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Google Scams are Evolving


It was only a matter of time before the scammers behind the Google Cash programs decided to branch out. This time, they are targeting Twitter. Whatever your views on Twitter, there is no denying it’s immense popularity. It comes as no surprise that there are scams bearing the Twitter name. Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to start popping up.

Prosper Twitter Cash and Twitter Cash Kit

There isn’t much information on the sales page of Prosper Twitter Cash at twittercashkit.com. The most obvious text is the one that reads, if you have a home computer and know how to send emails, you can make over $7,500 per month. This may be the laziest sales page I’ve seen in quite some time. There are a few stock photography shots of smiling people and wads of cash, but not much else. Are they even trying anymore?

The main point of this page is to gather your personal information.Enter your personal details and you’ll be taken to a page requesting your credit card information. Lucky for you, Your Prosper Twitter Cash Start-up Kit is free and you only have to pay the $3.88 price for shipping and handling. Long time I’ve Tried That readers know there is no such thing as free when your credit card numbers are involved and Prosper Twitter Cash is no different. Buried in the terms and conditions are the following lines:

By completing the subscription registration, you authorize Prosper University to charge the $49.95 per month subscription fee to your designated billing payment method. Monthly subscribers are billed on a 30-day cycle, which begins upon registration (or at the end of a limited free trial period, if applicable to a promotion that you joined through) and ends 30 days thereafter.

There is no mention as to what the Prosper University is other than a means to take money from you each month. When it comes to sites like these, I refuse to divulge my credit card information in order to do a review of the actual program. I’m sure you can understand as to why.

Get a Refund from TwitterCashKit.com

Call 1-888-783-7260.

Be sure to cancel your monthly membership while you’re on the phone. If not, they’ll continue to pull $50 from your credit card until you do cancel.

Make Money with Twitter

There is no denying that Twitter is quickly becoming the next big thing and there are always ways to make money with something this popular. There are a few programs out there that are preaching ways to make money with Twitter and I do intend to try at least one of them out. I’ll do my research tonight to find a program, and give you more details about it on Wednesday. Until then, avoid sites with hidden fees and stay tuned.

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  1. I was tricked recently by this website Psp successnet . I saw the advertisement about making money form home. I immediately decided to apply for a kit .R obert Allen was very convincing .I gave them my account number hoping i will get the kit to get started ,for the past 6 months this company has been taking out my money without even given me a kit . I decided to contact them ,but my attempts were futile. I had to cancel my bank account . I realized that this company is engaged in fraudulency. In this time of recession they are stealing money from the poor . Thieves will never prosper ,and if the church is not with God it will fall . Your time is short . you will fall . Do not rob the poor to get personal gain . I am appealing to others out there do not fall for their trick. Remember there is a God who is beholding all things on his earth.

  2. Google actually has nothing to do with it. The scammers are just using their name. Try talking with your bank or credit card and see if they can reverse the charges.


  3. THIS IS SUCH BS. I HAVE BEEN CHARGED FOR MONTHS FOR THIS CRAP. I am VERY disappointed in Google for proliferating this type of FRAUD. Underneath is all GOOGLE is nothing but a money hungry group of greedy people. It makes me sick.

  4. Prosper University is in conjunction with Robert Allen. The one who promised to make $24,000 in 24 hours but over succeeded that amount and made something like 93K instead. This prosper university is where you go to learn what Robert Allen teaches which is endorsed by him as they work hand in hand.

  5. Here is the page from the Better Business Bureau concerning this scam… oh, and believe it o not, they have an “A” rating with the BBB. (This page lists several websites, DBA names, executive names, contact information and so on.


  6. Be aware that Prosper University/Success Network of Denver Colorado has more than one avenue through which they conduct this scam. Yahoo and Google have also been hit by this scam, which means it is likely that other popular sites are likely to be used.
    My husband checked into the work from home kit through Google and, in spite of his refusal to permit his credit card to be charged monthly, he had already given his credit card information. The charges first showed on our banking statements as “TSN Prosper University” with a charge of $39.95. My husband attempted to research the transaction without success. The second month we were charged the same amount but the payee was listed as PSP* Successnet along with the 800 number 888-783-7260 and the charge showed that it was linked to my husband’s credit/debit card. My husband phoned the number and a woman answered who informed him that the number belonged to a storage facility and that she had no knowledge of any business transaction through his credit card.
    I entered the given telephone number into the Google search engine and the response was link after link of complaints about the scam involving Prosper University.
    I did another Google search for successnet.com and found two possible culprit websites: successnetwork.com and successnet.org. I checked the two sites against the information I had found through the given toll-free number and discovered that the successnetwork.com site was the one associated with this scam, although the other website doesn’t appear too appealing, either.
    Rather than going through the hassle of attempting to communicate with the people behind the scam, I simply called our bank and canceled my husband’s credit/debit card and requested that a new one with a new number be issued to him. That means I will have to update his card information with the legitimate companies with which we do business, but I believe that this way will actually be simpler than trying to argue it out with the scammers.

