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Is World Profit Worth $99/Month?

World Profit (WP) is an online marketplace and affiliate marketing platform that offers website hosting and domains, paid advertising, traffic exchanges, email safelists, autoresponder programs, etc., that members can both use and sell. This company has been around since 1994, is based in Edmonton, Alberta, and was founded by George Kosch, Sandi Hunter and Jeffrey Lant.

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You can sign up to WP as a free member; however, you can’t take advantage of its products, trainings and affiliate commissions until you purchase a Silver Membership at $99.95/month. Membership run month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime; alternately, memberships can be purchased for a full year.

Once you purchase the Silver Membership, you get access to the following products:

  • 20-100% affiliate commissions
  • Sales bonuses up to $1,000
  • Access to affiliate programs, PLR products, web services
  • 12 websites (as part of WP’s FastCash program)
  • Access to a content management system for building websites
  • 9 sales funnels with 100% commissions
  • Landing page builder and 500 pre-built sales pages
  • Sales offer builder
  • E-book builder and cover creator
  • Access to an article directory
  • Ad tracking software
  • 50,000 guaranteed website visitors
  • Email list builder

As a silver member, you also gain access to weekly trainings through the program’s “home business bootcamp” and over 100 self-paced training modules.

Is World Profit worth its $99.95/month membership fee?

Here’s what we found:

1. There are numerous complaints about this program.

Every online business has some negative reviews. However, the sheer mass of complaints about WP has me worried that this program is not all it claims to be.

Complaints range from members not being able to cash their WP checks due to bad routing numbers to WP not honoring refund requests. Other members note that the products offered by WP aren’t quite as advertised; for example, the “50,000 guaranteed visitors” actually refers to ad impressions and not actual visitors. Also, the promised traffic and subscribers are both derived from current WP members, apparently.

WorldProfit review

Other individuals complain that WP promises free traffic and other goodies; however, it doesn’t deliver on its promises. For example, this WP complainant says that the company promises free traffic and email credits in exchange for listening to its sales video. However, this isn’t true and you actually need to sign up for Silver Membership before you get those “free” tools.

Ripoff Report _ World Profit

2. WP uses high-pressure sales tactics.

You can’t peruse WP’s products and sales pages without first signing up as a free member. However, it seems that WP does this so that it can capture your personal information. Once you are a free member, WP has access to your name, email address, and even your phone number (if you provide it in the optional info area).

What does WP do with this information? Apparently, it uses your personal info to track you once you land on its sales pages.

When I went to WP’s checkout page to learn about its membership terms and conditions, I suddenly heard a voice through my computer calling me by my name and asking me to finish the checkout process and to input any questions I might have into the chat box.

When I looked up at my screen, I saw that I had been placed into a chat room. So, I decided to ask my chat room moderator what was WP’s refund policy for canceled memberships.

Unfortunately, despite inputting this question several times into the chat box, I never received a direct response. Instead, I kept hearing how I would get all these free bonuses, traffic, etc. after signing up as a Silver member. My moderator spent a good deal of time telling me and other chat members “how we’d watch the money roll in.”

Worldprofit Member area

I persisted with my refund question and was finally told to contact the head office because the moderator didn’t handle customer service matters.

3. The products aren’t quite as advertised.

WP advertises that it offers numerous high quality marketing products, traffic networks, etc. The products sound good, at least in theory. However, when you start digging into them, you uncover a different reality.

As an example, here are some of the affiliate products that WP advertises on its member site:

Worldprofit Member

When I clicked on the first link in this list, I was taken to Living Off the Net, which is an MLM. Another link took me to EProfits Extreme, which is a scam online business opportunity. Another link took me to a page that brought up a malware alert on my computer, so I didn’t open it.

WP also offers numerous marketing products for its members to support their personal businesses with. However, many of these products are built on outdated techniques such as article spinning and traffic networks. Such techniques are likely to get your websites de-indexed by Google.

4. There are additional upsells.

If you think that paying $99/month is sufficient for gaining access to all of the marketing tools and bonuses that World Profit offers, think again. The WP platform is filled with traffic exchanges, Solo ads, etc. that are all available…but for an additional cost.

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Instead of teaching you how to generate traffic to your website, for example, WP’s tactic is to sell you a quick fix product that won’t help you achieve your desired result. However, it will help line WP’s pockets with still more of your money.

Is it worth it?

At a steep $99/month, World Profit just isn’t worth the money and hassle- and especially when there are other online programs that are of far better quality, cheaper, and without upsells- such as our top pick here.

4 thoughts on “Is World Profit Worth $99/Month?”

  1. I had some bad experiences with Worldprofit by buying the silver membership and adding more features. I called a sponsor and live agents to help me with setting up my account. The only response I had from them was watch the bootcamp video for one week. I tried listening to video so many times and it didn’t help me with my issues. I would like for somebody to tell me how can I get my money back after canceling my membership.

  2. Hello

    Thanks so much for the review. My better judgement told me not to buy and my shiny object side told maybe I can get some traffic from the site because they promise lots of solo ads, which was the only attractive thing to me. And many times I opened their mails, so I thought if they could get me to open, maybe I’d get opens too. But the reviews I’m reading are just not good. I do not want to waste money. I appreciate it your review.



  3. WorldProfit Silver Membership. I wasted 3 months and 3 x $99. World Profit is only interested to sell membership like the silver one. WorldProfit in few words = Misleading informations . I strongly recommend to stay away from them


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