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Scam Alert: Is Your College or University a Diploma Mill?

Recently, a friend of mine who received her bachelor’s degree from Westwood College was shocked to discover that she did not qualify for the master’s degree program at a national university.

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The reason? Her bachelor’s degree was considered bogus because Westwood College is not regionally accredited. In fact, Westwood College is only nationally accredited.

Other Westwood alumni have also been surprised to discover that their degrees are considered useless by employers; as a result, some of these alumni have sued Westwood. In January of 2012, the Illinois State Attorney General also filed a lawsuit against Westwood, stating that the school’s (which is actually run by several corporations as a “DBA”) “many misrepresentations or false promises to Illinois students and prospective students constitute violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act”.

What is accreditation?

In order to be considered legitimate, post-secondary schools in the U.S. must be accredited by a government-recognized accreditation agency. The two big accreditation categories are national and regional. National accreditation is currently applied to non-traditional schools such as online or distance learning universities. Regional accreditation, meanwhile, has typically been applied to liberal arts schools that operate in a more traditional sense (e.g., use in-class instruction).

There are six regional accreditation agencies, with each agency covering a given geographic region in the U.S. You can check if your school of choice is accredited by one of these regional agencies by finding out where the school is located and then going to the specific regional agency that would be in charge of that school’s accreditation.

Overall, regional accreditation is much more valuable than national; also, a school that passes regional accreditation will typically have no trouble gaining national accreditation. The reverse is not true. Furthermore, so-called “diploma mill” schools fail to achieve either regional or both regional and national accreditation.

What is a diploma mill?

Westwood College, alongside other institutions such as the University of Northern Washington and Monticello University, is what is popularly termed a “diploma mill” or “degree mill.” According to the FTC, a diploma mill is defined as the following: “a company that offers ‘degrees’ or certificates for a flat fee, requires little course work, if any, and awards degrees based solely on life experience.”

Furthermore, “although many diploma mills claim to be ‘accredited,’ their accreditation is from a bogus, but official-sounding agency that they created.” This fits the bill for my own personal diploma mill of choice, Ashwood University (which actually operates out of Pakistan). I decided to check out Ashwood’s website one night and even chat with one of its customer service representatives. Here’s a synopsis of my chat:

Please wait for a Site Operator to respond!
Info : You are now Chatting with Angelo Parker.
Angelo Parker : How may I help you?
Halina: I’m looking at a degree in biology
Angelo Parker : Sure. How many years of working experience you have in the field?
Halina: I took some high school biology
Angelo Parker : I see.
Angelo Parker : So you want to study or you need a degree based on your experience?
Halina: what courses do you offer? I’m hoping to get a bachelor’s in biology so I can eventually start a Ph.D.
Angelo Parker : Well this is a life experience degree program. We award you the degree on the basis of your working experience and past qualifications. What we do is we take down your life experience and convert them into credit hours.
If these credit hours are equivalent to the credit hours that are required to complete your desired degree then you qualify and we award the degrees accordingly.
Angelo Parker : So there are no courses or classes with us
Halina: OK, but then is this legit for a Ph.D. program at a school like Northwestern?
Halina: I forgot to mention that I did work as a lab tech for a few years. But I don’t have a BS or BA in biology
Angelo Parker : I see. Well now you can get a degree with us in 15 days based on what you already know. The fee for bachelors will be $599
Halina: OK, but will this transfer to Northwestern University?
Angelo Parker : Yes it sure will.
Halina: Do you have any stats about transfer students and how well their degrees transfer to universities like NWU or University of Chicago?
Angelo Parker : Well as the documents are recognized and accredited. You will not be facing any problems getting it accepted
Halina: So, is Ashwood regionally accredited then?
Angelo Parker : Its nationally and internationally accredited
Halina: which national agency?
Angelo Parker : Its mentioned on the website
Angelo Parker : Please check the accreditation tab
Halina: Neither of those agencies are mentioned on Northwestern’s website as recognized. They are asking for regionally accredited agencies like the north central association.
Halina: You said the degree was recognized by Northwestern.
Info : Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

When I tried to reconnect with Angelo, my chat was terminated immediately. Was it something I said? In any case, if all I need is $599 to get a bachelor’s, why oh why did I spend 4+ years at a community college and then a state school? I really should’ve known better- and apparently my “life experience” bachelor’s degree does transfer to Northwestern University!

