We’ve been taking a look at Niche Blitzkriegthese past few days. We’ve offered a preview up to this point, but here is our full review after spending a few days examining the program.

You can try to cancel. You can try to get a refund. You can cry, threaten, and cajole. But if you follow the comments in the posts I linked above, you’ll see that the pimps selling this kind of junk make it very difficult, if not impossible, to meet their refund conditions. Here’s one way you can hit those bastard marketers back.

Starting this Friday at 6:00PM, 708 Penn State students will begin dancing for 46 hours straight. No sitting. No breaks. No naps. For what? Well, to help cure childhood cancer, of course.

A reader says, “I would like actual real-world advice for getting online work.” You can’t ask for something more solid than that. No gimmicks, no programs, no e-books. Just real-world advice. So here is my best attempt to provide it in 1,000 words or less.