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Snoskred on Fake Check Scams and Scambaiting

They say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For those of us who want to work from home for family, health or other reasons the available REAL jobs are few and far between. However, there’s plenty of scammers out there who will prey on your situation and take advantage of you.

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Money Laundering

Any kind of job which requires you to

– receive checks and deposit them in your personal bank account.
– receive money orders and cash them
– receive goods
– receive funds into your bank account

and then to

– forward goods on to somebody else
– forward money on to somebody else
– send money via Western Union or Moneygram

is not any kind of legitimate job. It has to be some kind of scam. It is highly illegal. You have no idea where those funds have originated from.

It might be drug money. It could belong to terrorists. It could have been given to you by another scam victim in order to make it more difficult to trace where the money went. The goods may have been purchased with a stolen credit card. But you need money, so you might not think about it too deeply. Believe me, going ahead with a “job” like this this will end in tears.

An important note about checks

Checks can bounce up to a year to two years after you deposit them. The reason for this is because the scammer may have stolen the bank information of a legitimate company and the company may not realise funds have been disappearing until the accountant looks at their books—sometimes this happens only once a year.

If you do bank checks which are stolen or fake, you can be arrested and sent to jail. You will also be held responsible to pay the funds back to the bank. You will have no way of getting the money back from the scammers.

If you think your financial situation is bad now, wait until you’re having to pay money back to the bank for a job you thought was legitimate.

The Tellers Don’t Know

You might even ask the teller, “Has this check cleared?” And you would usually be told YES, absolutely it has, just like most check scam victims this has already happened to. If you ask a teller has this check cleared, you might as well ask your postman the same question. Do you want to place your entire financial future into the hands of that bank teller?

Tellers are generally not trained about clearance procedures. Some bank managers are even unaware that checks can bounce so much later. Until it happens to a customer of theirs, they don’t know about it.

Get It In Writing

Even if you said to your bank, “I want you to put it in writing that this check has cleared,” that will not protect you at all when the check bounces. Try asking them to put it in writing and you’ll find most of them will not agree to do it. I know a scam victim who did get a written letter from the bank manager. When the check bounced, he still had to pay the full amount back. The bank took NO responsibility for the situation.

You Are Unprotected

Credit card fraud used to be a major problem for the banks, but because they are held responsible for charges made on stolen credit cards they have put a lot of work and effort into solving the problem. They are doing absolutely nothing about check fraud because they do not have to pay. The person who banked the fraudulent or stolen check has to pay.

So How Do These Fake Check Scams Work?

I’ve baited a lot of these scammers—so many in fact that I have collected over 5 million dollars worth of fake checks, money orders and travellers checks from them. Here is an example of what the scammers say.

The Scammer Emails Me

Date: 15 June 2007
From: ES Oil and Gas Ltd (google results do not show a company with this name, and scam results)
Reply To: (note the email address)
Subject: Company Commission Agent Required (there is no such job, unless you are actually selling things)
(this section below is to make it look more legitimate but note the scammer has messed it up and given two street addresses)
From The Desk Of
Mr. Larry James
ES Oil and Gas Ltd
2711 Metrople Square
2 On Yiu Street
Hong Kong.
Tel/Fax: +852-301-71646. (googling the telephone number brings up 3 different names – larry james, carol harvey, george martin lee using this telephone number, all scams)

I am Mr.Dannie Wang (sorry, I thought you said you were Larry James?) of ES Oil and Gas Ltd. We are an OPEC members that deals on crude oil, raw materials and export to Canada, America, Europe and Asia. Our company is also into promotions and entertainments. We are looking for a reliable commission agent who can help us receive payments from customers that our company supplies Goods to in Canada, America, Europe and Asia as well as making Payments through you to us. Please if you are reliable and Interested in been a commission agent with our company we will be glad but you have to be an honest and a trustworthy person. Note that, as our commission agent, you will receive some percentage and motivations on whatever amount that is paid by our debtors through you to us. Be informed that THERE IS NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION AT YOUR END as a commission agent. Please, to facilitate and proceed if accepted, do send your information to the Chief Executive Officer:Name Mr.Dannie Wang.Email:( ) Thank you for your time as we are looking forward to working With you as you send your response back to us.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Dannie Wang

I Reply –

Good afternoon,

Do you have the requirement of hiring someone in Australia?