Not all schools are as blatantly deceptive as Ashwood University. Westwood is actually nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). In contrast, Ashwood is “accredited” by scam accreditation agencies such as the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) and the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC). These two agencies are not recognized by the U.S. DOE and may as well be imaginary.

Unfortunately Westwood, although nationally accredited, is not regionally accredited by any of the six national accreditation agencies recognized by the U.S. DOE. This means that most post-secondary and regionally accredited schools (e.g., Penn. State) will not recognize a degree from Westwood as legitimate. Furthermore, many employers will also not recognize a degree from a non-regionally accredited school as legitimate.

However, the fact that Westwood is at least nationally accredited means that its students do qualify for and receive federal student loans. This is because the U.S. government only requires that a post-secondary institution be accredited by one U.S. DOE-recognized accreditation agency in order to receive federal funds.

As a result, many Westwood students end up with $60,000+ in student loans by the time they receive their degrees, which is just perfect for the bottom line of a for-profit school like Westwood. Unfortunately for the students, their monetary investment in a Westwood diploma isn’t as worthwhile.

How can you avoid a diploma mill scam?

True institutions of higher learning used to be easy to spot- they were the “classic” brick-and-mortar-and-ivy schools portrayed in such movies as “Back to School”. Nowadays, many colleges and universities are completely online and operate out-of-state or even out-of-the-country. For all you know, these schools could be operating out of a P.O. box or someone’s basement.

However, even the physically present colleges and universities can be scams. After all, it’s not hard to rent a few rooms or even a building, slap a school logo on the doors and call sham classes into session. When a scammer is reaping tens of thousands of dollars per student, even paying several thousand dollars for a physical school is worthwhile in terms of return on investment.

Thus, if you are thinking about signing up with a relatively unknown college or university (i.e., no known alumni and recently founded), first check this school’s accreditation. Then, check the school’s reported accreditation agencies against those posted on the U.S. DOE website and see if they are federally recognized.

Finally, go to the respective regional accreditation agency, such as the North Central Association’s Higher Learning Commission, and input your school of interest. If your school doesn’t pop up, look elsewhere for your educational aspirations.

Beware of schools that claim that you can receive a degree for your life/work experience with little or no class time. A bachelor’s degree that takes just a few months to complete, classes where almost every student gets an “A”, and pressure by school advisors to receive as much financial aid as possible all hint at a diploma mill scam. In short, do your research and utilize your critical thinking skills for more than just class tests and quizzes.

Congratulations, Murphy!

On a happier note, my dog Murphy just received his acceptance letter from Ashwood University. I listed Murphy’s life experience in biology as working in a medical lab (he went to several veterinary appointments with me) and proctology (Murphy excels at butt-sniffing). Here is his congratulatory letter on his upcoming bachelor’s degree in biology:

Congratulations Murphy!
We are pleased to announce that based on your resume and your profile score calculated using the CPAAS® profile evaluation system, the evaluation committee at Ashwood University has finally approved you for Bachelor’s Degree.        You are among the 5% of candidates who qualified under the CPAAS® profile evaluation system.

CPAAS® is globally renowned and patented evaluation system that performs detailed analysis of your resume, online profile, past accomplishments, and professional and educational background through proprietary global libraries and databases.

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You can now pay the amount from the link provided below and get your Bachelor’s Degree within 30 days from today. Once you make the payment, you will also be able to access the Alumni Area of Ashwood University and get exclusive privileges and discounts.

Future Ashwood University baccalaureate

I always knew Murphy was smart.

31 thoughts on “Scam Alert: Is Your College or University a Diploma Mill?”

  1. Could anyone tell me please, whether California Port University online is fake or real? Now no one answering the tel 1-8443-5436 33 and 1-8443- 5436 66 or email or live chat offline

  2. Hi

    Is anyone received Master degree certificate from Paramount California university after attesting certificate from middle east embassies. Is anyone there to advise about it.

    • Hi.

      Can you let me know how you get on with that. Ive had a call tonight from a guy who said he was from the ministry of higher education in Abu Dhabi and something doesnt seem right. I would like to know how you got on as i feel there is something wrong with this university

  3. Hello,

    Paramount California University and Walden University – are these fake or real universities? Is ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities) a legit accreditation council of UK like HLC? I live in Dubai UAE and need to be sure about Paramount California University & Walden University.


