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Can You Make Money with Project Payday?

This is the last scheduled post we’ll be doing with Project Payday. This post will provide you with an in-depth look at the process Cheryl went through in order to make money with the program. Can you make money with Project Payday? Absolutely. Is it worth the trouble? Well, keep reading.

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Making Money with Project Payday

As a follow up to my prior story about Project PayDay (PPD), I wanted to let others know about the process. I did make money, but it wasn’t much, and it wasn’t easy.

On January 7th I paid $34.95 to PPD for access to their program. Since this money was reimbursed by I’ve Tried That, it will not be included in my final total.

On the evening of January 7th, after reading the materials provided by PPD, I decided to do a few things to protect myself. First, I created a e-mail address just for the purpose of PPD. I then registered with to keep track of my offers, opened a spreadsheet to keep track of my transactions, and then registered and logged in to a forum recommended by PPD. I also made sure my PayPal plugin was up to date. Now, I was ready to start making money right away.

Going Green

I went into a forum called “Paying for Referrals” and started clicking links. There were hundreds of them, all claiming they helped newbies, or offering bonus payouts, or the biggest payouts. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I picked a name that sounded friendly. I sent her a private message and offered to “go green” for her. While I waited for her response I found another buyer who would pay bonuses on any referrals after the first one. I also sent a private message to her, picking two of her sites.

In the meantime, the first buyer had responded with a referral link and instructions on how to confirm the trade agreement between us. She offered very explicit instructions on how to go green as quickly as possible. It is a complicated dance of emptying the cache in your browser, waiting 5 minutes or more once the offer is completed, etc. I took the referral link, signed in, completed an offer and “went green” within an hour. I reported back to her that I was green, and she confirmed this, but informed me that the site was “pay on approval” which meant she wouldn’t pay me until the site approved her gift, which would take 3-4 days. She had a good trade rating, so I was irritated, but not overly concerned.

The second buyer responded and gave me links to both of the sites that I had requested for her. I logged in to the first one and completed an offer within minutes. I reported back to her right away, but she informed me that this was a “one credit” site, meaning that I had to complete one full credit worth of offers before I would be green. The offer I had completed was a one-third credit, so I still needed to do two-thirds more credits worth of offers to go green.

The site had 50 or so offers on it, and most of them either (1) cost more than I was making on the trade or (2) were less than one-quarter of a credit. I was frustrated, but completed three offers on one site, and two on the other by 10 p.m. that night.

Unfortunately, in the world of trading, most “instant credit” offers don’t credit instantly to your account (and some never credit at all). By the time I logged off at 11 p.m., I had still not greened on either site for the second buyer, and the first buyer wouldn’t be paying me for 3-4 days. Not counting the PPD program fee, I had spent $18.89 in offers and made exactly $0.00.

The site went green overnight, so I sent a private message to the buyer and she sent me payment of $35.00 (less PayPal’s take of $1.32). I was finally in the black, to the tune of $14.79. For 5 hours work the night before, I had made a whopping $2.96 per hour.

The $68.00 Headache.

I completed the rest of the offers for that buyer on the second site, and received payment for that site and the original site, as well as for a third buyer during the weekend. By Sunday, January 11th I had paid out $24.88 in offers, been paid $90.00, and paid $3.42 in PayPal commissions, which meant I’d cleared $61.70 from Thursday to Sunday. Only I hadn’t.

When I logged in Sunday morning, my PayPal balance was $0.00. How could this be?

I noticed a charge from a jewelry company for $68.00 that hadn’t been there before. I checked the name of the company against my notes in Remember the Milk and looked at the terms and conditions. According to those terms, I would pay $9.00 for a sample piece of jewelry, which would arrive in 10-14 days. If I liked it (or did not cancel), they would send me another two pieces in about 14 days from the initial order all for the low, low price of $68.00 per month. I had copied and pasted these terms to the notes section of the calendar. Sure enough, I had only placed the original order just four days prior.

Monday morning I called the company and canceled the order, asking them to refund my money immediately. They did, but only the original $9.00 I spent on the introductory piece. This credited 3 days later. When I called to find out where my $68.00 refund was, I was told that the second shipment had already gone out (I hadn’t received the first shipment yet!) and I needed to return it in order to get the refund. The introductory piece arrived that day, and the second shipment a few days later.

