Quick Summary of Military Millionaire

Rating: 0.1 A scam by any other name...is still a scam.

The Good: There are no pros here- the scam targets military veterans who are surviving on a meager income.

The Bad: This scam has a dark side- swindling vets who may be suffering from PTSD and/or additional physical/mental challenges as a result of being involved in armed conflict. Shameful.

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of this scam! Check out our #1 recommendation to make money from home instead.

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Military Millionaire Review

It’s bad enough when binary options scammers target everyday folks who are struggling to pay their bills or who are unemployed. But when these same scammers start targeting veterans, I get really upset.

Case in point: Military Millionaire, a system that tries to lure older U.S. veterans into parting with their already meager cash.

Military Millionaire- for Shame!

When you first go to the Military Millionaire sales page, you encounter Stan (no last name), a Vietnam War vet. Stan had been destitute as well as riddled with PTSD for the last 43 years, ever since his four year stint in Vietnam ended and he came home in 1971.

Military Millionaire3

We never see Stan, but we sure hear enough about his life. Stan tried to make money online by blogging, affiliate marketing, doing PPC…yet nothing made him a dime. Stan also engaged in forex trading, online gambling, and he purchased scammy binary options trading software. Nothing worked.

In disgust, he gave up trying and saved enough money to travel back to Vietnam. There, he finally made peace with his past.

One day, while sitting in a bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Stan encountered a “friendly guy with a beaming smile on his face.” This guy, named Jack (also no last name), listened to Stan’s life story and asked that he email him when he returned home. Stan emailed Jack and received a link from him, along with instructions to activate something. Jack would do the rest.

“Turns out that Jack was a multi, multi millionaire who had just made his fortune from trading binary options and this link was a link to the software that he had been using to make himself extremely rich.”

What an incredible stroke of luck, right?

But it gets even more incredible: After Stan clicked on the link that Jack sent and then opened and funded a binary options trading account, he made $13,264.85 in just 24 hours. Within three months, Stan was a millionaire.

Now you too can be rich scammed

Stan asked  Jack if his software could be released to a few more “down-on-their-luck” individuals. For whatever reason, Jack agreed. So, 50 licenses of Military Millionaire were released to the public. By limiting new members to just 50, the software could “maintain its power.”

Once you enter your name and email, you are taken to a second sales page that promises that you’ll make $100,000/week.

But you must act fast. The counter at the top left of the screen noted that there was only one spot available…

Military Millionaire5

Luckily, after I refreshed my screen, I saw that six spots had now become available. The spots slowly dwindled back to one- at least until I hit the refresh button and again returned to six spots being available.

How do you become a Military Millionaire?

Stan states that you need to open a free binary options brokerage account with his recommended broker and deposit a minimum of $250 into your account. Then, the linked trading software can be activated and it will start placing trades for you.

When I input my name, phone number and email, I was directed to Bee Options as my recommended broker. However, I saw no link at all to Military Millionaire on my account screen. Maybe that link would not appear until after I’d funded my account, but it did seem odd that the broker made no mention of Military Millionaire anywhere on its page.

Military Millionaire’s troubling indicators

Why didn’t I just go ahead and fund my trading account with $250? Here are some troubling indicators that Military Millionaire is nothing but a scam.

The testimonials are fake.

Military Millionaire shows at least three video testimonials from satisfied customers who’ve all made money with this software. Here are some screen shots of the customers:

Military Millionaire2

Military Millionaire

However, all you need to do is peruse Fiverr to find these same individuals selling their testimonials at $5 a pop.

Military Millionaire6


Even worse, this isn’t the first time that the guy shown above has promoted a binary options scam.

Other troublesome clues include the following disclaimer at the bottom of the Military Millionaire page:

Military Millionaire4

This tells me that nothing on the Military Millionaire website, including its supposed live trading results area, can be believed.

Finally, there is Clicksure, which offers Military Millionaire as an affiliate product with a hefty $250 commission.

ClickSure Affiliate Account

If you look at the “positive” reviews of Military Millionaire, you’ll notice that all of them contain an affiliate code that includes Clicksure or other affiliate networks like Clicksure. Here’s just one example of a positive review and its associated affiliate link:

<iframe src=”http://tracking.binarypromos.com/aff_c?offer_id=1640&amp;aff_id=5428&amp;url_id=15974&amp;aff_sub1=1565165840&amp;aff_sub2=&amp;aff_sub5=kelimutu” id=”tracking-link-1437178766185″ style=”display:none”></iframe>

This naturally leads to the question of how truthful can a product review be when there is a sizable commission riding on it?

I want you- to say no to Military Millionaire

Military Millionaire was launched on July 13th, 2015, so it’s bound to scam people for months to come. The plan is simple: you sign up with the recommended broker, then make a $250 deposit. You then start trading with the binary options trader and realize it does nothing for you. As you continue to trade, you lose money on bad trades. Eventually, you run your $250 account down to $0. Meanwhile, the affiliate who referred you makes a hefty $250.

Don’t be taken in by Stan’s sob story, or how he met a stranger who just happened to give him access to a millionaire-making binary options bot. In fact, stay far, far away from this scam.

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