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  • Jim

    Stay away from options trading unless you are a professional! I had a similar situation as noted above. I had an “account manager” at Amber Options keep asking me to deposit more funds to increase my odds, then he decided to blow my account on one trade to try to prove a point – even after I told him I did NOT want to do it and that I wanted to withdraw my funds! After many times of contacting them, I STILL have not heard back from them. STAY AWAY FROM OPTIONS UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL! That my advice!

  • Dan

    Total SCAM.The video is full of lies and deception. These people responsible should be put in jail for their scamming ways.

  • F. Medrano
    F. Medrano

    this is a scam, I deposited US$ 250.00 to start the trading following all their advises in what and when to trade, well I lost it all.
    now they are asking me to fund the account again.

  • Wolfgang Büttner
    Wolfgang Büttner

    another proof is that verified Profit is a scam is when I checked out the recent trades they made the figures where completly differnt from the actual trades! thanks for warning us!

  • Martin

    Hi, have anybody had a return of the initial funds as I thought you were directed to an actual broker?
    Has anybody heard or Certified Profits and Titan Trade which is one that I have just hooked up with please say yes and thats its a good one

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