He replies

(with another name change – this time back to front)

Dear Cristhin,

Thanks a lot for your swift response to our proposition. We are prepared to employ your services as our Representative for CANADA & UNITED STATES as well as EUROPEAN continent, after putting things in place with you and we are also ready to follow every applicable law of CANADA & UNITED STATES as well as European continent. We would be glad to transact with you and having you as our representative for these region.

Before I proceed further let me start by Introducing myself. My name is Wang Dannie, Personel Manager of Blue Gas Ltd In Thailand and Hong Kong. We need a reliable and competent representative to make direct collection on our behalf and acting under the full approval of our firm after all necessary modalities have being put in place between you and the company, Blue Gas Ltd and after entering into an agreement confirming this deal.

We are currently having problems between our local staffs over here in Thailand and Hong Kong and also customers from these regions as a result of language barrier and different cultural backgrounds thereby causing delays in payments from our propespective customers from this region and also as a result of the delays it takes for these checks to get cleared over here in Thailand thereby causing delays in our supply channel.

On the advice of an expert we started making necessary contact, recently, to prospective candidate that will make direct collections on our behalf for a commission of 10% and remitting the balance Of 90% into our account via electronic transfer, so that we can serve our customers in these region more efficiently as a result of the fast means of picking up our cash thereby allowing for a constant cash inflow as well as outflows and making business more profitable and beneficial for all parties involved.

Clients normally make payment to us via Companies check and or Western Union Money transfer, depending on the amount of goods in question which we would instruct them to issue in your favour in the capacity of our representative for this region.

This is exactly how our transaction will hold and We will send you MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING, MOU, which shall make us Legal binding in our transaction with you as SOON as when transaction from our customer commences.
We are very confident to work with you and employing your services as our representative for both Canada / United States . On agreement, You shall be collecting payments on our behalf depending on the client we have at hand and as well as the volume of transaction involved, We normally handles transaction for now to a maximum of USD$700,000.00 and below as the case may be and your 10% will be applicable for any amount of funds collected on our behalf after signing the Legal MOU, attached below and remitting the balance of 90% into an account to be provided for you by the firm via electronic wire transfer.

On the receipt of this mail and the conclusion of these modalities, I shall give further instruction on how to contact one of our clients who is readily available to make payment to us as soon as we are able to attach him to any of our representatives.

Thanking you both for accepting this offer as we send our greetings from our entire staffs as we also await your timely responses.

Wang Dannie
Personel Manager
Blue Gas Ltd.

NB: Please fill out this form and return back to us
COMPANY NAME………………………….

Please for your information make sure that the address that you filled out in the form that was sent to you is a valid and correct address in which my customer can contact you for immediate payment and document through to you as our company representative, Please you are to resend us you correct address in which contact can be made to you as soon as payment is ready from our customers as both party as discussed

Inaccurate Information

Did you note the company name has changed too? These scammers use so many scammer and company names, they can’t keep it straight. This is one clue things might not be legitimate. Usually people know the name of the company they work for—and their own names!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am using a special tool to bait these scammers, and from this point on a computer is writing the emails for me. So it won’t always do exactly what the scammer wants it to do. Like fill in silly little forms like you see above. It does pick up on certain words and responds to them, but from here on in, the computer is in charge and the scammer is along for the ride.

The Computer Replies –

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Hello Mr Dannie,

Please clarificationize precisely what this position requires of myself in your next communique and then if I am excited to continue I will provide what you are asking for. I don’t understand what you want me to do with this memorandum of understanding?

I will be jumping with joy to hear from you. Your emails have delighted me so far. Are you single and looking for a wife? Maybe your ship has finally come in, and mine too! Can we share a cabin on the sea of life?

