Today’s post is inspired by Ala, who has discovered the hard way that data entry “jobs” are scams.

Dear Steve and Joe,

I would like to inform you about my own experience. I am a scam victim. I paid the membership fee for this website and they claimed to refund you if you are not satisfied. And really i wasn’t satisfied because all that they claimed about the earnings and jobs were a big LIE. Then i sent many and many emails to GREG MORRISSON. He is the one who promised people money, but till now I have never gotten any reply from them. THEY DON’T REFUND YOU AND NEVER PROVIDE ANY HELP AS THEY CLAIMED.THEY PROVIDE A LIST OF SCAMMED COMPANIES ONLY

It’s true, Ala, there is no Santa Claus. And there is no way to make $1,200 by just typing up four ads, which is what the Web site claims. The site has a little calculator where you type in the number of ads you think you can create in a day. Each one takes 5-10 minutes to write, they say. I figured I could write 40 per day. That’s only six hours! According to the BS calculator at, with 40 ads I could make $12,000 per day. That’s $365,000 per month. Around $4,320,000 per year.

“Could” is the key word. I could also become Mr. Universe and could marry Megan Fox and we could retire to Fiji. But it ain’t gonna happen. (At least, not the Megan Fox and Fiji parts. Mr. Universe might still happen.)

Data entry “jobs” as they’re advertised online are not jobs at all. They’re affiliate marketing programs. If you’re lucky, the program you give your money to (DataPCJobs costs $37) will show you how to sign up for a Clickbank account and other affiliate accounts, and then show you how to post advertisements.

But to call these a “job” is just a lie. Because in a job, you get paid. With these crappy programs, you only get paid IF someone clicks on one of your advertisements, AND THEN makes a purchase. Maybe 3 in 100 people that click your ad make a purchase. That’s a pretty crappy hourly wage if a job is what you’re looking for.

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  • Agnes

    No data entry job site is what they say. Nor are the email processing sites. They are simply affiliate marketing. If you’re good at it, you’ll earn. If no, otherwise. These sites just direct you to Clickbank or Paydotcom, and you don’t need to pay your entry fee to do that. DataPCJobs claim to have training videos, but I coudn’t get them to work.

  • okeke

    i get people sending me links to datapc jobs and other online programmes. do these people even try out these programmes before they ask others to join them?

  • Marie-Jeanne

    Might be all true what you write, only that, as far as I understand, the calculator shows the montly income based on the number of daily ads that you can post.
    I wrote an e-mail to the datapcjobs support and still wait for a reply. Of course I did that before paying the requested fee, so even if I don’t get an answer … I don’t loose anything!
    Do you have direct experience with this promised job?
    Thank you.

    • Joe

      It’s not a job, Marie-Jeanne. You will be posting advertisements. And you aren’t paid per ad that you post. You are only paid if someone buys whatever the ad is selling after clicking on your ad.

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