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Beware of Google Treasure Chest.

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Stay far away from Google Treasure Chest. They are operating the same deceitful acts as Google Money Tree. Their presell page claims to send you a packet of information on how to make money online for just $3.88. The deceit lies within the terms and conditions.

Backup the Files on Your Computer.

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Do you have backups of your digital pictures and important documents? No? Well, you may be at risk of losing everything and without a copy, your files could be erased forever. Read this post for a simple, free, and safe solution.

I’ve Tried That Investigates: “Free for Seniors”

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We take our first look at “Free for Seniors,” a book and e-book being sold through various outlets. The quick version: I wouldn’t buy it. The longer version: I would not buy it even if I were a senior.

Dealing with 949-540-0781

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It started last week. My phone rang and an unfamiliar number flashed up on screen. It was (949) 540-0781. I ignored, but they called back again. And again. And again. Finally, I was fed up and I answered. Big mistake.

How To Get Where You’re Going

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Here is how to find your way around I’ve Tried That. Chances are good that the question you want to ask has already been answered.

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