We love Niche Blitzkrieg. It’s a great way for absolute beginners to learn how to setup a basic website, populate it with content, and make money from it. We’ve done a full Niche Blitzkrieg review in the past and about two months ago, I decided to revisit the program, setup a few sites of my own, and track my progress on the site.

Well about two weeks in, the in-depth review became less of a priority as other projects entered my work space. I may have spent a day or two here and there by the pool when I should have been working, but there’s no way of possibly knowing for sure.

The past is long behind us and I’m here today to say that the in-depth review is now back on track. My plans are to finish the first niche website I’ve started this week. I want to hopefully have it ranked in the search engines by the weekend and making money by early next week. I also have ideas for two more sites I plan to launch. I’ve already bought the domain name for one of the sites and will have that up and running as soon as I finish the first site I’ve started. The review is seriously back on track.

If you’re just hearing about Niche Blitzkrieg for the first time now, then here are the posts you need to read in order to catch up.

  1. Our initial Niche Blitzkrieg Review.
  2. My first post on revisiting Niche Blitzkrieg.
  3. Niche Blitzkrieg Update: 06/04/09

That’s where I currently stand. I’ll have update for you later this week. Until then, stay tuned, and click here to learn more about Niche Blitzkrieg.

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Last Updated: August 10, 2009

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  • Karen

    Thanks, your reviews on Nich Blitzkrieg were helpful .I learned about it on the website http://www.workathometruth.com where Michael Brown also discusses an easier product called Mega Classified Millions. I’m considering that as well as blogging . Is there a better way among the two?
    Karen the newbie

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