They say the first million is the hardest. Well, it is. What THIS program says though, is that your first million will be pretty easy, and the millions after that will be even easier. Technically then, they’re still correct.

This article is going to look at the Your First Million program and review it for you, so that you can find out if it really is going to be easy to become a millionaire.

What Is Your First Million?

It actually takes us a few minutes of watching the sales spiel before we hear anything about the product itself. In fact, we hear a lot more about what it’s NOT first, so let’s start there.

It’s not anything to do with Internet Marketing or even websites at all. It’s not anything to do with penny stocks or Forex either. In fact, as the man on the video tells us, it’s not a fluke, get rich quick internet scam.

Well, at least it’s not a fluke anyway. As for the internet scam, the jury is still out.

After we are told how much this is a secret, how lucky we are to find it, and how much it is going to make us our first million (we’re told this over and over again), we finally learn a little bit more about what IT is.

It’s “trading the stock market like it’s never been done before”. This usually means that we’re going to be introduced to a trading robot or piece of software.

How Does It Work?

Binary Options, the trading method that Your First Million uses, are short “bets” placed on a particular trade, usually a currency. Let’s say you think that over the next 20-30 seconds, the USD/GBP currency pairing is going to increase in price. You place an appropriate bet, and if you win, you win the money. If you lose, you lose it.

It’s essentially a coin toss.

Simple so far.

What Binary Options software programs claim to do is automate this process, and get it right over and over again. How do they do this? Well no-one really knows, because they’re always just shady programs that don’t really work.

In the case of Your First Million, we aren’t told how it works.

All we are told is that it has an “autopilot” setting so that we can let it work away in the background, and us millions.

Seriously? Wow.

What’s more, is that we don’t need any setup time. There’s no experience needed, no expensive start up fees (well..), and no learning curve.

Oh and did I mention it’s free?

If you’ve ever looked for a one-click-autopilot machine to make you millions, this is what Your first Million is claiming to be.

Don’t go and sign up just yet though..

I only said it was claiming to do this, I never said it really would.

So Does It Really Work?

Of course it doesn’t!

This is just one in an endless stream of Binary Options robot programs designed to get your money.

Yes, they say it’s free, but they also mention you have to deposit $250 into your trading account to get started right? That’s how they get you.

You’ll never be able to withdraw that money (they sometimes let you withdraw a little bit initially, until you’ve lost the rest), and the automated program won’t work. You may win one or two lucky bets, but you can kiss your $250 behind.

Once you’ve deposited it into the brokerage account, the people/person behind Your First Million receives a big commission from the broker, and passes some of that commission onto their own affiliates.


Everybody involved makes money, except you.

So yeah, you would have signed up for free, but you wouldn’t have exactly turned $250 into $1,000,000 in 7 weeks, would you?

Still think they want people to keep it a secret? They’re giving away $10,000 to whoever promotes it the best!

Learning To Spot The Scams

Internet scams are increasingly prevalent, but they’re also increasingly easy to spot, since they all use the same formula. If you’re watching a similar video in future, pay attention to the following:

  • You’ll be “sold” before you’re even told what it is. Flashy dollar signs, earnings screenshots, fake bank accounts will be shown all over the place.
  • You’ll see a few low budget video testimonials from bad actors.
  • You’ll hear monetary amounts repeated over and over again (how many times did you hear “Your First Million” in this video?)
  • They will be more concerned with telling you not to share the word than with telling you anything about the product.

These products are all churn and burn. They launch, they make thousands of dollars by ripping people off, they get exposed, they appear again later under a new name. This is why they all end up looking the same.


Need I write any more? This is just a simple “Get you to sign up and deposit cash” binary options trick. Stay away!

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