In the meantime I had completed another $3.95 worth of offers, received a $25 payment less the PayPal commission of $1.03. My grand total after seven days work? $22.72. Not exactly stellar income.

During the week I was also doing the second part of the job: canceling all of those offers. Since I had kept pretty meticulous records, this was rather simple. When completing an offer, I would copy and paste ALL of the terms and conditions into the note portion of Remember the Milk, then set a reminder for 1-2 days before the drop dead date to call and cancel the offer before those “monthly membership fees” kicked in. The vast majority of those offers were very easy to cancel. All I had to do was call the toll free number during the regular business hours and the operator would cancel and give me a cancellation confirmation.

So far, no additional charges have appeared on any of the accounts used to complete the offers. And what about the jewelry charge? I finally got a refund, a full 33 days after they charged my account.

The Bottom Line

Grand total earned: $84.42.

(Our recommendation: Your time is better spent at a free site, like SwagBucks, where they offer $5.00 just for signing up.)

I also got over 1,500 spam e-mails and more than 30 phone calls from the companies that I had placed orders through. The e-mail I set up for this purpose now gets over 400 spam e-mails per day.

So can you make money with PPD? Yes, but I’m convinced you can’t do it with Method 1.

You definitely can’t make money through PPD without thorough record-keeping and an excellent reminder system. Even with those things, some of the offer programs do not abide by their own terms and conditions. You end up doing business with companies like Google Profit System and Free Government Grants (both programs I’ve Tried That has railed against in the past month). Just today on the forums I read a story about someone who signed up for a trial offer and had the full $300+ taken from his account just days later. His mortgage payment and his car payment both bounced, and the company’s only response was that it was a computer glitch and they would refund the money. Meanwhile, this man has late fees and returned check fees to pay.

PPD’s trade program is risky business. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem to be worth the cost.

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Cheryl is a writer located in Southwest Florida. She’s been great to work with. Be sure to send some love and check out her blog at:

28 thoughts on “Can You Make Money with Project Payday?”

  1. I joined this site by useing the free coffee offer, Watched the Method1 video and completed everything up to the affiliate sign in page. I tried 11 times the site kept saying it could not find mt email address. I then tried to send a trouble ticket but failed because the site couldnt find my email address. I am now taking this as a sign to unsubscribe.

  2. Its true, completing offers is tedious, but once you get use to it, it becomes a easy task. The reason being is because you’ll be working towards Method 2 which the core of Project Payday or Freebie trading in essence. I’ve already made over $280 and broke even with my investment in it.

    It’s unfortunate that it seems Project Payday is only marketing their site and the Fast Fifty and not the reality aspect of it.

    There are many forums devoted to Freebie Trading and many do make a steady income from it.

  3. Hi I just wanted to give my experience with PPD. Yes the Fast First 50 is too much work and trouble! Signing up for offers, cancelling offers, exposing your credit or debit card info…I will pass. Unfortunately for the FFF program after 8+ offers completed, spending at total of about $17.00 and NOT getting the credit for many of them, I decided this was not for me. I did it only because I wanted the $50.00 to invest in the part of the program that I know works. The referral program! Again as with anything you have to be careful HOW you get the referrals. But I have been working a few hours a day and I have gotten a pretty good conversion. I need a better landing page so that is what my next step is. I have already invested time and so I want to give it a full month’s worth of effort.