I Hope To Receive News From You Soon,

The Scammer Responds –

Dear Cristhin,

With the receipt of your email. Please kindly note that the MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding is serving as a legal aid for both party involve in this transaction and also serve as terms and condition for this great company.

Please you are therefore advice to send to us your full details so that we can proceed further on this transaction.

We await your immediate response ASAP today.

Best Regards,
Dannie Wang

Hmm, looks like he is not interested in sharing a cabin with me. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

The Computer Replies –

G’day Mr Wang,

Thanks for your email. It is a gracious pleasure to communicate with someone as beautiful and pretty as yourself. I look forward to your emails as much as I look forward to any pleasure in life. Please explain this memorandum of understanding as I am unable to understand your understanding of it? Do you understand it?

Here are my details as requested.

I am Cristhin Rosamund
I am 42. I am single. Are you Single?
I work as a customer service manager.
Telephone number = (telephone number removed)
I bank with St George Bank.

Mail can be sent to me as follows:

(PO Box address removed; it is a safe mail address)

If you need further details let me know.

Hope To Hear From You Soon,

The scammer goes quiet for about two weeks, and then sends this:

Dear Cristhin,

Please kindly update us on payment made to you by our customer and the said amount is $ 32,565.10 USD.

Please update us immediately today on how you will proceed with company funds and also with all necessary information how you will disburse the money.

The Board of Trustee will look forward to your immediate email today in this regards.

Best Regards,
Dannie Wang

I’ve Got Mail –

The next time I went to my PO box, I found this:

Note the check is not for the same amount he told me it would be for, either: 32,565.10 vs. 35,565.10.

How YOU can help!

If you own a blog yourself, mention this blog post on YOUR blog so all the readers of your blog can be educated on this important topic. Feel free to link to this post.
– Link to this article in my internet safety series which speaks about these scams.
– If you know anyone who has any questions about these scams I am only an email away. However there are some great websites on the internet that try to help as well:

  • Fraudwatchers
  • Scam Victims United
  • Fraud Aid
  • Stumble this blog post with Stumbleupon, if you are a member.
  • Digg this blog post.
  • Email a link to today’s blog post to your friends and family.
  • Now you know about this scam – there are so many others out there. Always ask if you’re not sure. The Fraudwatchers forum “Is this a Scam” is a good place to post a question you might have.
  • Let your friends and family know about the Scam-O-Matic, a Web form that can look at an email and tell you if the email looks like a known scam. Is this email a scam? Ask the Scam-O-Matic.

Please note this quote in the above article by the executive vice-president of the American Banking Association: “Federal law requires banks to make the funds you deposit available quickly, but it’s important for consumers to know that just because you can withdraw the money doesn’t mean the check is good,” said Edward Yingling, executive vice president for ABA.”

46 thoughts on “Snoskred on Fake Check Scams and Scambaiting”

  1. I think im being scammed also but I called the bank on the check and verified the account routing number and all and the lady said they had that account and everything was ok on their end it was legit but im still a little skeptical could it still be a scam if I called and confirmed the bank

  2. I today received a check for $1,500 for an item I have advertised on Craigslist and I have been getting these emails from a guy Name Jerry Rodriguez, but his name is differnt. he first started mailing me saying rhat he was really interested in my item from the details in the advert that he was going to buy from me and to take the ad off he was going ti send me a certified check from his bank and i would western union someone some money and they wouls come pick the item up. well i received $1,500 for $100 item…….. the check has a lawyer office and a bank listed down at the bottom says (memo: deposit) there’s a signature but not in ink. Its copied. Is there any way to see if the check is good before cashing? i asked him about is he trying ti scam me and he says everything is ok and legit. he gave me address to home number and differnt stuff is this fake and hiw can I tell? I’m struggling with bills and need it if i can find out if its real i want to. can i call the lawyers office and ir bank to find out

