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Is a Scam?

Ah the old, “I make millions of dollars online and now you can too for just $27” trick. Their advertising must be working because this has been one of the most requested programs for me to review in a long time.

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Let’s take a look around, shall we?

Is the Six Figure Program at a Scam?

It’s a program put together by two guys named Dave Clabeaux and Ben Moskel. These guys have been advertising very heavily lately. The very first thing they claim is that they make $1.2 million dollars per year and sometimes make $22,000 in a single day. These are seriously the very first claims they make.

Ben learned how to make all this money online after he found out that a coworker of his was making $10,000 a month with just one simple website. They talked and his coworker gave him her “one simple trick” and after just a few hours of work was able to start making $300/day following his coworkers system. Two years later he quit his job and now wants to sell you this secret for just $27.

Man does this one stink.

Let’s ask two rather obvious questions:

1. Ben starts his story about how miserable his job was and how he hated his boss. Yet he has a coworker that makes over $120,000 per year from one website and yet the coworker still works at his company. Why wouldn’t she quit?

2. Ben was able to start making over $300/day (again that’s a six-figure yearly salary) but still worked at a job he hated for 2 more years? Why wouldn’t HE quit?

Ben goes on to talk about how the Six Figure Program at isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it’s only for motivated people. He then backs up this statement by showing checks reaching well into the five figures that he received by doing relatively no work. Of course, any identifying information is blacked out meaning these checks could have been issued to just about anyone.

There’s not much left on the sales page after that. A few questionable testimonials, some more pictures of money, and then a sign up box. I did wander over to the FAQ section and found these two gems tucked in there…

How Long Before I Start Making Money?
The Six-Figure-Program shows you exactly what to do to immediately start making money. If you follow the instructions you can realistically receive your first commission check within about 7-10 days.

I See a lot of “Get Rich Quick” Schemes – is your Product like them?
We are not a scam! There are a great number of people who will sell you the latest “get rich quick scheme.” These people will tell you that you can get rich by selling garbage on E-Bay or Investing in real estate with no money down. Those programs are all the same: they promise you the moon, but never deliver a thing. Most of these programs tell you that you will get rich, but never actually tell you what you will actually be doing!

Ick, this one doesn’t smell pleasant. I can’t see how you could possibly be receiving checks 7-10 days after you join. Given my experience with affiliate companies and how they operate this is not even remotely realistic. Do you know how much work it takes to start an affiliate marketing business? I also love how they think making $300/day within just a few days isn’t considered get rich quick. I really wish I could join their fantasy world.

Should You Join

I think we both know the answer to that.

I had every intention to actually sign up and review the information they sold. I entered a unique name and email address specifically for this program. It was a requirement to view the order page. I didn’t sign up right away, but they did capture some of my personal information.

Within a few MINUTES, I found two emails tucked away in my spam folder. One was advertising personal online coaching from a company called Prosper and another was a link to my first “home job kit.” This link took me to a fake news website and advertised fake work at home jobs. These sites are exact replicas of the fake news sites being shut down by the FTC.

The mere fact that these two guys are peddling these scams is enough of a reason for me NOT to give them my credit card information. I absoltuely will not be taking a look inside this one. Instead, I’ll turned to some real reviews by real people who have actually signed up for the program.

I wasn’t surprised to find that mostly every one who signed up had a complaint to file. The most common complaints are…

  1. The information you receive for $27 is very basic affiliate marketing information found free anywhere on the web.
  2. You’re just going to be continually sold products.
  3. Support is very hard to get a hold of and often rude at times.
  4. It’s all just a ploy to get you signed up for more products.
  5. It’s very hard to get a refund.

Not ONCE did I read a positive report where someone was able to earn any money follow their system, let alone in the “realistic 7-10 days” claim made by these guys.

Let’s get one thing straight though. Internet/Affiliate Marketing DOES work. It’s not easy, especially when you’re just starting out. You cannot decide to start an Internet Marketing business and realistically expect to start making thousands of dollars per day.

Please do not buy into the hype.

If you’ve had any experiences with, please leave a comment/review below.

