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About Steve, Joe, and I’ve Tried That

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Here’s everything you never wanted to know about your hosts and the creation of the site. I’ve Tried That I’ve Tried That is the collaborative project of Joe and Steve. They met late one night in a speakeasy on the dark side of town. Steve had been performing one of his many interpretive dances while […]

Where’s the beef?

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They say that controversy is good for traffic. People come from miles around to either throw stuff or watch other people throw stuff. That’s why I was hoping that a hard-hitting review of My Power Mall would stir up a good old-fashioned brawl here at I’ve Tried That. It was one of our highest traffic […]

Review of My Power Mall: Where’s the Power?

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We’ve had several requests to review My Power Mall, so they must be doing something right because they’re generating quite a buzz. My Power Mall (MPM) is based on a very old and familiar formula: buy things from “yourself” so you get a piece of the action, then recruit others to do the same. Sound […]

Top 5 Strangest Things Steve Has Ever Said To Me

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They say long-distance relationships are tough. And they are: I’ve never met Steve in real life. Don’t know what he looks like because he won’t cough up a real photo of himself. Never talked to him on the phone. He could be a Borg, for all I know. Can such a relationship last? Only time […]

Don’t cash in on the e-Lottery. You didn’t win anything.

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This is to announce your emerging as one our lucky winner of our last category winning held on the 16th of June 2007 with total amount of 630,000.00 GBP. (Six hundred and thirty thousand pounds) only. Payment processing and Funds Release Form: 1. NAME IN FULL:2. ADDRESS:3. AGE:4: SEX 5. OCCUPATION:6. PHONE/FAX: 7. COUNTRY OF […]

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