Quick Summary of Gold Digger

Rating: 0.3 It's an 'automated' binary options trading scam.

The Good: You see no fake customer testimonials, thankfully.

The Bad: This is yet another binary options scam, and may be one of several created by the scammers.

The Bottom Line: Don't pay any money to, or download the software from Gold Digger. Stick with one of our recommendations instead.

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Gold Digger Review

Gold Digger makes some big promises via its sales emails. Here’s an excerpt:

Imagine if you could pass behind the velvet rope and become part of
the exclusive closed club of successful private traders that are
generating $50,000 profit per month.. completely on autopilot for FREE!

When you go to the sales page, here’s what you see:

GOLD Digger

What is Gold Digger all about?

“In a world of uncertainty, plenty of uncertainty, financial crisis even, scams, and currency collapses, the only true commodity that stands the test of time is gold.”

So starts the spiel of Gold Digger. As you continue listening to the sales video, what you learn that, while gold has historically been a safe commodity to invest in during times of unrest and uncertainty, there is no reason for you to actually purchase gold.


“We live in the modern age, not in medieval times.”

Uh huh.

Apparently, two engineering scientists from Russia have discovered a “little known loophole” that enables them to simply trade gold as a commodity and profit from it a whopping 400 times based on original investment amount. 36-year old Anthony and 32-year old Ronald are the two scientists who stumbled on a way to profitably trade gold. They took advantage of this loophole to create a binary options autotrader called Gold Digger.

Interestingly, Anthony and Ronald are actual human beings and their full names are Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk.

rocket engineers

So, what do Antony and Ronald want in return for releasing their amazing software for free? A whopping…one cent commission on every winning trade made. How exactly Anthony and Ronald plan to collect those one cent commissions is never stated.

Also, these “kids” previously did the following:

gold digger 1
gold digger 2

Supposedly, this Forex software wasn’t cheaply priced ($12,999/license) and sold out to traders within 11 hours. After looking up this Forex trading software online, I learned that, while it does exist, it doesn’t have the best reviews. Here’s a sample:


Other signs that Gold Digger is not worth trying:

There are other troubling signs that the Gold Digger autotrader app may not actually work to make you $50,000/month:

1. It’s listed on Clicksure and Clickbetter.

To begin with, the app is listed on Clicksure and Clickbetter, two affiliate networks well-known to contain questionable and scammy products:


2. The Gold Digger app is brought to you by…

When you go to the Gold Digger affiliate page, you learn that this app is being backed by the same marketers who marketed scam binary options trading apps like 100% Profit BotLegal Insider Bot and Apple Bot.

jv link

Call it guilt by association, but I don’t trust any app that is touted as legit when its marketers have questionable standards of what legit actually means.

3. The app isn’t exactly free to try.

Legitimate binary options apps can typically be tried for free, with a demo account that costs you no money to open and use. The Gold Digger app doesn’t give you the option of free:

Gold Digger 3

As it turns out, although the app itself is technically free, it will require that you open an account with Binary Book and deposit at least $500. I’ve discussed Binary Book before and how it’s a risky platform because it’s based overseas in the U.K. Luckily, it is regulated by the CySEC.

4. The app arrives as a downloadable .exe file.

While it’s not a sign of a scam per se, you can only use the Gold Digger app by letting it download to your computer as a .exe file. Also, the app downloads through Perspecta, Ltd., the same company that enabled the Binary Boom download.

Gold Digger 4

If you recall, Binary Boom was reviewed here on I’ve Tried That earlier this year and judged as having bundled spyware.

5. There are fake security seals aplenty.

True to binary options scam form, Gold Digger comes with attached “seals” and “verifications” that are pure window dressing. You can’t click to verify any of the seals (shown above in my screen shot), so they may as well be imaginary.

6. The positive product reviews all contain affiliate links.

The Gold Digger app hasn’t even been officially released, yet there are already several positive reviews of this product. One example is located on the site binary-app-810 .org/, which I’ve noted before as being one of the main sites that publishes “positive” reviews of scam binary options products. Naturally, the site has titled its review as the following in order to grab your attention:

gold digger review

Once you click on this review, you find that it is reporting massive profits with this system, and the only “con” is that Gold Digger is online only (what does that even mean?). When you click on the provided product link, you see the included affiliate link:



Gold Digger spins a rather convincing tale of two boy geniuses who stumble upon a winning trading software. However, aside from this fanciful story, nothing about the Gold Digger story and its software resonates as even moderately believable.

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  • Mark Gabel
    Mark Gabel

    to all binary traders outthere, the first red flag that this promoting gold digger software is to come to my attention that they are using the binary book brokers, which is viral on internet that these two brokers beep option and binary book are scamming people, they took their customer money and even more at the time of the any customers trying to close their account the money wasn’t released they invent a different excuses to the customer in order to keept their money unfortunately I’m one of them I’m planing in open a formal complaint with the cyber crime fraud unit located in england from where these two scammers are running their rabish business trying to collect newbies on binary option on line. becareful with these scammers, again beepoptions and binary book both are thiefs and liars. not open acount with of them you won’t be see your money back.

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