Finally, an “I was scammed” story with something like a happy ending. A reader writes [links added by me]:

I’d just had a baby and was looking for a way to work at home. I was searching and searching and I got an e-mail from a company named Haworth Solutions, and boy was their site well displayed to lead me to think I was actually employed by a legit company.

Basically it was a wire transfer or fake check scam. I opened a bank account to make sure the job money didn’t mix with my own money, they wired me $7800 and e-mailed me specific instructions on who to send the money to. My gut at first told me this must not be legal, but I filled out application forms and everything. It was really fancy.

Well I sent the money, and while I’m out and about, a gentleman kept calling my cell phone asking me had I sent the money, so I thought OMG they’re checking on me! So I finish sending the money and go home. When I check the bank account the next day to see if they had wired more money so that I can head to work, I was in the negative by $7800. My life changed in one second. Not only was I out the $7800 but the bank froze my other account and told me I will not be able to withdraw my money at all. And the rent was due, so you can imagine.

Well, for me it was a happy ending. I made all the reports that I had to, to the FBI, printed out that website, and about 3 months later in the investigation, the bank closed all my accounts, told me i could no longer be a client, but allowed me to withdraw the money from my other account and didn’t hold me liable for the $7800.

This could easily have been a financial disaster in this reader’s life! I’m glad the bank saw that she was a victim, too, and didn’t hold her responsible for all that money. The Internet is full of scumbags, folks. Arm yourself with knowledge by reading more about online scams. We recommend as a starting point!

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Last Updated: March 13, 2008

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  • Tony

    Watch for a compnay called System Solutions Inc. They do the same thing. Dorothy Menah is the go between. Company is in Brazil….and the US and Brazil do not see eye to eye on any issues like this scam.

  • Fany AKA Da Fanster
    Fany AKA Da Fanster

    One more thing of this.. Dont send them your information. Your ID. They may be trying to steal your Identy as well, so they can have their people pick up the moneys at Western Union…

  • Fany AKA Da Fanster
    Fany AKA Da Fanster

    Well, I came across a site that is 90% identical to that of Haworth Solutions. The Haworth Solutions site is no longer up but I have been on a mission trying to find a job to work from home, and with the help of I’ve Tried That I have gotten some good leads, but today I came across this site and I got really mad because I cannot believe that these people are at it again just with another name and with the same site. I have a contact with the FBI that I will be sending this link to him as well. For anyone who is contacted by this site, you are WARNED… STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The site is really fancy and they may even set you up with a user ID and password for you to check your make believe PAY!!!… Just take a look at the position details.. They ask you for a bank account to send funds to and then you send the money out via western union.. If you want to respond go ahead but if you see the words Western Union or Money Gram on their reply know to walk away from this. Not all banks are the same and if you get scammed you may have to pay the money back to the banks.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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