  7. Steve,
    Thanks for updating me about this scam web site.Please, keep me posted about genuine “Telecommute work” info.

  8. Prosper university in concert with twitter is a scam. By paying for the cd at 3.98 you agree to be charged 49.98 per month. This is not spelled out in the offer but when your bank account gets hit you’ll be pissed off. Cancel this backdoor operation immediatly.

  9. I guess I got duped… I signed for twitter cash and I opened my e-mail and found 93 new e-mails all seem like spam. I do not want to send spam nor receive it. What should I do beside calling the number provided to cancel?

  10. You are right Deborah, I do believe that there are legitimate ways to make money on twitter. However, in my opinion, when an opportunity is too-good to-be-true, probably 7 out of 10 of them are scams.

    I noticed that Steve has other entries on his interview with the founder of Twitter Cash. Will definitely follow up on that!

    Steve, you just found yourself another loyal follower =)

  11. Dre,
    You are very fortunate to have found Steve’s “I’ve tried It” blog. I worry that Steve is so honest and provides incredible information that I don’t want him to stop! Again–I am not against people who see an opportunity to make money on twitter–it just my opion that I use twitter for polictics, news, and discussions. I am by no means critical of how others see twitter this is really just my opinion. If people can make money on twitter then by all means pursue it. In the meantime just check with Steve’s blog first!

  12. Thanks for the write up Steve, I am new to twitter and was curious when I received twits that people were earning big bucks on twitter and decided to follow the link that was posted and I stumbled upon the twitter cash website. You get so much money just buy paying $49? Sounded too good to be true. I Googled it and it led me to your blog. I think you have some great stuff here!

    Deborah, thanks for your insight as well. I also did the IQ test thing on fb as well and to my surprise at the end of it, i was asked to key in my mobile number. I left without obtaining my IQ score and also without leaving my number. I still have fb to stay in touch with my friends.

  13. Deborah Linsley says:

    First of all thank you again Steve for continuing to advise your loyal readers of the newest work at home scams, unethical promises and how to get your money back should you ever have a brain lapse and give out your credit card information. I especially appreciate the offers you have made recently to set up blogs or submit ideas.
    I wanted to respond to today’s email regarding Twitter and people trying to make money through this media. Overall I find the quality of people that use twitter are serious about their use of twitter and see it more than that a social networking site but a place to interact in short tweets, post articles of interest with appropriate hash tags and do not want to be bombarded with “how to make a million a day” tweeters. I am actually irritated when I received a marketing link in a tweet. I have to admit that I saw no use to FaceBook or Myspace except a waste of time. If I may digress for a minute, I would like to just add one thing about FB. I read the full TOS when they were placed on the defensive for changing their TOS to include the fact that they own any and all information that is placed on their site. Even after FB made a big deal about returning to their original TOS and no matter what FB publicly states, they still own your information–they can sugar coat legalese but I understand legalese. The other thing to beware of on FB is when you are so called “challenged” or intimidated by your friends to take the IQ test or any of the others that appear to be legitimate, if you took the time to read the fine print and take the test you will find that by taking the test, providing your cell phone number for your results, that you have just authorized this service to now charge your cell phone bill $9.99 a month. Note that you will then get some random texts that for me did not make sense, such as poll questions or stupid opinion questions. I was not able to connect the dots at first until I received my cell phone bill and then the light bulb went off. When I investigated I discovered what they were doing and after contacting Sprint who has been my carrier for years (loyalty counts in customer service) I had two months of these charges reversed and a block placed on my phone. I canceled FB immediately. But twitter was instantly addicting to me and a great tool. I am very political and it is quick, instantaneous and amazing the information that can be decimated in seconds around the world. I knew the scams would come and some advice for those using twitter–you don’t have to follow everyone or allow them to follow you–please fee free to use the block key. very liberally. lf I happen to get one of those marketing tweets the sender is put on an immediate block. I use twitter for information and interaction with other tweeple of similar political mind sets–but if I get burned out on politics and news I use a different hash tag and I am off to the world of classical music or art. Two things I depend on daily–Twitter and FeedDemon–quick, easy and on point. I have “I’ve Tried That” in my RSS Feeds but I still like getting the daily email.

    Obviously I do not know the meaning of concise and am working on an idea for a blog–maybe that is my next calling!!

    Thanks to all at I’ve Tried That–great work!

  14. I wouldn’t think that Twitter itself would be a viable source of actual income — maybe if they had something similar to Adsense to put on a person’s homepage, then it would be possible. If nothing else, Twitter is an amazing way to draw immense (free) traffic to a website: in less than a week I’ve gotten over 600 followers using one very simple strategy. I set up a responder to automatically send a message when a person follows me, and it includes a link to an affiliate offer. In that short timeframe I’ve gotten over 100 clicks that I know are directly from Twitter. Any marketers that aren’t using Twitter should get on board!


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