Is a Scam?

Ah the old, “I make millions of dollars online and now you can too for just $27” trick. Their advertising must be working because this has been one of the most requested programs for me to review in a long time.

Let’s take a look around, shall we?

Is the Six Figure Program at a Scam?

It’s a program put together by two guys named Dave Clabeaux and Ben Moskel. These guys have been advertising very heavily lately. The very first thing they claim is that they make $1.2 million dollars per year and sometimes make $22,000 in a single day. These are seriously the very first claims they make.

Ben learned how to make all this money online after he found out that a coworker of his was making $10,000 a month with just one simple website. They talked and his coworker gave him her “one simple trick” and after just a few hours of work was able to start making $300/day following his coworkers system. Two years later he quit his job and now wants to sell you this secret for just $27.

Man does this one stink.

Let’s ask two rather obvious questions:

1. Ben starts his story about how miserable his job was and how he hated his boss. Yet he has a coworker that makes over $120,000 per year from one website and yet the coworker still works at his company. Why wouldn’t she quit?

2. Ben was able to start making over $300/day (again that’s a six-figure yearly salary) but still worked at a job he hated for 2 more years? Why wouldn’t HE quit?

Ben goes on to talk about how the Six Figure Program at isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it’s only for motivated people. He then backs up this statement by showing checks reaching well into the five figures that he received by doing relatively no work. Of course, any identifying information is blacked out meaning these checks could have been issued to just about anyone.

There’s not much left on the sales page after that. A few questionable testimonials, some more pictures of money, and then a sign up box. I did wander over to the FAQ section and found these two gems tucked in there…

How Long Before I Start Making Money?
The Six-Figure-Program shows you exactly what to do to immediately start making money. If you follow the instructions you can realistically receive your first commission check within about 7-10 days.

I See a lot of “Get Rich Quick” Schemes – is your Product like them?
We are not a scam! There are a great number of people who will sell you the latest “get rich quick scheme.” These people will tell you that you can get rich by selling garbage on E-Bay or Investing in real estate with no money down. Those programs are all the same: they promise you the moon, but never deliver a thing. Most of these programs tell you that you will get rich, but never actually tell you what you will actually be doing!

Ick, this one doesn’t smell pleasant. I can’t see how you could possibly be receiving checks 7-10 days after you join. Given my experience with affiliate companies and how they operate this is not even remotely realistic. Do you know how much work it takes to start an affiliate marketing business? I also love how they think making $300/day within just a few days isn’t considered get rich quick. I really wish I could join their fantasy world.

Should You Join

I think we both know the answer to that.

I had every intention to actually sign up and review the information they sold. I entered a unique name and email address specifically for this program. It was a requirement to view the order page. I didn’t sign up right away, but they did capture some of my personal information.

Within a few MINUTES, I found two emails tucked away in my spam folder. One was advertising personal online coaching from a company called Prosper and another was a link to my first “home job kit.” This link took me to a fake news website and advertised fake work at home jobs. These sites are exact replicas of the fake news sites being shut down by the FTC.

The mere fact that these two guys are peddling these scams is enough of a reason for me NOT to give them my credit card information. I absoltuely will not be taking a look inside this one. Instead, I’ll turned to some real reviews by real people who have actually signed up for the program.

I wasn’t surprised to find that mostly every one who signed up had a complaint to file. The most common complaints are…

  1. The information you receive for $27 is very basic affiliate marketing information found free anywhere on the web.
  2. You’re just going to be continually sold products.
  3. Support is very hard to get a hold of and often rude at times.
  4. It’s all just a ploy to get you signed up for more products.
  5. It’s very hard to get a refund.

Not ONCE did I read a positive report where someone was able to earn any money follow their system, let alone in the “realistic 7-10 days” claim made by these guys.

Let’s get one thing straight though. Internet/Affiliate Marketing DOES work. It’s not easy, especially when you’re just starting out. You cannot decide to start an Internet Marketing business and realistically expect to start making thousands of dollars per day.

Please do not buy into the hype.

If you’ve had any experiences with, please leave a comment/review below.