Quick Summary of Moneta Method

Rating: 0.5 A scam by any other name...is still a scam.

The Good: The videos don't claim you'll become a millionaire in only X time/days/hours.

The Bad: Moneta Method is still a scam designed to take your money.

The Bottom Line: Don't fall for this trading scam. Stick with our recommended ways of building an income instead. It'll instantly save you $250.

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Moneta Method Review

Hi, my name is Stanley Williams. I’m CEO and Head Developer of Moneta Method Trading software.”


So starts the introduction to Moneta Method. Stanley notes that you may have heard his name before, as he’s been part of other software launches. However, Moneta Method is Stanley’s “best piece of software ever.”

What’s your role in this release? Apparently, Stanley is looking for beta testers before the launch officially occurs.

What is Moneta Method Trading Software?

Stanley says that the Moneta Method Trading Software provides you with a “verifiable and sustainable flow of income.” This income ranges from $200 to $2,500 per day. And he’s not just making up random numbers here- his 40 beta testers from 2014 verified that they could make these kinds of daily earnings.

Stanley notes that the smallest amount of money that one of his beta testers made in 2014 over an entire month was $6,212. The most money that a beta tester made in a single month was $76,512.

Stanley also shows us his trading account, which he funds with the minimum required amount of $250. He then turns on and lets the Moneta Method software run for four hours. Afterwards, we are shown his account, which now contains over $700.

How does this occur? Stanley goes on to explain.

“Back in 2003 at Princeton University I had a lecture about Ancient Economic and Financial History.” During this lecture, the Roman Imperial period was discussed. In essence, the upper class controlled the amount of moneta, or money, flowing within a society.

And that’s the last we hear about Moneta Method’s methods and operation.

What’s the Moneta Method game plan?

Stanley says that, once his second group of beta testers have tried the Moneta Method, he’ll be selling the software to select bankers for $125K/month.

How does a potential beta tester qualify for Moneta Method?

Apparently, there are some hurdles that you need to pass before you can become a beta tester.

1. You need to be 18 years old.

2. You need to invest money in your own, and new, trading account. Stanley assures you that this is an investment, though, and “not some high risk gambling.”

3. You should be ready to provide Stanley with a REAL testimonial about the software. You can do this by filming the testimonial on your own or having his “independent third party” call you.

You’ll make money just like these beta testers!

Stanley notes that, while you won’t become a millionaire overnight, you will start making real money using this software. These 2014 beta testers then provide their glowing reports:



So, are you ready to make some decent money?

Then I have one piece of advice for you: Don’t use Moneta Method.


4 signs that Moneta Method is a scam.

There are some troubling indicators that Moneta Method is nothing but a scam designed to take your money and give you back zip, squat, nada.

To begin with…

1. The “beta testers” are Fiverr actors or stolen web photos.

Moneta Method’s sales page shows different video and photo-based customer testimonials. However, those video testimonials are all made by Fiverr actors, such as the one shown here: 

7 Figure Club 8

The customer photos, meanwhile, are stolen from various websites. Here’s just one example:


If you do an image search, you inevitably come across the following blog, which shows the original photo.


2. The security seals are fake.

I’ve no idea why, but the Moneta Method sales page shows you the following security seals:


The only issue with these seals is that they aren’t clickable and thus prove nothing about the safety/security/veracity of the software.

3. Moneta Method is on Clicksure.

If you don’t yet know about Clicksure, it’s an affiliate network filled with scam products that have a refund rate of at least 50%. Clicksure carries the products that Clickbank won’t accept, and for good reason. Also note that the affiliate commission for selling Moneta Method to a hapless investor is $250.


With a commission that high, is it any surprise that Moneta Method has over two pages of search results touting how “good” this system is? Or that every one of these positive reviews contains an affiliate link?

4. Binary Book is your “preferred” broker.

Interestingly, Stanley doesn’t say what kind of trading you’ll be doing with Moneta Method, but it actually involves placing binary options trades through the automated software that Moneta Method supposedly is. And for this purpose, you’ll be using the Binary Book brokerage. The only problem with Binary Book is that it’s completely unregulated by any sort of SEC. It’s also based in Germany, not the USA. So, if anything should go awry with your investment, you’ll have no legal recourse to getting your money back.

Summary: Stay away

Moneta Method claims that it’ll make you a sustainable income, but the program is nothing more than a scam designed to have you lose at least $250 of your own money. This program is nothing more than another binary options trading scam, plain and simple.

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