Top Survey Companies

Instead of giving complete reviews on survey companies, we’ll list the ones we like the most and give quick little blurbs about the company. If it’s on the list, we approve of it.

1. Survey Savvy
SurveySavvy has been my personal favorite survey site for a little over a year now. I’ve been invited to a number of web surveys and have even participated in a few real life studies. They pay handsomely and always on time. Be sure to keep your member profiled updated and refer your friends as well to earn extra cash on the side.
>> Click here to sign up with Survey Savvy.

2. The LightSpeed Panel
The LightSpeed Panel comes in a close second only due to the fact that you have to convert points into cash first instead of directly cashing out money. Aside from that, they have an excellent reputation and their survey frequency is unmatched. Be prepared to spend a lot of time selecting little radio boxes, but don’t worry either. That’s a good thing.
>> Click here to sign up with the LightSpeed Panel.

3. Greenfield Online
I’ve just recently joined Greenfield Online and I can safely say, I’m impressed. There are never a shortage of surveys and most of them are quick and painless. They have an excellent support staff and everything is easy to understand. I highly recommend trying this program out.
>> Click here to sign up with Greenfield Online.

15 thoughts on “Top Survey Companies”

  1. I have been a member of my points since 2004 and have received numerous gift cards over that time frame. They are awesome!!!

  2. ive been doing surveys for a couple months now, and ive seen the payments increase slow as the companies build confidence in me. But the biggest ive gotton so far is for 5 and i only got one, will i ever get 20 a survey? I am sighned up with at least 40-50 of the top sights. Any info would be helpful, thanks

  3. I have gotten some very nice gift cards worth up to $50 from MyPoints. They have paid e-mails that net you 5 points per click. Unlike Inbox Dollars and SendEarnings and SnapDollars that require you to click twice (once on the email and once on the subsequent screen), with MyPoints you only click once, so it’s half the work! They also have lots of surveys, that hook you into to OTX and Greenfield mainly. My favorite thing about doing Surveys with MyPoints is that you get a “booby prize” or 10 points if you flunk the screening survey. You get 50 points if you complete the whole survey. I always choose to do a survey with MyPoints before doing Lightspeed or the others that only pay for completed surveys. Nothing steams me more than wasting 10 minutes or more on screening questions and ending up empty handed. You never go away empty handed at MyPoints. I also am a lot less tempted to bend the truth to keep from being disqualified in the screener, because I know I’ll still get paid. If others are like me, I think MyPoints is probably getting more honest answers to survey questions.

  4. I second the motion on Inbox Dollars and SendEarnings. I have gotten paid from both sites. Part of my daily routine is to log onto my Yahoo mail account that I have registered with Inbox Dollars and SendEarnings and click through paid e-mails while I watch TV. It adds up eventually.
    I also have done some surveys, although they usually only pay 50 cents. Signing up for newsletters is faster and just as lucrative.
    I am a gold member of Inbox Dollars. This is essentially like buying a share of stock in the company. It cost $20 of my earnings. I did this a year ago and will porbably break even in another six months. Not worth it.
    I have also done shopping with credit from Inbox dollars –this pays out as expected. I also sometimes play online games like Bejeweled through SendEarnings. It doesn’t pay, but neither does it cost. I think they expect you get addicted and start gambling on your score. That’s how they make money on it. If you don’t have an addictive personality and aren’t a gambler, there is no cost.
    I also belong to a third paid e-mail service, SnapDollars. They send out 2 emails a day and at 2 to 3 cents a click I haven’t gotten up to the minimum payout level of $30 yet after more than a year. Someday I’ll get there and as long as I am clicking through Inbox Dollars and SendEarnings emails while watching TV I’ll keep doing SnapDollars too.

  5. Hi Steve and Joe,

    I am a member of Inbox Dollars and SendEarnings. The sites look almost identical to each other, have the same payout minimum of $30, and the same Web layout. I have been on these sites for the last 4 years or so, and have received small payouts from them periodically. In fact, yesterday I received a payout from Send Earnings for the amount of $27.63 (the payout processing fee is $3). I also just cashed out from Inbox Dollars for another $27 check. I get these checks about once every 9 months from either site.

    What are these sites about? Basically, you get paid two cents when you click on the SendEarnings/Inbox Dollars e-mail and go to the ad site advertised. If you fill out the survey presented or sign up for the product offer, you can make a lot more money. For example, I was directed to Netflix a few weeks ago. SendEarnings offered me $15 to sign up, which isn’t bad considering that you get a free two week trail from Netflix, with memberships running $8/month. It’s like you get two months of free Netflix! So I signed up, got my credit from Send Earnings about a week later, and have been watching movies ever since. Oh, and that extra $15 allowed me to cash out too.

    You need at least $30 to cash out of SendEarnings/Inbox Dollars. The payout processing fee is an additional $3, which is just taken from your payout. And the payout waiting time can be a bit long: for my last payout, submitted on December 3rd, I did not receive my money until just yesterday (February!). Oddly enough, Inbox Dollars is telling me that my payout for my money owed from them will occur on February 11th (which means I could have my check by Valentine’s Day!).

    Your payout comes as a physical check by regular USPS mail. If you’re not careful, you may accidentally throw it out; the envelope never declares that it’s from the aforementioned companies. But, the check inside is good.

    When I was unemployed, I’d regularly sign up for offers, get the free trail rolling, then cancel the membership or send the product back. It was a lot of work, but I’d earn a good chunk of money in the process. And even if I did nothing but open and read the e-mails, I still earned two cents per e-mail.

    SendEarnings and Inbox Dollars are a bit tedious, but they do pay.

  6. Hello everyone!..I am reading all the postings regarding Surveys, and have checked some websites mentioned here but what I see if that the majority of them offer Points or Rewards and you make points by refering others to the site.
    I am a retired ex-business person looking to make some extra cash to complement my retirement check.
    Is there any serious Surveys site paying “real money”, and if so, how do you get paid ?
    Your replies will be greatly appreciated !

  7. Most of the surveys sites that I got on were not good sites and they were just a waste of time, first they make you think that you will earn points or get cash then once you answer all of there questions they tell you that you dont qualify but you have already take a survey so the sites that are really good ones are Inbox dollars,Opinion Outpost. My points and this one does pay you the very next day and you dont have to wait weeks before you get a check how about this one Pinecone research and there surveys are very short and well worth your time.

  8. I am 50 yrs old!! I want to start a business and make some income-Legally!!!! I wanto know about surveys, justthe ones with money and your telecommunications. How do I get paid do I get a check ordirect deposit!!!!

  9. I would also like to recommend the survey sites, ipsos, and synovate. They seem to be legitimate. I am waiting for checks from opinionoutpost and synovate. Wish me luck everyone!

  10. i have a number of survey sites that work great for me. mindfield online is a great one as is surveyspot. i also like zoompanel. if you are a business owner, socratic forum pays very well.

  11. I’d also like to add that another decent survey site you may want to consider is ‘Global Test Market’.

    I receive about 1 survey opportunity every 2-3 days and it pays about $2.50 each.

    Thanks I enjoy your site.

  12. Hi Joe and Steve,

    FYI and everyone else.

    1. SurveySavvy accepts international participants from most countries.

    2. GreenField accepts participants living in the US only.

    3. LightSpeed accepts participants from developed nations only – US, Canada, Europe and Australia.



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