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  • Lina T.
    Lina T.

    After signing up some dude called me up from London to make a deposit of $250 I hanged up right there. Complete scam stay clear from them

  • Al G
    Al G

    I honestly tried MyCashBot app for a continuous 2 weeks and I have actually lost money. This is a crappy software that works very slow,in 2 week it only made 10 trades. Win 4 and 6 losses.
    Everyone should stay away from this gimmick!!

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    Cashbot is a fraud. The website vanished after I signed in and deposited $ 250. to my account. Do not deal with these people

  • Anon

    suppose to be free but when clicking on it wants your card details which I didn’t fall for it and glad I didn’t thort it was too good to be true a big con stay well clear of these con artists .

  • johnfowden

    This site and the chosen Broker are under serious investigation in Australia
    Avoid this offer

  • Diamond Esq
    Diamond Esq

    my cash bot Revew is vague he say it FREE which is a misused abused word by internet marketers, He claims he going make u a millionaire then contradict himself say he disclaimer does not promise you be rich or make money it depends on effort u put in following directions got deposit $250 get started then why say it was free yea to use the system but not get started profiting whenever they switch the script leaves me weary plus their is no real testimony reviews real proof income nor did he say the commission percentage or revenue u can earn in 31 days i just don’t trust this trade crap to many hands in the bucket and it is risky beware of MAN WHO DOES NOT KEEP HIS WORD SOLID PEACE

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