  4. I signed up with Project Pay Day this past May. I did have some difficulties going green at first however, I do think a lot of it was because I had no prior experience with any of it. I carefully chose the offers I would use to go green, copy and pasted the terms and conditons as well as wrote down the date I completed the offer and the date I needed to cancel it by with the number I would need to call. I actually enjoyed the opportunity to find a cheap deal and try out these offers with out committing to them. I really enjoyed the offers that I could get that my kids would (and did) enjoy, things I would have spent money on at the store anyway. I spent $20.00 and was paid the $50. So for the little bit of time I spent learning about IFWs I got at least $20 worth of free stuff (when you take the expenses out of the pay) and still made $30. I did come to the same issue for step 2 though as mentioned earlier. I really didn’t see anything else that I wanted and I would have had to spend 20-25 just to make enough to cover the cost. I stopped but recently have been looking back into it because of the fact that people are interested in making even $20 in a day. With the economy the way it is, these are desperate times and to be honest $30 extra dollars is $30 extra dollars. I do think that this article is informative but incredibly out dated. I was given very detailed instructions on how to do the Fast Track Fifty including prevenative measures to avoid my personal email to be bogged down with spam. I didn’t once get tons of calls. Just like in any work at home opportunity, it does take work. I would not call Project Pay Day a scam by any means, it does pay fairly quickly. I would love to hear more experiences with the other areas of PPD like the $1.50 lead deal.

  5. I signed up long ago and did that fast $50 thing, but it never worked. But now I also see they have $1.50 per lead deal and so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with that? At least I’m not paying out any money ahead of time.

  6. Hi.

    Just a quick note to thank you for your article. I went to Craigslist today and stumbled onto this company. It sounded “too good to be true” so I am doing some extra research.

    Your experience, however, (albeit years back) is enough to convince me not to waste my time so — many thanks!

  7. I joined PPD a couple of days ago. Did the “Fast 50” and got the $50 deposited in my PayPal acct as promised. Thing is I had to spend $30 to complete the offers and my phone has already started ringing with telemarketers and my inbox has started filling with scam offers. definitely not worth the $20 I made for 8 hours of work.

    So today is the day after receiving the $50 and I’ve gone to the site to complete more offers and have found that all of them left would cost me well over the fee that I would earn to “Go Green” and they all seem to be for crap that I would never use.

    Last thing… thought I’d better get cracking on canceling those orders from 2 days ago… None of them are making it easy and I am pretty sure they are going to try and scam my debit card so I’m heading to the bank to cancel it.

    In short… Ridiculous amount of time for very little return and I’ve exposed myself to recurring charges and fraud plus an unending torrent of calls and junk emails.

    Last but not least… and a little embarrassing: When I was placing the orders the first night, my bank (Chase) put a fraud hold on my card and when I called them to ask why they said it was because my orders where with companies that they associated with fraudulent charges. Of course I told them I knew what I was doing and they took off the hold so I could complete my “Green”. Should have listened because I’ve talked with Hydroxatone twice trying to cancel and they keep calling back trying to get me on tape to verify my address and to say it’s okay to ship. Even though they have told me twice it has already been shipped! Why would they want to verify my address if it’s already been shipped? BTW: My banker today told me it was the Hydroxatone order that caused Chase to put a hold on my card.

    Just a lesson: If the bank, who has nothing to lose if I get scammed, says it’s a bad idea, then it’s probably a bad idea.

  8. I signed up yesterday and I am already having second thoughts. I have yet to receive a login or password so I can go to the site. I am pretty use to scams and have been scammed several times on the internet. Being honest is not the best practice to make money for sure. I will cancel my membership just as soon as i can get loged in which i am thinking at this time might not happen at all.

  9. Unfortunately I signed up for this last night, but thankfully did NOT do any of the offers. My first thought was that “Oh, I sign up for the offer & then get others to sign up for the offer” or something like that. Guess I will try to change my email on their site to a spam address before I cancel. Thanks for your articles & I guess the lesson learned is to enter “xxxxxx program scam” in the Google search box BEFORE I sign up. Kind of funny, but I think the only reason the participants aren’t arrested for wire fraud is because the companies making the offers are too busy committing mail fraud!

