Quick Summary of Legal Profit

Rating: 1 Not even worth 1 out of 5!

The Good: No pros, it's a scam pure and simple.

The Bad: It lies, it uses false advertising and it promotes a high risk way of making money. Plenty of cons to choose from.

The Bottom Line: No system is 100% reliable which is why you should be having alarm bells ringing with Legal Profit. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Legal Profit Review

Here at I’ve Tried That, we have a thing about Binary Options systems: we hate them!

Seriously, there is nothing good about Binary Options, and the affiliates that promote them by offering sop called systems are the worst.

The problem is, barring false advertising, Binary Options is itself legal.

This weeks review is for a system to uses this to its advantage: Legal Profits.

The Pitch

The first thing I need to make clear about Legal Profits is that they are lying to you.

The website states that only 20 or so copies of the system are available, and this number goes down, but its just a trick – refresh your page and it resets. The same thing goes for the number of people viewing the website; it’s just a random number generator.

There is also no FTC disclaimer, suggesting that the person behind this particular scam is not American or simply does not care about the law.

The Legal Profits video

The sale video starts off with some amazing hype. Apparently by using Legal Profit, you can make a return of up to 600% and even make over $1.2 million in just 2 months – that’s $14.4 million a year! I can smell the B.S. already.

It goes on to state that the basis behind the system is a “legal spying algorithm” (which makes NO sense) that can predict Binary Options with an accuracy of 100%.

Live Profit million in 2 months

Not only that but this legal spying software is apparently directly connected to bank servers. Yeah of course it is, like the banks and the government would allow any old Joe access to the banks directly, not even brokers. Hell, especially not trading brokers!

After that there is some more hype about how ground breaking it is and how you will no longer need specialist things such as complicated charts, lagging indicators (huh?) and dysfunctional software application (now that’s just made up).

Live Profit connected to all the banks

You really expect us to believe this?!

The fake sounding narrator is just throwing made up nonsense at you. Thankfully, he swaps to a lady to provide a testimonial. Unfortunately, she is just as fake as he was.

“I’m so nervous as this is my first time trading in my lifetime”. Sure it is love, like anything in this video is real.

The stilted narration suggests she was just hired from a site like Fiverr.com and given a really bad script to record.

The script throughout the video sounds like it has been written by someone for whom English is their third language.

She earned about €500 in an hour and one day later had earned about €1900 on top of here investment.

The thing is you never see the actual trades, just still shots, so there’s zero proof that those screenshot aren’t doctored.

The video goes on to show data allegedly showing thousands of dollars in earnings.

Unfortunately it only shows it for about a split second… That was enough time for me to see the similarity between that data (structurally as I couldn’t see the figures) and dozens of other Binary Options systems out there. They seem to use the same source of data from BinaryBonus.net who I have yet to confirm are anything other than scammers helping other scammers.

Legal Profit’s sales pitch positions Binary Options as the saviour of financial trading and states that it is less of a rick compared to other trading methods out there.

I disagree.

Binary Options might be simpler in some ways (you win or you lose) but the risk factor is still incredibly high. In a lot of cases it is higher risk as you are trading on a micro level, so while in general the trade data may be going up, you could easily pick the wrong moments when, on a micro level, they go down.

There’s virtually no way that you can predict these micro ups and downs. This is why Binary Options trading is incredibly high risk, regardless what this video tells you.

Live Profit right options

Actually, no, it is not as simple as that!

The video even throws a dig at Internet Marketing in general, I suppose to try and cover all it’s bases.

After this B.S. the narrator gives us some spiel about this being a 4 dimensional software and then the tried and true “I want to help people make money, I’m not doing this because I’m trying to scam you into handing over your cash into a risky system just so I can make a commission, honest”.

Yes I’m jaded, but you should have a healthy dose of skepticism when looking at these systems. Finding one where the person behind it is being genuinely altruistic is about as common as rocking horse poop.

A Missed Opportunity

I hate videos that you can’t go back and forth in, and I missed the opportunity to snag a really good screenshot, because Legal Profits stated that you would never lose money, ever!

If that was true we all be using it!

As well as that, as I mentioned earlier, Binary Options are high risk investments, so the likelihood of never losing is a trillion to 1, if that.

Signing up to Legal Profits

I’ll be honest, I gave up on the video; there was nothing in it so far that made me believe that Legal Profit is anything but a scam.

As such I decided to check out the backend a little bit more.

Surprise, surprise, after handing over your email address you get sent to another video and a sign up form for a Binary Options broker.

Live Profit legal spyware

Let’s be realistic here: there is no magic software! There is nothing linked to banks anywhere!

You most certainly won’t earn over a million dollars in 2 months from 10 minutes of work a day!

This is just a bunch of bull designed to make you want to sign up and deposit money with the Binary Options broker. These will net the scam artist behind Legal Profits a hefty commission.

The Bottom Line

Legal Profit is just another in the long, and unfortunately growing list of dodgy Binary Option affiliates.

Nothing on their site is genuine, and nothing should be trusted.

My advice? Avoid the Legal Profits system!

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