that had unusal success. And who can afford a personal coach! WTH.

  4. Do you know what all of you people need? A success coach (Period)
    You need to look at all of your neg statements and then sit back to figure out why your not wealthy. The programs legit, there is nothing hidden and it does work.

    It takes money to make money. What did you think? That Donald Trump wrote IOU’s for his real estate. You will never make money with all your negative remarks about yourselves. Remember if you think you can’t your right. If you think you can your right.

    So instead of investing in anymore programs, you should be investing in YOURSELF. You have to grow inside first then outside. Only then will money follow. Nothing will ever work for you when you have a poverty mindset.

    Here’s a tip: Only those willing to sacrifice their time for growth will be those that truly find success AND BE ABUNDANT IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE.
    Example: Have you gone through life wondering if your cursed, why things never work out. Well if your wondering what you’ve been asking for, take a look around at what you have. There’s your answer. You’ve all been given free will to create whatever it is you want. No Exceptions.

    Good luck, in the mean time I’m off to vacation :)

  5. I had to close my bank acct in order to get this a$$hole to stop taking the $59.99 out of my bank acct EVEN AFTER I RETURNED IT WITHIN 30 DAYS. 2 times I had to file a dispute and before he could attempt the 3 payment, I just closed my account, so screw you LUKE! I don’t believe his program is a scam, but he certainly has very immoral work ethics.

    Unless you have the $300 to spend on this, I would not even consider purchasing it or even doing the trial offer … you’ll get screwed!

  6. When I watched the sales pitch this guy was giving on, I was immediately wary of these kind of schemes. It pisses me off when people develop a system that makes them tons of money and then they sell the program and do anything to make an extra buck. These type of people have an insatiable thirst for money! He’s making $300 on each program and taking advantage of people who are struggling with bills and looking for a way out. I watched his video on the website in total disgust, watching this guy select certain people who would give A+ ratings to his fraudulent program. I’m sick of people like this. And like some people above said, their accounts were charged the 59.95 before the 30 days were up and even after the product was returned. That is so immorally wrong. I know this guy has some bad karma coming to him. He won’t be rolling in money for that long.

  7. I like the beginning of the last person’s comments. I believe that it does work if you don’t mind taking money from gullible and desperate people.

  8. These type of get rich quick schemes have been around forever. When will you people ever learn that these systems just don’t work as described. The only profit these guys make is from taking your money from buying their stupid course. Think about it, why would they have to sell a $300.00 course if they were making $50,000.00 a month.
    On the other hand, I believe that the information in the CD course is probably really informative and took a lot of time to develop. But the chances of it actually working and generating any income is really, really slim. I don’t have this course nor intend to buy it, but if I did I’d probably get some very valuable information from it. But I don’t think it would be valuable enough to make a profitable business out of it. I’d just be out $300.00 for some information that I can’t apply.

  9. THESE JERKS TRIED AGAIN to take $59.99 out of my bank account!!! They are scammers, frauds and everything else! I returned the stupid frickin’ product within 30 days and those idiots are trying to screw me!!! If you read this and you’re associated with the idiot, you better tell him to get his sh*t together and stop trying to screw people b/c soon they are going to come together and file a lawsuit against his sorry a$$! I am filing a stop payment and I will CLOSE that bank account if I have to just so you morons get the point!

  10. Like so many others with a “system” seems to want to sell it, why?
    I think it would make them more money to do so or it really doesn’t make much money.
    Even if it is to push product, I would get more product and keep the trusty system.

  11. If this company is not up to his own gain only, and is already rich having made sooooo much money, with this bad, sad, depressing (you name it), economy, why not just keep sending that “terrific” program to people for free as his way of “act of charity”. And if people will truly make a lot of money from it, that can help boost the economy. Just a thought. He might win a Nobel Prize for helping people for free.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I almost bought this myself. Even if some people are getting the product and everything is legitimate, it sounds to me like they have some organizational problems. However, there are a lot of folks complaining. More nays than yeahs. I have gone to several scam reporting sites to find these same kinds of complaints, more negatives than positives and as the last writer states, people are looking for hope not despair. Times are tough. Customer service should be number one priority right now.

  13. Thank you everybody for the postings. I am in such desperado for money to keep my roof over my head and keep the banks from foreclosure. I was a credit score in the 800’s and in less then a years time I’ve encountered some hardships. Needless to say. These people that are rolling in the dough should be compassionate and know they are already living large. Why can’t they just help us get back on top so we can be that country that was considered rich at one time. Why are we giving money to other countries when we are barely staying above poverty ourselves. The only thing I’ve found that is legit is makinghomesaffordable offered by Obama, to help keep me in my home. As far as making money to pay my bills? You will lose allot of what you might have left trying to find that program that is honest, sincere, and willing to be at the other end of that phone to answer your questions. Why do they say free when you ALWAY’S have to have a credit card to pay for the shipping. Some of us have exhausted our credit cards and can’t even pull one out to pay for the $4.00 shipping anymore. Can someone legit and honest Post something that would help our economy get back on it’s feet. So many of us are willing to put out the footwork, we just don’t have a path to follow at this time. Again, thanks for all your postings. You can almost phish out the ones you know are from the company trying to get you to commit. Just be honest and your Karma will pay you back fruitful and just rewards.

  14. I am a 63 yr old looking for something simple to supplement my ss. I binged the postcards for profit website. I came up w/Ivetriedthat. I am glad I read the comments. I can’t afford the 299.00 they ask for. What has happened to people now adays? Are they so desperate to make more money than they can spend, that they don’t mind taking money from people like myself who are on a limited income. Or anybody else who is desperate? Where can you find someone who is for real and has something jane and dick can learn to do? Someone who won’t ask for outrageous amounts of money? If you do please let me know. Thanks for reading.