36 thoughts on “Is a Scam?”

  1. I had purchase the sixfigure program and thought this was cool to promote my business. Well I didn’t like that I couldn’t change the site to my liking or add my own pictures in it. I was told it was the most viewed and success to leave there photos on the web page. I not only paid for the site and had to pay for the host but now I come to see that my web site is all messed up , not lined up the way i had it and I try to go into the site to edit and I can’t even do that. Now I find that there site is shut down and I am pissed. Now I look further to find this story and others how we been tricked to pay for this and not have a decent product to show for. If these people where living nearby oh what will I do to them….. yeah so now I am stuck without repairing my site. Thanks for your review if only I knew this sooner. I would like to be involved in any class action suit if anyone knows how to go about it. Thanks.

  2. I purchased the kit on September 2010, all I spent was $29 and purchased hostgator for $89 and renewed hostgator for another $89 the past October 2012. I just realized a week ago they dropped me off and now I am unable to get into the website codes to update my website and also I am unable to get into the hostgator to get the auth code to transfer domain name to another host. I keep sending Ben and Dave emails for an explanation of what is going on and they keep coming back to me saying that does not exist.

  3. my son and I spent the money for domain name and web site which now I can not access. money that I could not afford to spend looking to make a few dollars being a single mom taking care of my family on one I am out the website and money..I happen to agree with all of the folks that have left comments here what I want to know is am I out the money i spent for a domain name and website or can i recoop my money? I really what to have an extra income..sad very sad….

  4. I have done this as per their videos for 6 months and it does not work, not a bit. Now I cant access my websites because my login was through them and I am unable to work on it or access it at all. I am now getting no links to them whatsoever and emails are coming back… bloody …heads!! They could at least leave our websites in tact. I have to start all over. If anyone knows how to get to my website without them, can you let me know. thanks. DON’T do the BEN & DAVE shit, it certainly stinks and their support was just awful! Well, actually it was worse than that – it was NIL!!

  5. First I would like to say to everyone that feels “stupid”. I hear you, but give yourself some credit for trying to find a way to make money. I don’t think most people, me included, thought there wouldn’t be any work involved. But after listening to them stumbling through their videos and working for hours to set up blogs, emails and setting up my website, my site was down for over a week. It is down again now and when you go to work on it under Ben and Dave’s Program (why isn’t it under Smart Puppy?) it won’t open. Gateway 502 error which is on their end. The first time my site went down I contacted both Ben and Dave and Smart Puppy, I never received and answer from either parties (I consider Ben and Dave one entity). I was also charged $14 for something that I have no idea what it is or when I ordered it, but it was right after my other charges.
    Before signing up I did a quick check online for complaints and I wasn’t thorough enough. I have since found a BBB review page on them from Rochester New York. Here is the link:

    They gave them a rating of an F. There have been 66 complaints filed against them, 32 were serious.

    I would love to have all the time I spent on this, because I truly believed that if I had the opportunity to put as much effort into my own business as I have done for employers that I would do okay. I never expect to be one of the SUPERSTARS that makes millions but I would have liked to have made something!!

    Thanks for being one of the good guys Steve!!!

  6. These guys also took me for a ride. Their hosting company is a scam also. I lost my domain name and all work as they will not give me the author. # to transfer my domain. Smart puppy hosting phone number is a phone sex hotline. they have never answered my emails or phone calls. Ditto for dave and bens program….

  7. Yes they are a BIG SCAM! And they make their money when they tell you to use the hosting site they recommend. Well thats because the set up the fake hosting site and you pay for it and they actually get the money. If you notice in alot of these posts there are different hosting sites they recommend. Thats because they keep changing the name. I have never talked to anyone at Smart Puppy Hosting which is the one they were using when I was scammed by them. I feel really stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi…I got the free dvd… inside of the envelop were a sheet of paper that said something like”you have only 48 hrs to order” now I know that I was so lucky at the moment that I got pneumonia and spend almost 2 weeks in the hospital, of course now I have a huge bill to pay…You think I’m crazy ?? well let me tell you that when I saw the dvd I tried to get communication with theme explaining my situation with the hope that they give me another chance,but they never return my call or answer my email…THANK GOD !! I’m hispanic and you can notice that my english is not good,but I like to do my best and try…Thank you so much for this information…I’m mother of 2, my work (cleaning houses) is the only work that let me help to my kids with home works and take care of them, and this guys take advantage from the people who is desperate because the horrible economic situation. Thank you.