  3. I have two questions is a cheque supposed to have 3 adresses including mine? One was the banks the next was the company name then mine but the company name did not correspond with what the job really was. When I have got in in the mail from the UPS truck it had a Toronto adress but, it says calgary ab ofcourse I know it’s fishy but I wanted to know if that’s how a cheque is. My second question is what do I do with this cheque the person keeps emailing me about it and I don’t know how to block the person and the person did not give me a number either. If someone can please reply to this email I will really appreciate it


  5. this just happened last Thursday, august 22 2013 I had a add on craigs list saying need jod will mow your lawn and the guy texted me with markjark37 ass the yahoo name,
    he said you can work from home to take care of your baby only working 2 hours in 3 days all I had to get was check refill paper the job required internet and a printer. just so happens I have them 2 things, he has all sorts of names that he sends me though email I didn’t save the first 2 but I have all the other ones including his wife’s that he sent me 1 list to do. I was to be paid in 1 week wendsday august 28th the guy says do you want to be paid early I say yes he has some guy send me the moneygram that I did not know and I cashed it! because it was suppose to be my pay! it was for 765.00 and I was to get the money keep 400 then send the rest. to Nigeria I kept that money because I am struggling paid bills with it and got a car seat for my 3 year old I really hope that I don’t go to jail I have 3 boys that are 4 3 and 10 months. if I can do a payment plan to the bank I owe that would be great! I am really sorry to the one who got hit with these checks I had no clue, I am 24 years old and my family needs me I love America but with that much money I couldn’t send it to another country! they use FedEx and ups delivery service the envelope’s are free at them places they are using us Americans to get them money! the checks had a insurance company on them and the name on the right was wells Fargo bank and the bottom left has approved on it. the last ones I sent out he didn’t position the name correct on there so you can tell it is fake I cant read the name but its in my email also he had me download team viewer on my computer so he could take control of it he downloaded some kind of a check thing and did it all from my computer this is why I thought it was real who would have them numbers why do they go through Nigeria is using our own people to screw each other! its like a chain its that long if you know some one who is doing this or are thinking about it please let them know I thought it was really im so sorry I was stupid to think this job would be real, I just need some thing I could do at home because it would cost a fortune to put my kids in day care! I also wrecked my car because of all of this and the guy is now threatening me saying RIP IN ADVANCE says the assassin is going to come kill me my husband and my 3 babies that why now im thinking these people can see where we live on Google they know where we are exact location their just picking us out one bye one luckily the guy who sent me my money in money gram wasn’t the one who was gong to come kill me! now hopefully we can break this scam and hope nothing bad will happen I owe 765.00 to Phillip I think, at least he lives in the same state as me . and not to far but I have the label’s for ups and fedex. and lists of peoples name and address who would I give that too! I would call them but the scam artist didn’t have that on there! just address city sate zip and names all over the united states

  6. I got a “job assurance” check today from NY but it was for a.small amount, $900. it was fedexed to me, and I was given complete details of who to western union 700$ of it to. It was a job I’m supposed to start, but it seems very sketchy. Also, it was a United States Postal Service check.

    What do I do???

  7. This was a series of IMs that this happened to me with. I was asked to cash a check and send the whole amount minus the moneygram charge to an addy in Wisc. Took the check to my bank and asked them about it. It was a fake check which I had figured to begin with. Thanks for having this site up.

  8. I think I have been a victim io these frauds you guys are talking about. I was hired as accountant to process grant money donated to links foundation for children with serious illnesses. I found this job on craigslist. These people talked about God and all that. After I was hired a recieved a check in one day mail for$2900 and three days later one for $3,900 I’m mailing the 2nd one back

  9. hello, there is alot of scam going around today. i recieved a check for 3,600 from a company called secret shopping. i thought it was a real check and went ahead and deposited it into my husband account. when we went to the bank to see if the money cleared, the bank manager was called in and told us that it was a bad check and it was FAKE. i was shocked and i got scared. the manager also said it was a fraudulant check and the check is being investigated by the fraud dept. they completely closed my husband account. now the fraud department is investigating this fake check. do you think i will be arrested after they finish the investigation? i didnt know it was a fake check

