You asked for it and we heard you. Finally a free list of real work at home data entry and transcription jobs! While a data entry job isn’t going to land you a few million dollars like so many believe, you can earn a little extra money on the side doing data entry and transcription work.

Data Entry Employers:
Working Solutions
Key for Cash
Cypher Contractors
Executive Secretaries
Axion Data
Driver Guide

Transcription Employers:
Tiger Fish
Morningside Partners
Accutran Global
Absolute Docs
Mulberry Studio
Caption Colorado

Disclaimer: I have not tried a single website above (and we call ourselves I’ve Tried That?). If any of them ask for any type of ‘start-up’ fee or anything of that nature, be sure to close the window and report it back here.

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  • Ashley

    Hello… I stumbled across this site looking for a data entry job on line. My husband is in the military and we have 2 young boys, ages 4 and 1. Being a military wife it is extremely difficult to have to move around and start over every few years. It is also hard to live off one income. I am willing to buy a computer and get internet and phone line if it will be worth it. Any thoughts?
    ~Stressed out Stay at home Mommy

  • Lime

    FYI, the “Executive Secretaries” one seems to have vanished and been replaced with a search page of some sort. The Cypher Solutions one didn’t work for me, either, but that might have been just on my computer.

  • kathy say what
    kathy say what

    i need work real work and data entry processing is not that easy to find i need real work to do can you promise some real work kat

  • umar

    I tried out,paid $92 for form filling.Those guys r cheats.I did all the work they asked me to,then they stopped picking up ma calls.Guys stay warned

  • Jen

    I’ve heard that Accuscribe is authentic as well. Although I’ve never tried it myself. It’s for medical transcription and they preffer people with experience and/or certification but if you do not have either they will put you on a waiting list.

  • Joe

    Hi Candy,
    In our experience, you won’t find real editing or proofreading jobs by visiting those kinds of sites. Look on for genuine jobs of that type. Our ebook spells out the specifics (but don’t buy it right now. We’re close to launching version 2.0).

  • Candy Statts
    Candy Statts

    I am so glad I joined your site. I appreciate all you do to make us safe from scams,….I wish I had found it sooner. I have gotten scammed by everyone.

    I am trying to get an editing business off the ground so I am looking for some editing, proofreading and typing work that I can do to make the money to do that.

    I was on a site the other day, and apparently they have found a new way to scam you. You think you are applying on one site, then the screen says, “please give us a minute to two to process your application.” then suddenly, you are on a different site, which gives you a number of “offers”. When you click “return to application” you are actually processing the application for the “offers”. I almost learned the hard way, but did what you say to read everything first, saved me from another mistake.

    Thanks so much.

  • Joe

    Thanks for the heads up, Sandra. I’ve pulled “Connect Data Plus” from the list.

  • Sandra

    I clicked on “Connect Data Plus” and was just taken to another search provider which provided me with a list of “work from home” businesses that asked for a nominal fee of $60.00- OH but wait!! For the next 15 minutes we’ll give it to YOU for %50 off (Because apparently if you’re considering this, you’ve taken atleaswt a %50 leave of your senses).

    I guess what I’m getting at is, I really don’t recommend anyone clicking on that. I also noticed “redirects” once you click on ads from that site… meaning someone’s trying to make even more money from scamming you.

    Regardless, I would love to have something that’s legitimate. I have two small boys, both with disabilities, and I’d need to take out a small loan for a daycare if I was to have to put them in one.

    Thanks for this site though, it’s quite informative.

  • Solomon

    Hi, To whom it may concer.
    I am from Nigeria and will love it if you can help me with a scam free work @ home online job.

    Thanks and God bless you.

  • Roy


    I am from the Philippines, is there any available scam free work at home jobs? I have my internet connections at home 24/7. Can you help me with this? Pls. email me.


  • Pam McCurry
    Pam McCurry

    Just wanted to let you know that I checked one of the websites and it asked for a $60.00 fee. The place is Palm Coast Data.
    I also just wanted to thank you for this website.

  • Annette Albanese
    Annette Albanese

    I applied for a job through working solutions back in August. I did the online 15 minute test and then received an email to do the telephone test which also took about 15 minutes. Seems very legitimate, however, it’s been almost two months and I haven’t heard back from them or gotten an email from them either. You get a confirming email letting you know they are aware that you took the tests and they will get back to you and it may take awhile…..I don’t know how long “awhile” means to them but to me it’s been a long time waiting.

  • Bernie

    Update to ‘Working Solutions’ – after checking my email, they notify users that there is a 15 minute, telephone test (Part 2) and the number is only available in the USA.
    To anyone outside the USA, you will need a touch-tone phone and possibly a phone card to cut down on the cost of the phone call!
    They also state that it could be quite some time before you hear back from them – perhaps too much time to make it worth your while knocking up a 15 minute international phone bill?

  • Bernie

    ‘Working Solutions’ requires that you do a quick 15 minute ‘test’ online, but it’s really easy and basically, the sound test at the end is to see if you think the customer received adequate help from the agent.
    They accept applications globally and respond by email.

    ‘Key For Cash’ has a waiting list and asks you to submit your details and basically – wait.

    The next three are USA only jobs and require an online application much like a real J.O.B!

    ‘Axion Data’ claim that they don’t advertise online (so this must be the Twilight Zone or someplace) and they are not taking applications and ask you not to email them or call them – despite their number being listed there on the ad! Go figure.

    ‘Driver Guide’ looks promising if you live in the USA. Again, an online application process is involved.

    All the ‘Transcription Employers’ look like a lengthy, no promises, fill out an application online kind of thing.

    So really, nothing here to write home about – not yet anyway.

  • Steve

    We’re actually both scammers. You don’t know it but we operate out of the Cayman islands and make about $1.5 million dollars per minute. That’s why we run a scam blog. We bad mouth others so more people send us money.

  • Joe

    @ Sally: Well, I can’t speak for Steve, but I am most definitely a scam. Everything I do is fake, fake, fake. When I ask you for money, if I ever get around to doing it, you can be sure that you’ll get nothing for your $, and if you try to get your $ back from me, I’ll just ignore your emails. So this is fair warning: I AM A SCAM! If you send me money after being fairly warned, well the joke’s on you.

  • sally

    Let me tell you on your website you have ads by Google regarding data entry simple forms etc. I wonder if your not a scam –

  • robin

    You state above that to notify you if any of the above sites require money, Palm Coast Data wants 60.00 for a SecurID for security purposes and state if you cancel they will return the 60.00. Also, I got a new lottery email this morning but was surprised. It was from Microsoft AOL Award Lottery Team 2007. They drawed my name and I don’t even have Aol. You have saved me so much money. Thanks!!

  • Joe

    Hi Teresa,
    Yes, post a list of the Tom, Dick, and Harry you’re getting mails from. We’ll help you take a look. But I can almost guarantee that 99% of them are spam or scam. Also post something about what kinds of skills you have and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for real jobs.

  • Teresa

    I love your web site. But I need help. I want to be a stay home mom. But I don’t always have internet access and lately because I signed up to get information about starting up a home business or checking into work at home business opportunities. I have been getting emails or letters from every Tom, Dick,And Harry. I want to know if any are legit. I can give you a list of the ones that have contacted me and emails. There is actually one that has the BBB Reliability icon on it. I am running out of time. I just lost my job and I DO NOT want to leave my daughter in child care all day.

    A dedicated reader

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