There are a couple of things in the world that everybody knows. The first is that traders are rich, the second is that the Swiss are rich. Therefore, when you find a trading product with a Swiss element to it, you can be sure to expect to get rich off it.

Is this the real deal though? Have you finally found the clues to getting wealthy overnight? Or does this program have more holes in it than your local deli-bought Swiss cheese?

Read on to find out. I’ll give you a hint though. You’d be better off with the cheese.

While I respect this program a little bit for using YouTube to host their video, thus allowing me to skip through it without having to listen to all the sales hype, that’s about as far it goes. At the end of the day, this is the exact same product I’ve seen time and time again while reviewing Binary Options programs here at IveTriedThat.

I admire these guys for finding new and inventive ways of getting your money. If they worked this hard at a real busienss, maybe they wouldn’t need to keep launching over and over and over again.

Anyway, I digress…

What Is Swiss Binary Robot?

So here it is, the secret that the Swiss and other insider traders use to get rich. They have an unfair advantage, and you could have it too.

That’s the basic premise behind Swiss Binary Robot. A piece of software that “automatically searches for the most profitable trades”.

You’ll have to sit through the video to find out more, but essentially it’s just really good technology. It spots patterns, knows which trades will be profitable, and automatically places them for you. All you do is install it, add funds to your account, and off it goes.

Now the real problem with this is, it’s all complete and utter BS.

Why Is It Complete And Utter BS?

I’m glad you asked! This is the part of my job I enjoy the most. The big reveal! Ta da!

I’ll keep it simple. How can something know in advance which trades are going to be profitable? It can’t. If it were that simple we would all be able to do it. The markets are volatile, they move up and down every second (known as a ‘tick’). Binary Options are essentially a coin toss where you say if the next few ticks will go up or down.

There’s no software that can accurately predict which way a trade will move over such a short distance, and if there was, it would be the most valuable software in the world. Some muppet on the Internet isn’t going to give it to you for free.

People would literally kill for it. Think about it.

Normally this is the part where I would tell you how the claims in the video are lies. I’d prove to you how easy it is to photoshop income screenshots, and I’d pick out all the flaws in the video, but honestly, I’ve done it all so many times before I think it’s not necessary now. Just read any of the other Binary Options reviews here.

If you can believe that someone can create a software to predict the stock market, you can believe that somebody can fake earnings right? Good.

So Assuming This Software Can’t Really Work…What’s The Point? It’s All Free Right?

Well yes it is and no it isn’t. The “Software” (which isn’t really software) is free yes. It’s designed to get you to open an account with a Binary Options broker. Once you’ve done that, you need to deposit funds in order to get the trades started right?

Well that’s exactly how the guys who created Swiss Binary Robot get their money. You deposit funds, the broker gives them a HUGE commission.

See below:


This was taken from the affiliate page for this very program. There are a few things worth noting:

1.) The emphasis is on the fact you register for a free trading software (nothing about how well it works).

2.) Look how much effort they go to tell their affiliates this is non-refundable. They don’t say “It works and no-one asks for a refund”. Nope. They say “It’s non-refundable”.

3.) The fact the cash you deposit into your brokerage account is NON-REFUNDABLE should set off massive warning alarms to you.

On the entire affiliate pages there’s nothing about how well the product works, only about how well it converts people like you and me into cash for them.

So DOES It Work?

Well, it works to the extent that it helps place automatic trades for you, but they are purely 50-50 chances. You may very well win the odd trade, and you may very well lose.

The brokerage firm never let you withdraw your winnings or initial deposit until you’ve made a certain number of trades (it’s different each time). The trades you win pay out about 70%, and the trades you lose only return you 10%. That means that on a long enough timeframe (which they set), even if you win 60% of your trades your money will still slowly vanish.

It’s a lose-lose situation, except for the creators of Swiss Binary Robot, who are already spending your money and working on their next version of the software. It will probably be called “Software Can Always Make Money Everywhere Really” or something. They can call it S.C.A.M.M.E.R for short.

You shouldn’t need me to tell you this by now, but just in case you haven’t quite caught on. This program will just make you lose your money. Stay away.

How Does Swiss Binary Robot Compare?

Binary Options trading programs all come down to essentially one thing: You’re betting your hard earned money on a coin flip. Successful businesses are not built this way! You can’t expect to make money this way.

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing ways to make money from home since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Swiss Binary Robot compares…

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  • Tinyiko

    I funded my swiss binary robot (SBR) with $250 and activeted the SBR on the 21 Decemberr 2014. My results as on the 24th December 2014 are 8 trades; 3 wins and 5 losses; balance $171. I am so disappointed considering that i lost money instead of gaining. SBR marketing videos are misleading. I just wish Options FM should also disassociate themselves from SBR.