    • I really want to know this information too about Paramount California… I’ve searched in many sites, some of them says that is true, with lots of “likes”, visits, members, etc. Others says that is a scam… I really don’t know

  4. Hello Hallina, how are you!

    Unfortunately fell in the coup, before Search right on the matter authorized to continue with a legizacao of the documentation. My luck is my card not spent and not accepted, without properly evaluate sent a first scanned page of my passport for this supposed University.
    I’m afraid that may want to threaten me, since all payments were cancelled. If I don’t answer more emails or not attentive more calls, you believe that they may want to harm me with my data from my passport?

    Please could you check for me this University?

    The name is Delward –

    O appreciate your help and time!


  5. Hi

    I would like to know if PCU (Paramount California University) is a fake or real university and if it’s locally accredited?

    Thank you

  6. Dear Halina,
    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your answer.
    They called me today and they said that, They are enlisted university by UNESCO & AAC.
    And they work in collaboration with California University having a physical campus…??

    If they work in collaboratiuon with California University, thus, I will ask them that the graduation must be delivered by California University :)

    Take care and Thanks again.

    • Hi Rosa,
      Thanks for your question. Check out Madison Hills’ accreditation- it’s not nationally accredited, and those international accreditation boards are not recognized in most academic circles. Take heed. Personally, I wouldn’t take the risk.

  7. Riverwood university,queensbay university,gibson university,pitssford university,brooklyn park university,galewood university,adamville university,kingslake university,Thompson university( many more) etc.. all are scams.They have fake accreditation agencies.just selling degrees.Look at their web sites,All web look alike.Same images are embeded.Same degree transcripts,same dean signatures.These chatting agents are just sales people.But say Dr.( Phd)Do you think a Phd holder will work as such an agent?

    All above universities have no physical location in the USA,Just using USA phone numbers.These 100% scams, sales and cheating.

    If you notice such a scam university,publish in the web.

  8. anybody had knowledge about Riverwood University ?.is it genuine or fake university.they will provide experience based degree.please suggest?.

  9. Hi,

    I would like to add that there a number of regionally accredited schools that will accept your bachelors degree towards an advanced. You just have to find them by doing a simple search on the internet. There is nothing wrong with getting an education from a school that is nationally accredited and recognized by the DOE.
    The regional schools need to keep their fees high! Do your research and good luck to you all.


  10. Anybody had an experience with “UNIVERSIDAD EMPRESARIAL DE COSTA RICA”.

    Looking at doing my BA Degree in Safety Management.

    Any response will be appreciated.

  11. If your looking for an online college look for colleges that are Distant Education and Training Counsel (DETC) accredited and are recognized by the US Department of Education (USDE) along with the Counsel for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). DETC accreditation is just as valid as regional accreditation. DETC is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and satisfies precisely same recognition standards as regional accreditors. DETC colleges are held up to the highest standards and for the most part you’ll be able to transfer credits to a traditional university. Your degree will hold its value, and credits, money, time will not go to waste. The North Central Association’s Higher Learning Commission isn’t really much. It isn’t is only seen by the US Department of Education (USDE) as a “gatekeeper agency”. What does that mean? Means that it is a self regulated accreditation and like i said really isn’t much and means very little. I would not go to an online college that isn’t DETC, CHEA and USDE accredited.

  12. Hi Jason! I did not find Ashley listed as accredited when using this site:
    On the Ashley website, the accreditations that are listed are with “councils” that I’ve never heard of and would probably not be recognized by the Dept. of Education:
    You could call or chat with them and just ask them if they could provide you with a list of some of the faculty members, an actual course catalog, etc…if they can’t, it’s usually a dead giveaway that they are a diploma mill. I hope this helps!

  13. yeah , it is fake , but you can just spend 2000 dollars on that and u get A BIG BS Degree ..

    THATS DAM COOL!! YEAH, THEN when they detect you, go and study like a nerd in a big dumb accredited university, :D

    what is your opinion

  14. Hello Muhammad,
    Wow, thank you for recording that interesting conversation with “Hector Goodman”. Here is an interesting coincidence: while chatting with Jason Matthews of McGraw University yesterday, he later on came on as Hector Goodman, claiming his computer had crashed and that’s why he was using another name. The plot thickens…and why is Hector calling you “dear”? In any case, here is part of my transcript from yesterday’s chat, just before Jason/Hector sent me seven emails containing course information from McGraw:

    Hector Goodman: are you there
    Hector Goodman: ?
    Halina: Hello?
    Hector Goodman: yes
    Hector Goodman: This is Jason Halina
    Hector Goodman: my computer crashed
    Hector Goodman: I see that you have completed the application
    Hector Goodman: but let me tell you this
    Hector Goodman: the fee that you see on the application
    Hector Goodman: is for the prior learning program
    Hector Goodman: online classes are expensive
    Halina: Actually, I have no prior learning.
    Halina: Also, I have not yet received my course syllabus.
    Hector Goodman: I know
    Hector Goodman: it will be with you in about an hour
    Hector Goodman: My system crashed and that is why I was unable to send you the email
    Halina: Ok
    Hector Goodman: As soon as my system starts working again
    Hector Goodman: I will do that right away

  15. Another chat:

    This is American Mideast university;

    Please wait for a Student Counselor to respond.