  10. I just canceled PPD and now I can breathe easier. I searched them with the BBB in my area and they didn’t have any listings. I should have researched this last night when I signed up. The two offers I signed up for in order to become VIP I’m going to keep as they’re book clubs and I love to read – as for the rest – the time consuming “paid” surveys which I wasted a whole hour on and earned only a dollar… I could instead have written out my grocery list or cleaned.. or gone running. I do work full-time and I fairly like my job. I get great money but I was looking for something more to pay off debt- without the need of driving to a second job. I guess next time I’ll do my homework before I sign up for a scam. Now to set up filters for my email because stupid me used my main email address for everything. :/

  11. You may add me to that roster of lollipops falling for the PPD online wallet. As I foolishly tried to pick their wallet they almost skillfully picked mine. Starting with Netflicks to get signed up, which I may keep because I actually like the service. I did try a few other offers, that I will cancel today. Apart from that no harm no foul thus far. What I will say is that these online money making schemes are all one in the same. I’ve found them all to be a fruad. They promise painless methods toward making either an average joe income or some ridiculous six figure bank roll. In either case its never what they portray iniatially. You will have to pull your own teeth to get anywhere with it. And lets not forget sacrificing the morals you actually had before starting.

    Cunning and deception is often associated with earning money and when you no longer care what unsatiable methods you’re invited to employ via earning that income, you have to stop and think… Is the few measly bucks I earn worth my conscience? That’s a question for those who still have one.

    Innocence is priceless, you can’t buy it. That is the same gem that makes children so adorable in our eye’s~

  12. Today I decided to take a rest from PPD because there’s another catch to this that I learned the hard way… you’re only allowed to work from your own private internet connection. I’ve been doing this since August 2011, so I’m pretty new. So far I’ve done method 1 and method 2, my net income (that is, taking into account losses from getting scammed, money spent on other sites that still have incomplete credits so I’m not “green” yet and therefore didn’t get paid yet, and membership fee to a forum for 6 months) is $332.94, so that’s like an average of around $83 a month.

    I think it’s been going great, inspite of all the complications already mentioned above, until the admin told me I was violating a lot of rules (partly my fault, I didn’t really read all of ’em). Basically, you’re not allowed to log in to the forum from multiple computers, only from your home ip address. So if you get an email on your phone that someone wants to get paid because they already greened your site, you’re just supposed to ignore it until you get home (and forget about it, and just allow them to get mad at you and file a complaint about you on the forum, therefore causing you to waste even more of your time resolving complaints rather than making money) because logging in from your phone is not allowed and considered fraudulent. You’re also not allowed to access the forum from a public internet, so no PPD in school or at work (even if you have some break times that you can actually make use of to make some money). So you’re also not allowed to complete offers on any other computer but the one you have at home. If you happen to be at a friend’s house, and you do anything PPD related there (using his ip address), you’re also considered a fraud. If you access any of the sites from anywhere else but at home because you were too excited to see if you already earned some money, you’re also a fraud.

    So basically what this system is telling you to do is to stay home if you want to work it out. It’s just like going to an office to work, except that the office is your home. You can’t take that work anywhere else but there. But the financial rewards are not equivalent to what you can get from a “real” job. It tells you to abandon available technology because it makes you fraudulent.

    Maybe someday I will change my views about PPD, but today, I’m bitter about them trying hard to prove that I’m a fraud.

    I’m starting to wonder if this is indeed another “scheme” or scam. One that hasn’t been proven yet. Because the moment you enter PPD, you will either get scammed (or so the admins of the forums and the sites say) or be labelled as the scammer (or so, again, the admins of the forums and the sites say). Basically they have the control over who’s a scammer and not. Imagine all the free advertising they got from all of the people they labelled “scammers” and simply gave up coz it’s not worth arguing about.

  13. Oh my God. Cheryl, you had me laughing so hard my stomach was hurting. I know you weren’t trying to be humorous, only a bit sarcastic at best. But that was the beauty of it all, the fact that you simply told it like it was and boy could I relate! I wouldn’t be laughing at all if I didn’t experience the same thing you did, so I felt your frustration all too well. “Not exactly stellar income”…. That’s where I lost it. I seriously felt as if I wrote that article myself. The simple way you explained the effort and heartache of making an honest buck in today’s insane world from a viewpoint I could totally and completely relate to was profoundly and hilariously touching.