  9. I bought into the $27 scam and I’m a witness that these guys are up to no good… Keep up the good work brother… We need to expose these guys and hopefully the Feds or some law enforcement agency can put them where the need to be.


  11. To all those that have been taken you have no recourse to get your money back from ben and daves or smart puppy hosting. the best we all can do is publicize these jerks all over the internet to keep others from getting scammed

  12. After 3 days ben and daves stopped working with me as did their hosting partner smartpuppy. I cant even get smartpuppy to give me an auth code to transfer my domain name to another host. once they get your money they dump you . Stay away

  13. Ben and Daves program is a complete scam. I thought it looked honest but I fell for it. After just 4 days of trying to put up the website I received from them, I started running into technical issues. The service provider, Smart Puppy, states on their home page that they provide 24/7 technical support. However, when I tried to reach them, I found that they are only open M-F from 9:00 to 5:00.
    I still haven’t received a return call or a response to my emails asking for assistance. I will be canceling everything to do with them tomorrow.

  14. Thank you for your information. I was planning on ordering this program because the two guys seemed really honest and unlike other home jobs I actually believed what they were saying. I guess few are honest this days. I did order their video which was free but I ain’t wasting 27 dollars on a scam crap. They need to be put in jail for lying like that to people. Because it’s not fair people like this take advantage of our misery with no jobs and hard life. Shame on them. Hope they take all this scam programs away.

  15. yes after i purchase the web site and paid the $27 i still havent made a dime. also one week later the sales girl wanted me to buy some more product from them. i said why do i need to buy more product she reply you just have the basic setup. in order to make more you have to spend more. long story short please dont fell in this trap. Thanks!Gerry Loveday Its a “scam”

  16. sixfigureprogram is a scam. My boyfriend and I just bought the product and while reading the book, there are many typos and errors. We are trying to get our money asap and hope that that is all they take from us. Considering that fact that they have our credit card information. After we purchased the program we were then directed to buy there hosting site and could not do anything unless we purchased it. I really will we had of reviewed some of these site before purchasing it.

  17. Please some tell me how do I Cancel it. I should be recieving the box packet with the CD and booklet. I know I can just return it with no questions asked? but I also spent more. ? Help

  18. Hi, I am going to share my story with you and anyone who decides to read it so I stop feeling stupid inside. I lost my job this past March and decide to research on line for working at home. Yes, I bought into Six Figure Program and lost $47.00 (DVD and E-book). Oh no it does not stop there lol I truly thought I would receive the help whe I purchased my domain name at Hostgator costing me: $178.20 because I was getting this great 25% discount for joining Six Figure Program. Yes a joke I was taken again but still not done with being scammed. Mind you I watched the DVD, read the easy to follow E-book along with taking notes. Had trouble applying the new tools learn to a website not ready to use. I contacted Hostgator and they just refer you to their training material section on their website. Now a new company called contacts me and promises of teaching me how to put a website together. Lol yes you read that I am laughing at myself due to more promises made and more money taken from me $600 down. I was to receive a personal coach just so you know 4 coaching sessions that were simply short 30 minutes sessions. My coach barely shared what he was successful at and gave me a couple of tasks to complete until next short session that was a waste of time for me and him. Again, I learn nothing received no help except more sharks contacting me to bleed me of funds I did not have or could afford. Hey did I tell you the program costs $2,600 + interests? Yes, put $600 down they give you a month before payments start at $183.35 a month to another company that they do not tell you about. Two key learnings: 3 days only to get a refund back for my $600. Monterey Financial Services harasses you daily when you discovered you have been scammed and you are not sending them any money. I did just that I stopped payments that they attempted to take out of my bank account. I told Wells Fargo that MFS is a fraud so I was lucky to get my $183.35 back. I filed with the Utah Better Business on The fight started in May and ended last week with no refund of my $600 and MFS stopped with their harassing daily phone calls. I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs as well but no refund was given back from, Six Figure Program or Hostgator. Yes I was scammed and taken for approx $1,000 over all. I finally forgive myself and feel maybe my story will help others from not losing money like I did.