    You are now chatting with ‘Sam D Sharp’

    Sam D Sharp: Hi

    Sam D Sharp: how are you

    Muhammad: hi

    Muhammad: fine

    Sam D Sharp: good

    Sam D Sharp: how may I help you dear

    Muhammad: I talkd with one of the agent today

    Sam D Sharp: ok

    Muhammad: I am thinking for Phd

    Sam D Sharp: ok fine

    Sam D Sharp: I can help you in this case

    Muhammad: it is aready approved from theuniversity

    Sam D Sharp: May I know what is the major you are looking to have in your Phd ?

    Sam D Sharp: ok

    Muhammad: u can check through my email the response from the university and come back to me

    Muhammad: I am coming in 5 min

    Sam D Sharp: may I know your email address which you are registered with ?

    Muhammad: ok?

    Muhammad: I asked seveal questions as well

    Muhammad: please come with the answers as well

    Muhammad: I m coming in 5 min

    Sam D Sharp: ok

    Sam D Sharp: you can stay on chat

    Sam D Sharp: I can tell you now here

    Muhammad: yes tell me

    Muhammad: r u there?

    Muhammad: hello

    Sam D Sharp: yes

    Sam D Sharp: I am unable to find details by this email address

    Sam D Sharp: I need the email ID which you have used in the application

    Muhammad: it is the same

    Muhammad: any how I asked following questions

    Sam D Sharp: yes

    Muhammad: Is it accredited with HLC?

    Please wait while I transfer the chat to ‘Dr. Eddie Schneider’.

    You are now chatting with ‘Hector Goodman’

    Hector Goodman: let me show you the accreditations & memberships

    Muhammad: ok

    Hector Goodman: Quick Review

    Hector Goodman: please click and go through

    Hector Goodman: I am waiting

    Muhammad: I saw that but it did not answer my question

    Muhammad: Is it accredited by HLc?

    Hector Goodman: very well

    Hector Goodman: we are accredited by The Arab Accreditation Council

    Hector Goodman: however

    Muhammad: Is this Phd will be accepted in US as well

    Hector Goodman: we have 100% acceptability guaranteed dear

    Muhammad: I have to come to US on this degree

    Hector Goodman: very well

    Hector Goodman: you can apply

    Muhammad: Can you send me some templetes of the attested degree from diff departments

    Hector Goodman: and in any given case we will be calling you for the graduation ceremony in February next year

    Hector Goodman: yes

    Hector Goodman: if you want to use these documents in KSA

    Muhammad: Please send me on

    Hector Goodman: attestations from Saudi Authorities will be required

    Muhammad: I know that u can do that as well

    Muhammad: I have talked over phone with one of your agent in the morning

    Hector Goodman: very well

    Muhammad: r u sending right now?

    Hector Goodman: I can share it right here

    Muhammad: ok

    Hector Goodman: Sample’s

    Muhammad: It is just one degree

    Muhammad: I need the samples for the attested doc as well

    Muhammad: is it possible

    Hector Goodman: have a close look

    Hector Goodman: at teh bottom and top all relevant attestations are availble

    Hector Goodman: for teh whole GCC region dear

    Hector Goodman: the*

    Muhammad: yes I saw that but I was thinking may be an attested doc will also be there

    Hector Goodman: these are attestation sample’s dear

    Hector Goodman: as you know teh attestations are always done on the backside of your documents

    Muhammad: I got it now

    Muhammad: you will also issue the transcript?

    Hector Goodman: very well

    Hector Goodman: exactly

    Muhammad: how a transcript can be made without exam/?

    Hector Goodman: we will it will mention all relevant courses as per teh Major you choose

    Muhammad: how will you award marks?