  15. I forgot to mention that the number that was posted next to the transaction on my bank account is NOT the number for Postcards For Profit! They flippin’ pulled an 800# out of their A$$ and added it to the transaction. I called it and got a new home sales office!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!

  16. I ordered the program as well. I returned it within the 30 day time frame and low and behold, they charged me the 1st of 5 payments on the 20th of this month. I ordered the product on Aug 24. That is NOT 30 days. I had to go to my bank and file a dispute. If they try again, I will probably have to file a stop payment just to get them to go away.

    I have tried calling every number that I can find on them and they ALL have the same recording. NOT one person answers or calls back. And if you do decide to leave a message, they try and trick you by telling you that you have to push this, that and the other to leave a message .. .what a JOKE!

    I would run away if any of you even consider trying this. It costs A LOT of money to even get started doing something like this (like hundreds to thousands of dollars) … who has that???? NOT ME!

  17. I received the 10 cd set 2 weeks ago and was charged the $4.00 shipping. I didn’t mind that until they tried to charge my account. I’ve only had the cd’s for 2 weeks and have been trying to call to get an answer. I get a recording each and every time. I quickly made a stop pay on my account and simply returned the package. I don’t have $299.95. I lost my job and have to support 6 people in my home. Do you think I have $299.95 to give away. NOT!

  18. If this is truly a legit product, I would love the opportunity to ask some questions if someone is currently making a profit from this opportunity. Please Advise!

  19. How soon do you pay and how do you pay? I would not want to be charged anymore than what is asked from me….period. Not the full amount right away.

    Sharon Jacobson

  20. That guy Mark, with the super long response sounds as if he is friends with the postcards profits creator Luke… I just listened to the postcards profits video ad and became VERY interested.

    After I did my research, I was totally turned off…Maria didn’t have money to eat after that Luke guy charged her too early. That was just wrong!!

    Ewww, this whole system leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    No Longer Interested.

  21. I don’t understand the overwhelming skepticism on this product. I just purchased it. The full price after the free trial was plain as day. I’m listening to the product itself right now and I think it’s worth every penny. Maybe on of the best buys I’ve made this year (and I tend to spend about $150,000 a year on information products)

    Sometimes thing are as advertised. The information is as it was described. The payment plan is not hidden in any way and I’m more than happy with my purchase.

  22. Let’s look at just two lines from the above comment:

    Line 1: This is not a get rich quick scheme
    Line 2: I’ve rang up over $200,000 in sales in 4 months.


    I guess ole Marky here thinks making $200,000 in four months does not qualify as making you rich, quickly. I pulled his contact information from his post and will remove it each and every time he tries to add it in again.


    I can’t speak for those who had issues of one type or another with other sellers of the Postcard Profits course. However, I feel it’s only fair that those of you who may be interested in the opportunity to get out of the 9-5 rat race to know the facts as I see them. This is not a get rich quick scheme, although Luke has indeed made the money he indicates. This is a legitimate course that teaches how anyone can make money through the use of postcards. Personally, I’ve rang up over $200,000 in sales in 4 months.

    Lets back up a minute… the website to which you refer “URL REMOVED” is owned by my company Relevant Marketing Group. My company is one of about 20 or so companies that are selling this course along with Luke himself. I, of course, can only speak for my company, but to date, we have sold over 800 courses with zero, that’s right, zero unresolved customer issues. Of course, I can only resolve those issues that my customers make me aware of. I am human, I do make mistakes, but I do not hide. I do return all calls and emails, generally within 24 hours. When you call my customer service number and get voice mail, it is very clear when you will hear back from me.

    Due to my current ranking in Google for the term “postcard profits”, I have assisted many customers who have found me through this method with any issue they may have whether they purchased from me or not. And if these individuals posting on these sites will contact me, I will try to help them as well. It is not the intent of my company, Luke or any of the other companies to take money from people without delivering. Regardless of the course, program, opportunity, or whatever else may be available on the internet, through direct mail, or any other medium, issues are going to arise. My goal is to resolve these issues, primarily for my customers, but I will help anyone get in touch with who they need to resolve their issues to their satisfaction.

    Now for those of you who are interested in checking out the Postcard Profits course, I encourage you to call PHONE NUMBER REMOVED with the ID code from your postcard or use 997333 if you found me on this website. When you call to order, they will provide you w/ my customer service number for any issue that may arise. Or you can always send me an email. And you will hear back from me. I want you to be successful just like I have been. Don’t let a few take away your chance to be successful.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Mark Bowles
    Relevant Marketing Group

  24. Yes I know first hand. The guy is a jork. I gave him my Credit Card information to charge $4 for shipping, for 30 days FREE trial, and he charged the $4 and $299.95 the full price for the course which I di dnot even see it let along authorization for full payment for the course. He said in his Web Page ” If in #0 days you are not satisfied with the course, simply send the course back, and you owe nothing. If you love it keep the course and you’ll be charged 5 payments of $59.95. I called and talk to him, and he tried to convince me that paying in full is better, even thpugh he did not have my authprization to charge $299.95 by Credit Card which interfered with my other bills that I had paid, and with those charge he made a hole of $312 in overchage Fees. I was not prepared for the $299.95 charges and it practcally let me without money for anything not even food, let alone my diabetic medication. I filed a dispute for my money with my bank for my money. so, you better stay away from this chating person. Good luck to all and be very carefull to whom you gave you CC informatin.

  25. I probably should have added that, while I wouldn’t try Postcard Profits out myself and, at first glance, it makes you think that all you need to do is mail postcards to make money, there isn’t anything that screams, “Back away from this program!” However, it could be said those types of programs are the most dangerous.


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