  10. Hey everyone. Since I was looking for jobs on the Internet I found an interesting add. All I had to do is to take 10% of the amount and send it further to another person. I was questioning the company about things and the replies looked like what Joe got. Now I’m sitting with the check in my hand which I received today. $2500!! The company who they claim to be is Canon Oil company and they have their own website, but on the check it says it’s from “Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers” and that maid me wonder too so I searched on the Internet about check scams and I found this website. Thank god I am not alone… So what do I do now? And by the way I’m from Denmark.

  11. addendum to Al Synder scams (above)

    Attorney General Office’s also have a “fraud” dept—report these scams to them!

    Also the BBB keeps a list of these frauds—and will report these to consumers!

  12. I received in the mail a letter and check from Al Snyder in mid-Ocober 2008. The check was for $4,870.00, 1/2 of the total grant of $9,740.00. The check was drawn on the account of “Davis Software Concepts” and was a check.
    I was instructed to cash/deposit it and then send a 10% “commission” to Al Synder ($974.00), then he would send me the other 1/2 of my “grant”
    REPORT THESE SCAMS!! U.S. Mail Fraud at 1-877-876-2455(Fraud Investigations)-choose #3 on the menu or (Click “fraud”)

  13. Unfortunately I received a check from Al Snyder and since I was in the process of looking for grants I fell for the scam. I am having a lot of problems now. My bank account at Bank of America has been closed. My bank account at Compass has been flagged. I am in process of reporting this to the proper authorities. I have handed it over to Washington Mutal’s scam department. This really sucks and it is horrible that people scam people like this.

  14. You’re looking at the more skeptical ones here, Kim. Lots of people have cashed the checks. Check scammers send out hundreds of checks so that even if a small fraction fall for it, they still make a lot of money.

  15. I to received a check from Al Snyder. He wants 10% of 9,000 and it must be paid in 5 days on a a specific card. The bank is Washington Mutal Bank and the business it should be drawn from is EL CAJON CONSULTING. This really needs to go to the law, thank god no one has cashed their checks.

  16. Just received this check from Al Synder, too good to be true. Same as everyone else. I called WAMU bank and they suggested I take it to the authorities. ITS FAKE!! Good grief how can people do this. Thank god I did not cash it or deposit it.

  17. I received a check today on September 9, 2008 It is from Al Snyder the only reason I did the research is because I saw this on a talk show once. I do really wish this was true but I knew it was probably to good to be true. Again mine said 4,765.00 and I was to give 10% commision so that would mean I had to give him 953.00 then I would get the other check in the amount of 4,765.00 Well good thing we can all talk about this to let others know not to cash these checks. I also want to know how they got my address and how to report them. Anyone know who Greg Smith is who signs the checks?

  18. I received a check today from Al Snyder drawn on Washington Mutual Bank from smith enterprises account for $4,765. I am a very suspicious person and I just could not believe this to be true so I did research and found this site.

  19. I like many others am pissed really pissed now because the check is no good. I recieved a check for the amount of 4,765.00 from Al Snyder from Smith Enterprises 10336 Loch Lomond Rd Middletown Ca. 95461 On the attached sheet it said Every year large corporations and wealthy individuals in need in the form of finanical assistance donations and grants. I was told to give back 10% 953.00 and the next check would be Air Express Mail. I really want to know how they got my address. I really thought about cashing the check until I read this website.

  20. i have and letter from al synder for 9,530.00 tellin me to send 10% of the profit to him i didnt cash the check i turned it in too the proper authorites

  21. SEPTEMBER 6 2008


  22. you can destroy the check or cash it and keep it, but most likely it will bounce, you can’t report this guy, he will just open another website if the actual one has been shuttdown, those guys are not here inside the US.

  23. I received a check from a Mr. Al Snyder, grant broker ( on July 24, 2008 for 4930.00; with a 2nd check to be sent next day by Airmail Express for the same amount after he received a 10% of the 1st check received.