    Hector Goodman: that process will be done by the evaluation comitee

    Hector Goodman: if you qualify than you GPA will be decided

    Hector Goodman: your*

    Hector Goodman: as per teh experience

    Muhammad: but I need to know it the criteria

    Muhammad: how you can judge a person from a cv?

    Hector Goodman: now as per that GPA we will generate the marks

    Muhammad: how you can judge a person from a cv?

    Hector Goodman: because the system we use to validate resume’s is best available system for evaluation

    Muhammad: it can be fake as well

    Muhammad: the cv

    Hector Goodman: I would encourage you to send a fake resume, and see the result :)

    Hector Goodman: dear we are using CPAAS system

    Muhammad: my concern that if u r not confirming from the employer how it will be verified?

    Hector Goodman: this system contains tax information from all world libraries

    Hector Goodman: let me explain

    Hector Goodman: if you are employed, you get your salary. and from your salary tax is always deducted.

    Hector Goodman: your employers hide your salaries but they have to submit the tax information

    Muhammad: Have u done any evaluation from Saudi Arabia?

    Hector Goodman: alot

    Muhammad: how can u do this as we do not pay any tax in the kingdom

    Hector Goodman: Saudi Aramco is one of the biggest groups

    Muhammad: may be its a good piece of information for u

    Hector Goodman: in which many graduates from us are employed

    Muhammad: how can u do this as we do not pay any tax in the kingdom

    Muhammad: what is the taceability in this situation?

    Hector Goodman: as per the law there

    Hector Goodman: there is no interest

    Hector Goodman: but taxes are there

    Muhammad: what type of tax my friend?

    Chat session has ended.

    You are not currently in a chat session.

  16. Thank you, T, for your insightful comment. You inspired me to look up McGraw University and start chatting with Jason Matthews myself (yes, I got the same agent!). In this chat session, I decided to find out exactly who are the part-time and full-time faculty at this “university” and who will grade my tests when I start studying for a BS degree in mechanical engineering. I even talked to this guy on the phone (he called from King of Prussia, PA at (484) 687-5009) because he wanted to be more “clear” about the coursework. At this point in time, I am awaiting about seven emails from Jason that will describe in detail all the courses I need to take for my degree. Please stay tuned…

  17. Hi,
    Your site was helpful to me in looking at an online school. I decided to follow your example and ask tons of questions. Here is my convo with someone from McGrwaw University. As you can see, when I asked very direct questions, “Jason Matthews” either didn’t respond at all or was very vague in his responses, until he stopped responding all together.
    Thanks again for your helpful site!

