Wow, it feels like only yesterday I was posting about the worst scam attempt ever. Here we are a whole… 24… hours… later with another scammer who wants a crack at the title.

Over at the Consumerist, they wrote a post featuring an attempted fake check scam that used the McDonalds name and the “French Fry Trust.”

A friend who works for Wells Fargo passed this scam check along, from a company calling itself “McDonalds French Fry Trust.” The check is accompanied by a letter that asks victims to pay $945 to the sender as a commission after the check is cashed.

What would likely happen if you went through with the plan, one imagines, is that you’d deposit the check, get stung with a bad check fee and lose the $945 on top of it.

Also, folks, remember the Hamburgler is not the wallet inspector. That would be Grimace.

And a copy of the check…

French Fry Trust

I wouldn’t have believed the story if there wasn’t an actual picture of the check. Do we have a new worst attempt at a scam ever? What do you guys think?

Read more: The ConsumeristNo, McDonald’s Is Not Trying To Give You $5K

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Last Updated: February 12, 2010

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  • Nakeem

    OMG OMG OMG!! This Lady Lisa Procter Called me today and told me to come in for an Interview at 10am And bring Her 100.00 and I did research and she is a scammer I should go to the interview with the police this lady needs to b stopped :(

  • John

    My wife just got the same check in the mail…for 959.24 and asking for a $500 commission….but her Social security numbe ris on it!!!

  • April

    I received the same check yesterday and immediately knew it was a scam and trashed it. The fact that they have your social is enough to cause someone to go postal. Unfortnately the idiots didnt leave a phone number better luck next time scam wanna bees. Anybody who actually tried to cash it or is thinking about it, just remember nobody is gonna send u money for the hell of it.

  • B

    I just received a letter for $959.71 as a grant an not a loan. Then after I deposited this an send Lisa Procter her 5% comission ($500), then she would send me a check for the remaining balance. She even said if I didnt pay her the comission it would go on my credit… Glad I googled an researched before I was embarrassed at the bank.

  • Chris

    – I received one of these and laughed until I realized that my social security number was on it!! Now I’m pissed. Mine was signed by a Lisa Procter.

  • Nik

    I got one of these checks as well. I just laughed hysterically.

  • gail

    I want to thank you for having this site. My mother n law just got this letter, man it would have been nice to have that money. lol. we threw it away. Thank you again for letting people know about the scams.

  • Louise welch
    Louise welch

    I just got the same check for $951.00 and asking to send Marilyn Richie $410.00 and then I will recieve a balance of $9,049.00…Sad that someone does this kind of thing to people who are poor and down on their luck…Really makes a day a sad thing….

  • Jamar

    I got this same check in the mail just yesterday. It was for $958.22, but the person that sent me the check said after I deposited it, and sent them their commission of $408, they would send me the rest of the money of $9,041.48. the person that sent it, her name is Marilyn Ritchie an independent grant broker with the GREENDOT Aid Plan

  • Steve

    Consumerist says it was a bank teller that tipped them off on the fake check, meaning someone actually tried to cash it.

    Sad, but true.

  • Storm

    Do people really believe these checks are real? Lmao – this is just too funny!

  • Jon

    Sheesh, you know I haven’t seen this one but last year I received one check from a Chicago,IL bank for some Mystery Shopping company that wanted me to deposite their check into my bank account then withdraw the same amount. Next go shopping at certain stores and go to Western Union and pick one person(of a couple names listed) they named that is a manager for them in another state and send them a certain amount of money ,then fill out a survey on how the customer service was at the stores and western union office then mail back to a PO Box address. I reported it to the local police dept. but never heard anything back.

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