Quick Summary of 6K in 6 Clicks

Rating: 0.1 Just another binary options scam.

The Good: The sales videos can be paused and even watched on YouTube.

The Bad: The system has fake actors, earnings reports, and claims.

The Bottom Line: Close your wallet, put away your credit card, and don't fall for this scam. Stick with our recommended program instead.

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6K in 6 Clicks Review

Are you looking to get rich quick online?

Then have I got an opportunity for you. Meet Matt Simpson.

6K In 6 Clicks a

Matt is 41, married, and has two daughters. He also used to struggle to earn enough money for his family, but now his bank balance looks like this:

6K In 6 Clicks

What’s Matt’s secret?

The 6K in 6 Clicks back story

According to Matt, he first owned an “online empire and a private online trading group…made up of investors, entrepreneurs and software developers.” This group is supposedly worth $100 million today.

Matt had intended to live off the money made from his trading group, but then he ran into Brad, his “online friend.” Brad had just lost $10,000 on trading courses over the past year and asked if Matt would consider getting back online, whatever that means. Here’s a picture from Brad, by the way, who also is shown in the video repeating this story:

6K In 6 Clicks b

Brad asked Matt to create a money-making software for everyday folks who are tired of being scammed and are looking to make money online. Although Matt didn’t need any more money, he was told not to consider his own financial gain but, instead, what he had to offer.

So, Matt went back to his trading team and, within “18 months and some heavy investment,” the group had its first working model of the 6K in 6 Clicks binary options trading software.

“I still remember installing it for the first time. It literally took me 6 clicks to set up, testing with a small $250 investment.” Within just a few hours, Matt says, “I came back to find $6,332.74 sitting in my account.”

Matt and his team kept the software running and eventually generated over $8 million. They also released a few copies of the binary options software to beta testers. The results were astounding.

Jane Jones (shown below) made over $63,421 in just under 4 weeks.

6K In 6 Clicks

Here’s Lucy, who says she makes a s—load of money every day using Matt’s software.

6K In 6 Clicks c

What is binary options trading?

In brief, binary options trading involves placing calls (up) or puts (down) on stocks, commodities, indices or currencies. In short, you are betting that a given stock, commodity, etc. will either go up or down in price in a given amount of time. If you bet correctly, you win your anticipated money. If you are wrong, you lose your placed money.

Because of the gambling aspect of binary options trading, many traders work with software that detects “signals” that a given stock, etc. will soon either increase or decrease in value.

The 6K in 6 Clicks system is yet another binary options trading software program that will supposedly make you rich in just 6 mouse clicks.

Only 40 memberships remain…

Matt and his team are ready to release this software to an additional 40 users so that they too can make money on autopilot. Why only 40 users?

6K In 6 Clicks d

Uh huh.

While Matt’s story sounds at least moderately plausible, here’s why I’m not buying it.

6K in 6 Clicks is a scam- and here are 6 reasons why

Reason #1: Brad is fake.

The online buddy, Brad, that Matt talks about in his sales video and who later appears to vouch for Matt, is actually an actor who sells testimonials on Fiverr for $5.


Reason #2: The Paypal statements don’t make sense.

Early on in the sales video, Matt shows you his Paypal statement as proof that he’s making money with 6K in 6 Clicks:

6K In 6 Clicks

However, no brokerage, which is where the sales videos eventually lead you, transfers money from your trading account into your Paypal account. Brokerages typically either wire or send your funds to your bank account, not Paypal.

Reason #3: The positive reviews contain affiliate links.

If you search for 6K in 6 Clicks, the search results page on Google contains at least 10 positive reviews of the product. However, if you investigate those reviews, you’ll see that they all contain affiliate links. Why would people be trying to earn affiliate commissions via this product if it’s so good that it can make you money on autopilot?

Reason #4: 6K in 6 Clicks is on Clicksure.

Clicksure is a rather shady affiliate network that offers all kinds of sham and scam products that don’t make the cut for Clickbank. While not every product on Clicksure is a scam, many products are.


In the case of 6K in 6 Clicks, a sizable $250 commission is paid to affiliates who can get people to sign up to the broker. With that kind of commission, how can you trust any review of this product to be objective?

Reason #5: BinaryBook is your broker.

I’ve mentioned BinaryBook in the past as being a very risky brokerage because it is based in Gibraltar, not the USA or Canada. International brokers are known for being unregulated by any SECs, making you prone to losing your money. In the case of BinaryBook, only its platform, Spot Option, is regulated by the CySEC. The brokerage, however, is not regulated.

Reason #6: You’ll spend $250 for this “free” software.

Matt says that the 6K in 6 Clicks software is free. However, in order to activate and use it through BinaryBook, you’ll need to plunk down a minimum of $250. Furthermore, if you accept the bonus money that BinaryBook gives you, you won’t be able to withdraw your original funds until you’ve placed many upon many trades.

Summary: This is another binary options scam.

The 6K in 6 Clicks system is a scam, plain and simple. The only individuals bound to make money with this software are the scammers who are offering it as an incentive for opening a brokerage account. The scammers then get their brokerage commission, and you get to lose $250 of your own money.

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Last Updated: August 12, 2015

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