Quick Summary of The Golden Touch

Rating: 0.5 No proof, no names, and no testimonials make me want to give this system a big fat zero.

The Good: The snappy music during the sales pitch.

The Bad: The software creators couldn't even be bothered to provide their full names- yet they want you to deposit at least $200 with their recommended broker.

The Bottom Line: Stay far away from this scam software and invest your hard-earned money in a real business opportunity.

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The Golden Touch Review

Now that I regularly review all sorts of binary options trading scams, my inbox has been inundated with more and more offers claiming that I can “make money in my sleep” or make “$X in just minutes per day” using some kind of auto-trader, app or other software.

Obviously, not only do scam affiliates have you download sham software products, they also sell your name to other scam affiliates.

Case in point: I recently received an email asking me “How does $492 per day sound to you? Make an extra $14,760 over the next 2 month.” You know, the usual get-rich-quick schpeel.

When I clicked on this email’s call-to-action link, I was directed to the following page:


What is The Golden Touch?

The Golden Touch is yet another automated trading robot that will “change your life” by performing automated binary options calls or puts on stocks, commodities, currencies, etc. This is the line fed to you by Roger (no last name), anyway. Here is the best photo/introduction you get to the guy who supposedly went from being a “broke and unemployed failure” to “rich and retired:”


Roger knew nothing about options and trading. Luckily, Roger had some good friends. Dan (no last name) is a second generation trader who knows “trading like I know the back of my hand.” Matt (no last name) is a computer programmer who has worked for Google and Facebook.

Here are the best available screen shots of Dan and Matt, respectively. Apparently, these guys were too shy or busy to look into the camera.



Together, the Roger/Dan/Matt trio created “a full automatic completely self-contained ridiculously easy to use and insanely profitable piece of software” and named it The Golden Touch. Because, according to Matt, the software made him feel like Aladdin or King Midas.


The Golden Touch is Fool’s Gold

Lest we forget, both the stories of Aladdin and King Midas are fables. Does The Golden Touch software also fall into the category of a fable?

To begin with, there is no explanation of how the software actually works. Some bots operate via proprietary algorithms, but all Roger says about The Golden Touch is that it analyses market trends (like iPhone’s popularity) and uses these trends to predict profitable commodity, future and currency directions. In fact, the software is so powerful that it will “never make a trade unless you’re guaranteed a profit.”

That’s a rather amazing claim. Some auto-traders are guaranteed a 90, 93 or 98% accuracy rate. But a full 100% accuracy rate?

If I sound a bit skeptical, it’s because I feel that a 100% accurate trading software would be making some rather big news by now. Wayback Machine shows that The Golden Touch website has been public since March 14th of this year. In over two months of time, The Golden Touch should’ve made several hundred millionaires. It should’ve been featured on news programs and certainly on other binary options websites.

And yet, a quick Google search of this software turns up very little in terms of news. There are a few published sales pages and that’s about it.

Likewise, The Golden Touch provides little credible proof that the software can make these amazing predictions, or even that it actually exists. Some auto-traders feature glowing customer testimonials or live trading footage. The Golden Touch provides neither.

Finally, most of the published sales pages redirect the reader to the BinaryOptions24 website, which in addition to advertising The Golden Touch, also advertises binary options trading scams like Mad Max ProfitsWonder Clicks and Confirmed Profits.

Birds of a feather usually flock together.

Is The Golden Touch simply a hidden gem? Doubtful. When you input your name and email, you are directed to Magnum Options, a U.K.-based brokerage that makes no reference at all to any sort of binary options software. Only The Golden Touch sales page mentions how you’ll be able to access the software once you sign up for an account and make at least a $200 deposit. But how can you be sure that this will actually happen?

On Magnum Option’s About Us tab, you also learn that the brokerage provides up to 81% payouts. That means that the brokerage is taking a nearly 20% commission on successful calls/puts. That’s a huge chunk of change for a brokerage to charge. And by stating “up to 81%,” this is hinting that the brokerage could take an even larger portion of your winnings.

To be fair, the brokerage also pays back 10% of the invested money if the call/put expires out-of-the-money.

Where’s the money really coming from?

The Golden Touch, like many dubious binary options auto-traders, doesn’t operate by making successful predictions on commodities, futures or currencies. Instead, this “software” is simply a ruse used by scam affiliates to get people to sign up for a select brokerage account. Once such an account is created, the affiliate makes a hefty commission.

Case in point is the $275 commission paid out via the Clicksure affiliate network:

golden touch

On the Clicksure network, you’ll also locate a series of sales pages, unverified customer testimonials, and spammy emails that can instantly be plugged into any kind of affiliate sales campaign.

This is not the way that a winning software company operates or generates customer interest.

The final analysis? Stay away.

The Golden Touch auto-trader has the classic look-and-feel of a binary options trading scam. Nothing is explained about the software and how it works. The software “developers” aren’t shown and/or don’t even list their full names. There are no actual customers to speak of. My advice is to stay away from this Fool’s Gold software and invest in a real business opportunity.

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