    In the letter he states that “…must return to me a 10% commission on the grant total to be received…” and in the instructions clarifies that “…fail to grant 10% commission fee within 5-days, you will not receive your other check… and your case will be turned to the collections agency…” In addition it says that“…you will be required to repay the full 100% of the attached check at once and failure to do so will reflect negatively on your credit report for a period of 7 years”.

    But different from you guys the check was from Goldstein Holdings Company (904 Silver Spur Rd, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274) issued by Washington Mutual Bank ( – California, 800-788-7000)

    Thanks to God that I googled and found this web site before I cashed the check. Can anyone tell me with who I can report this?

  24. I received a check from a Mr. Al Snyder, grant broker ( on July 24, 2008 for 4,930.00; with a 2nd check to be sent next day by Airmail Express for the same amount after he received a 10% for the total amount of $9,860.00

    In the letter he states that “…must return to me a 10% commission on the grant total to be received…” and in the instructions clarifies that “…fail to grant 10% commission fee within 5-days, you will not receive your other check… and your case will be turned to the collections agency…” in addition it says that“…you will be required to repay the full 100% of the attached check at once and failure to do so will reflect negatively on your credit report for a period of 7 years”.

    But different from you guys the check was from Goldstein Holdings Company (904 Silver Spur Rd, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274) issued by Washington Mutual Bank ( – California, 800-788-7000)

    Thanks to God that I googled and found this web site before I cashed the check. Can anyone tell me with who I can report this?

  25. Why don’t you guys keep the 10% in your packets, if the check bounces you have the money to pay back if it doesn’t you are the winner and those scammers are the loosers.

  26. I recieved a check from Mr.Al Snyder the other day and i am so glad that i find your website befor i cash it. the check is draw on Washingtion Mutual Bank of California for $4,980.00

  27. i can’t believe someone would do this to innocent people!
    i recieved my check on july 18th, 2008 and thanks to my
    husbands very nervous personality, he went to the bbb and found out it was a scam! sham on you people!

  28. I just got the same check yesterday (July 16th) and although I wanted so badly for it to be real I knew I had to do some research. I am glad I did because it is very tempting to just go ahead and cash it, but hearing from all of you I just want to report the bastard. Can you tell me who I should report this to? Thank you all.

  29. hey guys my aunt recieved one just like this but her was from H & W enterprises in Ca. for 4960.00. Her bank shredded it for her, it got her so excited because she really needed the money, her feelings got hurt because of these crazy scam.mers

  30. I recieved a check from a Mr. Al Snyder, grant broker with Blossom Homes Corporation on May 31, 2008 for 4980.00. I googled Blossom Homes Corporation and thanks in part to I’ve Tried That,and a friend who works in a bank I found out about this dishonest scam. I will report this to the proper authorities,as all these people need to pay for thier lack of integrityand their dishoesty.

  31. May 31,2008 also received check for $4970.00 from AWARDSCHECKS.COM aka Al Snyder. Yeah damn scammers always F’N UP real honest peoples day. But have too say very tempted to cash and havem’ make me repay a scammers fake check. Someone needs to find these people and makem’ pay every cent they scammed pluse more. A–HOLES.

  32. I also got a check from this Al Snyder for $4980. Sounded too good to be true to me as well, and it didn’t take very long to figure out that is total BS. Mine was from Blossom Homes Corporation as well. Ill be reporting this to the authorities.