  14. Thanks for the info in your blog, I have spent the last few days looking into starting with PPD and went as far as joining their new forum “” and getting a mentor. But honestly I don’t have or want to invest the monies required to go green. If there are no offers that I can do and cancel just before, then forget about it. not a $1.00 not $9.99 NOTHING! I guess I just wasted the last three days on this. Thanks again for the heads up, I wish I had found you last Friday though.. :)

  15. Wow I’m glad I read this review before I gave my money to these scam artists….thanks alot for the insight i thought it was too good to be true

  16. Wish I had seen this site before I wasted my time. I paid $34.95 to access PPD, because I did not want to complete a free offer (should have been my first clue!!) and then I also paid TrialPay $19.95 for the tutorial videos (because again, I did not want to complete a free offer, knowing that they are never really free). Once I got in to the site and read what was actually going on I wasn’t too happy, but I decided to give it a shot. Created a new gmail account and began with Kelly’s Fast First Fifty (or whatever it is called). I had the same experience as Cheryl. I was supposed to make $50 for trying offers totaling up to one credit. This was a training exercise set up through their top trader. The suggestion is to complete 2 offers worth half a credit to be more efficient, but there were only 2 offers at the time that matched that criteria and one of them cost $40!!! At this point I stopped and emailed PPD invoking my “60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee”. Might be possible, but not for me. Great way to ruin your credit trying to make a buck.

    I should say that PPD credited my account right away once I filled out a ticket on their website. I was totally ready to call my credit card company if necessary … At first I emailed support and got no response, but completing a support ticket on the web got a fast response. They also let me know that I had to contact TrailPay separately about a refund for the $19.95. I have received an email back from TrailPay saying it is being processed, so we will see.

    Thanks for this website. Looking forward to reading the tips in the free ebook. I have a small biz and with the downturn in the economy I am looking for a legitimate way to make a little extra money when needed and I should say, one that I am morally okay with. This PPD seems ethically wrong some how, besides the headache of trying to keep track of everything not being worth my time …

  17. PPd sounds like you can make small amts of money by putting up small amts of money so i guess tech its legit but it is risky. so if you are not the responsible type of person to follow up and cancel offers you signed up for or you don’t keep a close eye on your paypal acct i would opt out if you also are the type that doesnt want to deal with the hassle of having to cancell subscriptions than find another home business. otherwise not too bad of an idea its minimal effort with free money

  18. Well iam having a very hard time trying to find a at home business. I find recomendations for good ones on google and then when i google the program to see if its a scam it turns out people comment that its a scam, then they recommend a site and when i google that program they recommend it turns out people say that they are a scam. At the end of the day i dont know whats a scam or not.I dont know if the ones that say that those are the good proggrams are scammers themself. i dont know if people say certain programs are scams to advertise thaeir product or what. This at home bussiness thing takes alot of researching.


  20. Dude, debit cards work just fine. Just get one from your bank. If you don’t have a bank account just go to WaMu (Now Chase lol) and get a free checking account, drop some funds in it and there ya go!

    Wait a couple weeks and your card should pop up in the mail. That actually what I wound up doing…lol. Since the debit card is attached to an actual bank account, it’s fair game as far as offers go.

    Oh, and before you do any offers for anyone else, make sure they have a list of offers that are known to credit and DON’T have a bad reputation.

    Ask around on the chat room in FLR if anyone has tried a particular offer and see what they have to say about it. Or just run some thread searches in the forum itself.

    Anyway, best of luck to you! I gave up on PPD, had a good run…but got tired of it after a while.

  21. ya im having trouble. didnt do my homework very wel before jumping in. (about the process of going green) i have not decided what action i should take now. i do not have good enough credit to get a credit card, and getting a secured cc wont work either. basically im not going to be able to do anything more untill i can convince someone to give me a cc. wich wont be any time soon. does anyone know of any other ways to get credit with offers? i dug myself deep into a hole with PPD wich is upsetting because like you said there is potential there to make GOOD money. i currently make like 1500 a month working full time. if i could make 2000 at home doing PPD (wich i KNOW is very possible) id be in heaven!

  22. Bill,

    Wow. You sound like you are having the same start up I did with PPD. I didn’t have a verified paypal account, I didn’t have CC, I TRIED to use a pre-paid also. Then when that didn’t work I tried the PayPal PlugIn…then found out most sites/offers will nail you for using it if they find out.

    I guess it’s because there was a run of people using pre-paid cards etc to sign up for offers and then never cancel them. So when the offer tried to charge the pre-paid card a month later (or what ever)….the money wasn’t there and it didn’t matter because it was a throw away card set up in a fake name.