  19. Oh my goodness, I should have listened! I ordered this program and as soon as I watched the first two online presentations, I knew it was crap. All they do is sell, and then they want you to buy ANOTHER product for $100 — some stupid puppy website creator. I’ve emailed them three times and have actually contacted my bank and filed a dispute against them. I think we should all ban together and file a class action suit — that would fix them! I may also file an online complaint with the FBI’s online fraud department. It’s only $27, but STILL — if enough of us are getting scammed, they are making too much money!

  20. I listened to the DVD that was sent to me for free from the six figureprogram. But, having lost money in the past I decided to check these guys out. I’m glad I did. Because I took the time to look at the people and the so called business I now know that it is a scam and I found this site as well which led me to the workathomenoscam site. Great work!

  21. Thank you for posting this! I took their so-called “teleseminar” a few weeks ago in which they promised a run down of affiliate marketing. What I got was a giant sales pitch and a lot of hype. What turned me off was the amount of money they promised. I know there’s money to be made online, but not THAT much THAT fast as a newbie. Not to mention the daily calls i got from Prosper after that. They called the # i called in on which isnt even my #, nor did i want them calling me back on it. Im really angry about tht one – apparently so are they that i haven’t signed up bc the messages they leave are getting increasingly hostile. I want a way to supplement my income online and work from home but I have no clue where to start. It’d be nice if the scammers could drop the racket so the real programs and courses can help people like myself who aren’t looking for get-rich-quick and don’t mind a little elbow grease. Keep up the good, informative work!

  22. Alas I fell for their pitch as they sounded diferrent from others. They are the ultimate con artist. The sad thing about these type actions is that you cannot take a chance even on legitimate programs. I think they should be jailed and kept away from honest society. They are the scum of the earth and should be held in complete contempt. We learn from our mistakes.

  23. i purchase the program for 27 dollars i would like my refund after seeing how this looks like a true scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I bought the $27 package from six figure income and watch all of their training videos which did not teach me how to become an affiliate. I bought their Jetsetter program that has a monthly cost to receive each month more training CD’s The first 8 CD’s were double talk on how to get on facebook twitter and youtube and use these to build a list of clientele that I could get to my website and they could look at the various affliliate companies that were on my website. That is a bunch of crap, I was never able to get any affliliate programs to my website because they never taught me how. I was told all I had to do was E-mail Dave or Ben for help and they would answer me with the info I needed. They have not answered the first E-mail. We need to shut these scam artist down!!!

  25. Thanks Steve, I appreciate the information you provided on this subject. I am somehow trying to find something I can do from home to earn money. Are there any available?

  26. STEVE Thank you! I am a follower of the Lord and have found myself through situations beyond my control; have found myself out of work and due to todays econonmy and my religious convictions, I have been unable to obtain work i have plans to advance my career but right now I just need to make my bills which are not bad under a $1000.00 but that is kind of tough to do on no income I have been researching on line and you have saved me …saved me from spending money I don’t have…thank you Lord you answered my prayers to keep from getting taken and THANK YOU Steve! Thank you for being His vessel to keep me from making huge mistakes may you be bless abundantly you are a good man…!

  27. I wish I had read this before today but at least I read it. I stupidly bought the $27 item and to this day, I’ve wondered if this offer was a scam. THANK YOU for finally putting my mind to rest. I’m going to start reading your comments faithfully as I did think, aside from what you said, they “appeared” normal and nice ………the Internet is so full of great scam guys that when you get 20 offers a day, it’s hard to know if they’re decent or not. I’m now unsubscribing from every new offer I can get my hands on time permitting and it’s SO nice to find someone who is truly ethical.
    Corinne Larimore


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