Are All Google Scams Based in Utah?

Last summer we celebrated the FTC’s action against Infusion Media, the company scumbags responsible for Google Money Tree, Google Treasure Chest, and others.

I discovered that Google Money Tree was supposedly run from an office building a mile or two from my former office. (By the way, and this won’t surprise you, those jerks have yet to pay any of the $42,000 fine that Utah hit them with. Maybe they’re broke from issuing refunds?)

Now Google has filed suit against another Utah company, Pacific Web Works, for running similar “negative option” scams under such names as Google AdWork, Google Profits, Google Startup Kit, Google Biz Kit, and more. And this company, PWW? Yeah, about a mile from my new office.

Read the news story here. The article includes a PDF link where you can download and read the full complaint. And if you want to watch the locals throw mud at each other, which is always amusing, read the comments after the article.

One commenter on the story linked first adds this:

Pacific Webworks listed the same phone number (801-578-9020) as one of the companies scamming people using the Google name-Google Treasure Chest. Other names that Pacific Webworks used, according to the Better Buisness Bureau, are,,,,,, your, and

It’s About Time

The TX Attorney General, the FTC, and a class action suit in Illinois all beat Google to the punch. What took them so long? Companies have been illegally using Google trademarks for at least two years and Google is finally getting around to suing? How many people have become scam victims while Google bean counters tried to figure out if legal action was cost effective?

Better late than never, I suppose.

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  • Joshua

    Good info. guys keep it up. Glad to see that Google is getting sick of having their name run thru the dirt and is now returning fire.

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