  • Tinyiko

    I am from South Africa. After 3 days with my swiss binary robot, my stats are 3 wins, 5 losses. These stats are no where near what their promo videos are saying. I am highly disappointed.

  • tintiko

    i funded ($250.00) and activated my swiss binary bot on the 21 december 2014, it does not deliver anything close to what they. today is the 24th december 2014 and below are the results, it only did five trades since activated( i never deactivated the system)
    after three weekdays the disappointing results are

    asset Position Amount Entry Rate Closing Rate Payout Date Status
    USD/CHF Call £ 25 0.98702 0.98698 £0 14:00 23/12/14 Lost
    AUD/CHF Call £ 25 0.80116 0.80118 £42.5 14:00 23/12/14 Won
    EUR/CHF Call £ 25 1.2031 1.20343 £43.25 20:00 22/12/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Call £ 25 0.80167 0.80088 £0 8:00 22/12/14 Lost
    EUR/JPY Put £ 25 146.128 146.09 £43 23:00 21/12/14 Won

  • Murhan

    that software only wanna stolen my money..
    from $250 to $45

    where is the guarantee like they said ??? nothing…
    i saw the result in my account was differences in that web…
    this is LIER….

  • Workshy

    I have tried this and what a pile of dung. Highly polished dung, but dung none the less. The hook on the home screen of all the ‘winning trades’ bears zero reality to what the system actually trades. Whist the results on the web page displays 80%ish winners after 31 trades I did 15 wins and there 1 tie. My results are below you’ll notice no resemblance to the results they display.

    The words “avoid” and “plague” spring to mind.

    USD/CHF Call £ 25 0.95961 0.95881 £0 11:00 20/11/14 Lost
    USD/CHF Put £ 25 0.95756 0.9584 £0 12:00 19/11/14 Lost
    USD/CHF Put £ 25 0.96179 0.96155 £45.5 9:00 18/11/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Put £ 25 0.83926 0.83958 £0 8:30 18/11/14 Lost
    USD/CHF Put £ 25 0.95859 0.95868 £0 8:00 17/11/14 Lost
    USD/CHF Put £ 25 0.96476 0.96444 £45.5 9:00 13/11/14 Won
    CHF/JPY Call £ 25 119.837 119.91 £43 7:30 13/11/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Call £ 25 0.83968 0.83988 £44.25 9:30 12/11/14 Won
    USD/CHF Put £ 25 0.96394 0.96444 £0 7:00 12/11/14 Lost
    USD/CHF Call £ 25 0.96917 0.9689 £0 11:00 11/11/14 Lost
    CHF/JPY Call £ 25 118.632 118.636 £43 9:30 07/11/14 Won
    USD/CHF Call £ 25 0.97186 0.97226 £45.5 8:00 07/11/14 Won
    CHF/JPY Put £ 25 118.967 118.988 £0 8:30 06/11/14 Lost
    USD/CHF Call £ 25 0.96185 0.9618 £0 8:00 05/11/14 Lost
    USD/CHF Put £ 25 0.96373 0.96335 £45.5 10:00 04/11/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Put £ 25 0.8402 0.83968 £44.25 14:30 03/11/14 Won
    USD/CHF Put £ 25 0.94616 0.94708 £0 12:00 29/10/14 Lost
    AUD/CHF Call £ 25 0.84122 0.84052 £0 10:30 29/10/14 Lost
    CHF/JPY Call £ 25 113.668 113.707 £43 10:30 28/10/14 Won
    USD/CHF Put £ 30 0.95102 0.95181 £0 11:00 27/10/14 Lost
    AUD/CHF Put £ 30 0.83593 0.83618 £0 9:00 27/10/14 Lost
    AUD/CHF Call £ 30 0.83842 0.83856 £53.1 14:00 24/10/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Call £ 30 0.83614 0.83612 £0 15:00 23/10/14 Lost
    CHF/JPY Call £ 30 112.839 112.839 £30 11:30 23/10/14 Tie
    AUD/CHF Call £ 30 0.83495 0.83524 £53.1 11:00 22/10/14 Won
    CHF/JPY Call £ 30 113.313 113.295 £0 8:30 20/10/14 Lost
    CHF/JPY Call £ 25 112.957 113.026 £43 12:30 17/10/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Put £ 25 0.82472 0.82468 £44.25 11:00 16/10/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Call £ 25 0.83396 0.83438 £44.25 7:00 15/10/14 Won
    USD/CHF Call £ 25 0.94702 0.95135 £45.5 20:00 26/09/14 Won
    AUD/CHF Put £ 25 0.8327 0.83418 £0 19:30 26/09/14 Lost

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