    You are now chatting with ‘Jason Matthews’
    Jason Matthews: Hello there
    Jason Matthews: How are you today
    Jason Matthews: ?
    T: I’m well, thank you.
    Jason Matthews: Great
    Jason Matthews: How may I assist you todayu
    Jason Matthews: today*
    Jason Matthews: >
    Jason Matthews: ?
    T: About how long does it take to go from a partially completed Associates degree to a Bachelors with McGraw?
    Jason Matthews: 15 business days
    Jason Matthews: let me explain how the process works
    T: No classes to attend?
    Jason Matthews: What we do is we take down your life experience, that is your working experience and your past educational qualification, convert them into credit hours, if these credit hours are equivalent to the credit hours that are require to complete your desired degree then you qualify and we award the degrees accordingly, Once you are successfully evaluated we start with the registration process registering you and your documents with the university and the Accreditation bodies and after that we make sure that the documents are shipped out to you in the next 15 working days.
    Jason Matthews: No classes
    Jason Matthews: OK?
    T: So, how do I learn? When you take classes you are learning material.
    Jason Matthews: wel
    Jason Matthews: well*
    Jason Matthews: We do offer online classes as well
    Jason Matthews: but the fee is higher than the prior learning program
    T: What is the fee?
    Jason Matthews: For Life experience program… $499
    Jason Matthews: For online classes… $2999
    T: How many classes does the $2999 cover?
    Jason Matthews: 24 courses for the bachelor’s degree
    T: What is the degree level of your profesors?
    T: *professors
    Jason Matthews: Master’s minimum
    Jason Matthews: and all the classes and study material will be provided to you online
    T: When work & life experiences are submitted, how are they verified and applied towards a degree?
    Jason Matthews: We do a soft background check on your information
    T: What is that?
    Jason Matthews: is it possible to speak on the phone
    Jason Matthews: ?
    Jason Matthews: we verify your information through the online portal that we have for the verification
    T: Sorry, I can’t talk right now, this helps, though.
    Jason Matthews: ok
    Jason Matthews: any other question that you might have
    Jason Matthews: ?
    T: Can you be more specific on the verification? It seems too good to be true that you could verify my work/life experience in 15 days.
    Jason Matthews: See…
    Jason Matthews: we have a program called.. CPAAS
    Jason Matthews: through which we verify your details
    Jason Matthews: We enter your details.. and all your registered working experience comes on
    T: Comes on what?
    T: I’m confused. Thanks for being patient.
    Jason Matthews: comes on the computer screen
    Jason Matthews: and that is how we verify your information
    Jason Matthews: We don’t call the employers to verify your details
    T: Oh ok.
    T: Well if I can worked in a counseling office for 15 years, talking with people and helping the Counselor, I would submit that information to you and you would put it in the CPAAS?
    T: Would that be enough to get a Bachelor’s, or even a Master’s degree from McGraw?
    Jason Matthews: yes
    Jason Matthews: if you have 10 or more years of experience
    Jason Matthews: you can go for a combination of bachelor’s and master’s
    T: Wow! That’s cool! No classes?
    Jason Matthews: no
    T: Would I be able to get licensed to counsel?
    Jason Matthews: You can apply for that too
    T: Apply to McGraw for licensing?
    Jason Matthews: No
    Jason Matthews: to the license board
    Jason Matthews: You need to sit in the board exam for the test
    Jason Matthews: but for that
    Jason Matthews: you need a degree
    T: Oh I see. Will a license board recognize and accept this degree?
    Jason Matthews: yes
    T: I am assuming a licensing board would verify the accreditation of McGraw. Would they be satisfied?
    Jason Matthews: yes
    T: What is the accreditation for McGraw?
    Jason Matthews: Universal Accreditation Committee (UAC)
    T: Is this recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S. Department of Education?
    Jason Matthews: We are not registered with the US State Department
    Jason Matthews: as we are an online university
    Jason Matthews: we cater students from around the globe
    Jason Matthews: that is why we are internationally accredited
    T: Oh ok. I know alot of boards and other universities, and many employers won’t accept degrees from schools not registered with the US Dept of Education.
    Jason Matthews: well.. we are accepted
    Jason Matthews: See..
    Jason Matthews: You are not the only student that we have and certainly not the last one
    Jason Matthews: we have catered more than 80000 graduates
    Jason Matthews: since 1991
    T: Oh, I was not assuming I am, or would be, your only student.
    Jason Matthews: :)
    T: I am concerned that I would spend a lot of money and then have a diploma that wasn’t recognized by the very Boards I would be applying for licensing through.
    Jason Matthews: We offer 100% money back guarantee in kind of any acceptance issue
    Jason Matthews: in case*
    T: IF that were to happen, how would I go about doing that?
    Jason Matthews: ok.. you can join me on chat
    Jason Matthews: you can call me
    Jason Matthews: or email me
    Jason Matthews: and we will do that for you
    T: You can handle a refund like that? I wouldn’t need to send in information or file a report or anything?
    Jason Matthews: Not at all
    T: Wow. This all seems too good to be true.
    Jason Matthews: it is
    T: So it’s not really true?
    Jason Matthews: It is true
    T: Where is McGraw located? If I wanted to visit the campus or offices.
    Jason Matthews: Port Clinton, Oh
    T: What is their address?
    Jason Matthews: Its an online university
    Jason Matthews: we do not have a physical campus
    T: Then to answer my own question about visiting offices or campus, the answer would be that I cannot?
    Jason Matthews: you can not
    T: So I can’t actually meet any professors or staff?
    Jason Matthews: No
    T: Thanks for your patience with all my questions. Where are you located? This site that answers questions? In the US or international?
    T: Hello?
    Jason Matthews: I told you
    T: But if you’re online you could be anywhere. Is the school just registered in Ohio but operating virtually?
    Jason Matthews: Its not
    T: You said the school is in Port Clinton, OH. But it’s not really there? Again, confusing.
    Jason Matthews: it is there
    T: But you said there is no physical address. And you said it is not registered there. So, how is it there?
    Jason Matthews: The admin office…or you can say the head office is there
    T: What is their address?
    T: hello?
    Jason Matthews: we do not have a physical address
    T: Then where is the admin/head office?
    Jason Matthews: Port Clinton Ohio
    T: How are they there if they have no address?
    T: Ok, I have learned from this conversation that you won’t respond to questions that are direct.
    T: Thereby confirming my hesitations about registering for classes there.


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