  33. I received a Washington Mutual Bank check for $4,980.00 on MaY 30, 2008. It was from “Al Snyder”, a “grant broker” working for “Award Checks.” The check looks legitimate, does not have to be repaid, and required only a paltry 10% commission to Mr. Snyder to deposit or cash. Thanks to “I’ve Tried That” and Joyce, Johnny, Terry and BP, I kept the $498.00 that would have gone to “Al Snyder” in my pocket where it belongs. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  34. All…Thanks for posting about the fraudulent checks from Al Snyder and My story is very similar to everyone else’s. My check was a WaMU check but from Blossom Homes Corporation for $4,980.00. The statement prompted me to cash and send 10% with in 5 days via a non-traceable payment card. I noticed that there were multiple grammatical errors on the check statement section and Al did not leave any traceable contact information. When I checked the website, I thought it very peculiar that Al’s link notes that he’s out of the county for the next month. I’m not sure what to do from here, but I’m motivated to report this to someone so that “Al” may receive the “sting” from the long arm of the law. These postings were exactly what I was looking for to seal the deal. Thanks again for posting.

  35. Johnny, Joyce and Terry, Thank you for the information. I also received a check in the amount of $4960.00 drawn on Washington Mutual Bank of California against Foxworthy Imports in San Jose. Same terms upon cashing send Al Snyder 10% and he will send you another which will require another 10% commission. Thank you for making me aware of the situation and I will be contacting the Washington Mutual bank during hours of operation due to Holiday weekend. Thanks again!!!

  36. I also received a check for $4970.00 and was supposed to sent Al Snyder a 10% commission. I spoke with risk management at washington mutual and they are aware of it and said that the checks are from an account number that doesn’t exist.

  37. I received a check like Joyce did drawn on Washington Mutual Bank of California. for $4960.00. I was supposed to send Al Snyder a 10% commission, and I would receive a second check of the same amount, requiring a second commission. The check is against Foxworthy Imports in San Jose. Thanks for your heads up on this scam. Should I contact the police, or perhaps the Postmaster, since this is mail fraud?

  38. The “fake check” deal is the basis of a lot of internet scams. The Africans like to do that on things like car or computer auctions.

    They send you a check over the price agreed upon. They then say you should send the rest to somebody else per Western Union.

    Most people have no experience with international checks, so they give the check to the bank thinking it will clear and send the rest as they were asked to.

    Of course, the check bounces sooner or later, but by then it’s too late to do anything about losing the money.

    One other point, here in Germany there have been a few cases of people being sentenced to jail for check fraud. That’s another reason why you should never, ever give a dubious check to your bank.


  39. Hi again to all,this is Joyce with another scam warning. Today I recieved a check in the mail from Washington Mutual Bank, of California. Congratulations to me!A check for $4,900. It is supposedly a “cash grant” and I was chosen to receive a total grant of 9,800. Why, ” because large corps. and wealthy individuals give away billions to charities and individuals in need.” We at “” have connections with these people and I looked like someone who could use this “free” “never to be repaid” grant money. One teeny little catch, I must send 10% commission to the person who brokered this little deal for me. A man named Al Snyder. When I send Al his 10% ($490.00)commission, he will immediately release a second check for $4,900 on which I also must pay a commission to him.
    Aren’t I the lucky one today? Check drawn on the account of Erica Goldberg on Domingo Ave. Berkley, Ca. This is a new one to me, so thought I would send it along as a warning as it is obviously another form of check scamming. Web site listed as or http://www.AwardChecks.Net. The check is legitimate, but I am sure it will bounce quite high!!!!

  40. I believe you have to provide ID when you cash a check at those kind of businesses? We don’t really have them here in Australia. However if you provide ID, you’ll hear from both the business and the police – probably the police first because the first thing the business will do is call in the police. I’d say you would be much more likely to be arrested for check fraud in that situation than when you place one of these checks in your own bank.

    With your own bank they will at least look at your banking record and you can provide them the emails back and forth, and it is up to the manager whether they contact the authorities. If you have a good relationship with them you may be able to sort things out with them rather than the police being called in.

    Thanks for asking, and thanks Joe for letting me know the question was here. ;) I am hopeful that answered it.

  41. On another thread, HMTKSteve asked: “What happens if you cash one of these at a local cash checking business?”

    I had the same thought, briefly. It was quickly followed by visions of me in prison orange sharing a cell with a gorilla named Red Meat.

    I’m dropping the question in here in hopes of drawing a response from our author.


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