Quick Summary of World Wide Domination

Rating: 1 A worldwide scam!

The Good: None, it's a scam.

The Bad: It provides no proof. What evidence it does provide is either ambiguous or blatantly fake. It promotes a know high risk method of trading akin to gambling as a "guaranteed" way to make money.

The Bottom Line: This "system" is built on lies and offers only a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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World Wide Domination Review

If you are interested in making money online, then I’m pretty sure you will have come across Binary Options by now. Most people end up handing over their email address to some unscrupulous marketer who sells it on and the next thing you know you have Binary Options spam in your inbox.

A lot of people are tempted into trying these systems, as they offer up the hype of large amounts of money, quickly with no experience.

Sadly, it is always just hype and nothing tangible.

Let’s look at an example Binary Options system that will perhaps explain why you should be avoiding all of them (because at the end of the day they are all the same).

What are Binary Options?

In case you’re not clear on Binary Options, let me provide a crash course in Binary Options.

Binary Options are a legal type of trading method. Where with most trading methods you purchase a stock or commodity, and over time you hope that the price of the stock/commodity will rise, Binary Options is different.

You don’t purchase anything, and the time periods are much shorter.

What happens is that you choose a stock/commodity and a time period (normally 1 minute or 5 minutes) and set an amount to “invest”. You then pick whether the stock price will increase or decrease from the starting value by the end of the time period.

If you are correct, you get your investment back, along with a little extra, of course minus broker fees.

If you chose incorrectly you lose your investment.

This might sound similar to gambling, and it really is, so much so the FTC enforces that all related websites and so forth must have a high risk disclaimer warning attached to them.

Examining World Wide Domination

We’re not really looking to take over the world, but World Wide Domination is the name of the Binary Options system we will look at.

The sales page says a lot about the legitimacy of this system. It consists of a 7 minute video which supposedly explains how you can make $685 per day.

To be fair, this earning potential is very subdued compared to other systems, as they often state they can make you thousands, tens of thousands or more per day…

The video starts with a brief explanation on the recent Greek financial crises, and states that people have made money out of this crisis.

The people supposedly behind the system, Ben Wetkins and John Miles (both with stock photography photos), state they made this system which scours the globe looking for ways to make you money.

Of course it does this without you needing to do anything.

Listen, if something says that you can do nothing, and earn a full time wage then it’s a scam, simple as that.

Allegedly the software uses algorithms and scans 50 financial websites to find the best trades. Nothing is really explained here, it’s all mumbo jumbo designed to sound professional while really meaning absolutely nothing.

While the video includes two video testimonials, neither are proof of anything and look suspiciously like paid for testimonials (sadly I cannot prove it, but after reviewing hundreds of Binary Options scams, you get a nose for these things).

Overall the video provides a lot of fluff and noise, but no evidence or proof that this system is real let alone profitable.

The Rest of the Website

As mentioned, I have nothing concrete from the video to prove this system is an out and out scam, but the rest of the website has some interesting lies which, to me and hopefully to you, should confirm this is indeed a scam.

The first up is the “algorithm in action” sneak peek.

There is no action going on here. What you are seeing is a cleverly disguised lie. What looks like a video is in fact just an animated image background with some JavaScript code that out puts text with randomized elements.

World Wide Domination fake 1

This algorithm isn’t real. It’s not the algorithm; I doubt there even is an algorithm!

The live trade data is another lie. This data even says in its code that it is mirrored (copied) from another site! As such this live trade data has absolutely zero to do with World Wide Domination. Examining the data and the code, it’s auto generated again by JavaScript. This means it’s never even seen a real trade.

World Wide Domination fake 2

Live trades? Nope, fake data.

Then there are the award and verified stamps. These images look professional and add a sense of legitimacy to the site, until you look closely and realize they are stock images that cannot be linked to any award, verification site, or anything. Just more smoke and mirrors designed to lull you into a sense of false security.

Finally you have the recent trades and events section, which is yet more falsified garbage.

The Members’ Area

After signing up to the systems members’ area, you will be requested to deposit money into the broker.

This is the sole purpose of the videos, the website, all the effort to lie to you to convince you to sign up and deposit money.

Once you do, the person behind the system makes a commission. He makes such a hefty commission from the Binary Options brokers, that he is willing to give other people $250 for introducing you to this system (so long as you make that deposit!).

The lies continue even on this page, with the Our Latest Winners section being dynamically generated by code: no real people, just names plucked from a list and given a random commodity and “win” amount.

The Bottom Line

While not everything in World Wide Domination can be proven as fake, there is way too much funny business going on to not mark this one as a “don’t buy.”

I have yet to come across a Binary Options trading system that hasn’t been a scam, and I have to report that World Wide Domination has not bucked that trend.

If you want my advice, steer clear of World Wide Domination and all the other Binary Options systems out there and find yourself a reliable and trustworthy way of making money online.

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