We’ve had several requests to review My Power Mall, so they must be doing something right because they’re generating quite a buzz. My Power Mall (MPM) is based on a very old and familiar formula: buy things from “yourself” so you get a piece of the action, then recruit others to do the same. Sound […]

Oh, what a surprise. The opportunity that landed in my email yesterday turns out to be an elaborate fake check scam. Richard Williams received the following response to his note yesterday: Hello! Thank you for your reply. We need more employees at this time in United States and other countries for part time job from […]

They say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For those of us who want to work from home for family, health or other reasons the available REAL jobs are few and far between. However, there’s plenty of scammers out there who will prey on your situation and take advantage of […]

Looking for a review of Surveylot.com? Two I’ve Tried That readers have reported receiving cashier’s checks from Surveylot.com, which means there are many more checks out there. This is a classic fake check scam. Don’t cash them! Your bank might tell you that it’s a real cashier’s check. Don’t believe them. Fake checks can bounce […]

I have not been as excited about a review since Entertainment books. I see so much online crap—so many programs and sites that will change your life! If you will only give me $50 and follow my program! It’s tiring, to tell you the truth. Steve has bags under his eyes that he sometimes trips […]

[Note: Surveylot.com is not the scammer here. Someone has simply made fake checks with the Surveylot.com information on them, so Surveylot.com is a victim, too.] I’ve Tried That reader Joanna shared her story in the comments section of a Surveylot.com post. SurveyLot.com is a complete scam. 2 weeks ago after my husband lost his job, […]