Here is the second follow-up on my Build a Niche Store review. This week fared pretty well as I finally made my first sale, plus I made an affiliate bonus sale as well. Sure, I’m still out quite a few dollars at this point, but at least now I have confirmation that the software does in fact work correctly. Here are the numbers for this week and a few frequently asked questions.

Total Expenses:
$97.00 – Build A Niche Store Software
$14.75 – Domain from
$18.00 – Purchased three articles
$18.00 – Social Bookmarking Submission Services
$3.50 – Website Directory Submission Services

Total Traffic:

513 Visitors.
33 Clicks.
1 Sale.
$0.43 from sales.
1 Affiliate Sale.
$26.50 from affiliate sales.

Total Profit:

As you can see, the affiliate sale has been the biggest earner so far. Visitors are coming and they are clicking, but so far nothing is really converting. I plan to spend this week writing a few articles and optimizing the pages for better search engine rankings. I may also dip my feet in pay-per-click traffic, where I give Google money and they give me visitors interested in Blu-ray movies. Hopefully it won’t come to that and I can make my investment back without putting more in.

I have given myself until February 29th to make my investment back. Regardless of what happens, the software is phenomenal. If you want to setup your own fully functional eBay store, Build a Niche Store is highly recommended. It took me about 20 minutes to have a fully-loaded store up and running. If you’re interested in running your own niche store, or perhaps your very own MALL, I will gladly assist you in setting up the software and with any other technical questions you may have. Use the contact forum located at the top of this page to send me an email.


Q. Can BANS be used on more than one site?
A. Yes. When you purchase BANS you can use it on as many sites as you like. It’s just a one time fee.

Q. Are updates free?
A. Yes again. The fee is one-time. This includes any updates and access to the members-only forum.

Q. Do you have to sell anything?
A. No. BANS pulls auctions from eBay using RSS feeds and automatically generates affiliate codes for every listing. If a visitor makes a purchase on an auction featured on your BANS site, you get commission on the sale.

If you have any more questions, use the contact form above.

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  • Ps23mall

    Steve , Do you think you results so far may have been different had you chosen another niche and not what you choose ? (blu -ray). I’ve actually looked at another category and have been following sales ..and it seems like a pretty steady item as far as sales numbers go. The fact that you believe the software is good ,and easily workable for nitwits like myself makes this an attractive proposition ! I know…… it’s still early !

  • Steve

    Awesome. I highly suggest it and given that you most likely already have the traffic needed to run a store, I think you’ll fare a little better than I am.

  • Matt

    Very cool. We’re planning to go for this and will use your aff link to buy it. I’m looking forward to hearing the next update.

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