    Anyway, if you go about things right…pay attention to cookies etc!….you can do well with PPD. Just make sure you complete offers on sites you want to promote in method 2. Other wise you’ll get stuck with sites no one wants to complete (go green) for you. ;)

  23. My experience thus far with PPD.

    well to start i will simply say i am disappointed, but the fault is partialy mine. i have spent nearly all weekend on PPD trying to see results. so far i have tried going green on over 5 different sites. i am currently 15+ dollars in the hole, and have been working almost non stop( besides sleep and a few small breaks) scense friday night. i think mainly the resoning behind my current possition is due to the fact that right now i am in the process of switching my banking service and only have a wal mart prepaid money card to use. i cannot do any of the offers that require a credit card only. some offers simply wont accept my card. ( wich the sites do state in there TaC not to use pre paid cards.) and i was simply not cautious enough going into the program and ended up doing many offers for no credit because of my pre paid card and now cannot use them again. i am however going to continue to work towards a positive bal on my pay pal thru PPD and see how it goes when i get a cc. so far i have not “gone green” or made any money after over to 2 FULL days of work. But…. i am still confident with the necessary tools and some more effort i can get PPD to come thru and from there work on method two for the real rewards.

  24. That is such a different experience than I had with them. I only tried it a few times but they were pretty much 180 from what you speak of. Mind you this was a year ago.
    1. I was able to sign up for it for free, no waiting or offer.
    2. After reading everything I hopped in to try method 1, I did a few offers and less than 3 hours later(I was really paranoid about which offers I picked) after spending roughly $13 from my paypal acct I had another $90 in there.
    3. I tried a couple under method 2 the next day, that is a bit different but after spending $40 to pay 2 people to “go Green” A had $60, not a big return but a return nonetheless So for 2 days I had made $110.
    4. I also had another $65 show a week later after a couple of ones I tried on the first day went green.

    I personally only wanted to try it out, and I can really see how some of the High volume people make real money. Mainly though, I think its much like you say, for the power method 2 people however, Its not too bad if you’re looking for a couple of dollars to use method 1 if you’re careful.

  25. Mosi,

    Remember the Milk is a calendar site that helped me keep track of all of the notes and cancellation dates that I needed to keep track of to make sure I didn’t end up paying outrageous monthly charges. It’s a free service:

    The company that scammed me was a jewelry company that was one of the offers I completed. They charged me well in advance of the due date, and I’m not the only one they’ve done it to.

    The day I signed up for PPD, they were offering “free” sign-ups by completing an offer. I’ve Tried That wanted me to have the purest possible experience here, so they paid the price of admission for me to get in – and thank goodness! I would have wasted a perfectly good offer I could use to go green!

    Thanks for commenting!

  26. Hey Cheryl,

    I am so sorry the other company (remember the milk?)jerked you around like that. From your posting here, it seems as if you never bothered with Method 2? After your first experience I can’t blame you really.

    By the way, you DIDN’T have to pay that $35 fee to PPD. If you would have waited about a week after putting in your name and email (the fake one) PPD would have sent you an email with No Credit Card needed trail offers for you to gain membership.

    Lets look at this though, you profited $84.42 right? Okay, what about Survey sites?

    How much time do you have to sit there and spend filling out surveys to make nearly $100?

    Oh, lets not forget most of those survey sites don’t even pay their members for the work they do! My buddy Anthony spent a week on one site doing surveys etc…his back office said he was owed over $75 and the minimum payout threshold was $50.

    It has been two months and he still hasn’t seen a dime of that money! So lets give the IFW world some credit for at least working if you work it right!

    Thanks for taking a second look I’ve Tried That, glad to know not all the “Work @ Home Watch Dogs” are not like “Work At Home Watch Dog”…lol

  27. Excellent job, Cheryl. That’s really sobering.

    Brace yourself for the flood of comments that will say, “well you should have done x,y,z, and then you’d be over the fence green for me on level 27 and a grand wizard to boot. THAT’s how you make money with PPD.”

    Oy. It’s definitely not for me.


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