We all hit that low point every now and again. It sucks, but you can start the climb out of it today by doing some reading.

Man vs. Debt lists quite a few blogs that can help you pay off your debt, get organized, do what you love, and much, much more. It’s a great list that’s entirely worth looking through if you’re in need of some inspiration.

Here’s a small sample of a few blogs in the list. I’ve actually been following these same blogs for years.

Sell Your Crap

Leading blogs focusing on simplicity, minimalism, clutter, and/or organization.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits was the first official blog I ever followed consistently. Actually, it was Leo who turned me onto personal finance blogs like Get Rich Slowly and The Simple Dollar early on. Leo has been driving the online Simplicity-movement for years now and shows no signs of stopping. If you are new to Zen Habits, I suggest starting with the Zen Habits Guided Tour Leo has put together. There is some truly remarkable content buried within this site!

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project is both a blog and a best-selling book by Gretchen Rubin. While the Happiness Project (both the blog and the book) covers all facets of happiness, Gretchen devotes a big portion of the beginning of the book to talking about how she attacked the “clutter” in her life (I nodded my head the first several chapters)! Gretchen does an amazing job of engaging her community, asking for input, and reaching out via video. The Best of The Happiness Project page contains popular links on everything from Clutter to Relationships. Start there!


Unclutterer is a blog edited and run by Erin Doland. Almost all of the content on the blog is extremely tangible (how-to’s, gidgets, gadgets, or specific information) and the far majority is focused on either decluttering or organizing in some fashion.

Click here and check out the full list now.

There is a bit of a downside here though. It’s good to follow a few blogs, but be careful that you don’t get too wrapped up in reading and following up dates. You still need to allocate time to doing! Pick a handful of blogs to follow that you feel would benefit you best. You don’t need to read every little piece of advice that’s out there.

What blogs do you follow on a regular basis (besides this one, of course)?

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  • Gabby

    Wow! I spent my afternoon on these links. These are great, especially Zen Habits, so fun. So now I spend my evening on action. Very valuable advice.

  • robyn

    great post and great blogs. i have joined some because i need information/help with things. thanks for sharing.

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