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My name is Steve and you seem to have found my blog. You probably came to this blog looking for a legitimate way to make money from home, right? I’d be willing to bet that you’ve been researching programs, finding scams and now you’re just looking for something that works.

You want to learn how to make money from home.

I can help.

Become a Lifetime Member of I’ve Tried That!

I’ve recently created a membership program for I’ve Tried That. You can join today and instantly download every guide I have ever written. These guides all focus on helping you find work at home jobs and make extra money online.

What You Get With Your Membership

At the moment, I have three guides available:

  • The Complete Guide to Telecommuting – My flagship. My baby. The reason I’ve Tried That exists today. The Complete Guide will help you understand telecommuting and give you plenty of advice on topics such as setting up a home office, how to write resumes and cover letters, how to find real work at home jobs, and oh-so-much more.
  • 121 Jobs You Can Do From Home – After you finish with the Complete Guide, you can move on to the HUGE directory of over 100+ companies that are CURRENTLY looking to hire work at home employees. I personally investigated every last one of the companies to insure their legitimacy. You’ll find companies looking to fill positions such as: data entry workers, freelance writers, virtual assistants, call center agents, customer service representatives, transcriptions, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
  • Tax Tips for Telecommuters – This guide is a collection of information I’ve gathered regarding tax laws in the US and working at home. It will help you understand your taxes and prepare you on what to do come April 15th.

In addition to these guides, you’ll get access to every single guide I write in the future, absolutely free of charge. I currently have four new guides planned and intend to release one new guide each month. Become a member today and gain instant access to all new and updated material!

Why Trust Me?

  • I’ve been running this blog for nearly four years now. I’ve saved hundreds of thousands of people from losing millions of dollars to scams.
  • I’m a real person that you can talk too. In fact, click here and send me an email if you want. I’ll respond as fast as I possibly can.
  • I’ve done interviews for ABC News, the CBC, and some of the top-rated scam blogs on the Internet.
  • Your purchase comes with a 60-day 100% refund guaranteed. If at any time over the next 60 days, you feel unhappy with your membership, I’ll issue you a refund. No questions asked.

Join I’ve Tried That Today!

A lifetime membership at I’ve Tried That costs just $14.95. This is a ONE-TIME fee. There are no hidden charges, upsells, or anything of that nature. You pay $14.95 once and gain lifetime access to every piece of material I write. Seriously!

You’ll receive immediate access to the I’ve Tried That Member’s Area as soon as your payment is complete. Everything is hosted online and you do not have to wait for anything to be mailed to you!

Why Is There a Cost to Join?

This membership is culmination of years of research. I’ve spent thousands of hours writing and researching for this blog. I’ve spent hundreds more developing and perfecting my guides. In total, I’ve written nearly 200 pages in content. I feel like I deserve some credit!

I also feel that you’ll actually put my guides to use if you pay for them. I’ve given away guides in the past, but free guides often go unused. Now, you’ll be given some incentive to read everything I had to write and put my methods into action!

Sign Up Now!

Let’s recap.

Lifetime access to all guides here at I’ve Tried That…
Instant access to current guides including 121 companies currently looking for work at home employees…
60-day 100% guaranteed refund…
Help support one of the best damn scam fighting blogs on the Internet…
Learn how to actually make money from home…
All for just $14.95.

Nothing else left to do but…

Click here and sign up for a membership at I’ve Tried That now!

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