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  • no such thing as a free lunch
    no such thing as a free lunch

    Firehouse Subs most definately requires you to sign up and download their stupid app to claim a birthday reward. I was just there and they would not give a free sub without the app thing. I guess the only upside is that the clerk said it was good for 6 days so if you sign up on the spot, you can claim your birthday free sub up to 6 days after your birthday.

  • Kyo

    Very disappointing to see how few goodies there are w/o signing up for one thing or another. Don’t want to be hounded & don’t want spam. Bummer.

  • Renée

    Don’t forget the molten lava cake with ice cream from Chili’s!
    Happy Birthday! 🎉 🎂

  • Gail

    I didn’t ever know how to set birthday’s freebies up ! But plan on trying it out !

  • Almond

    Wished it was my birthday today… What a palace of choice! Don’t know where to look first! And such a  variety!!! For all to taste! What I would do? Go for a coffee at Dutch Bros in the morning . Have a meal at Cracker Barrel for the dessert and finish my day with an ice cream at TGI Friday’s … and  come back often during the whole year if it was good! Thank you for posting 

  • Steve

    Well, you had me at “free stuff on your birthday”.  I have to say, you picked a couple of my local favorites.  Living in Gilbert Arizona, I have been to Joe’s Farm Grill and Joes Real BBQ on many occasions.  Now I have a reason to visit on my birthday.  

    If you have any ideas on a local pizza joint in my area please let me know!  I know you listed CPK, but I am very interested in something a little more quaint.  It sounds like most of these offers require ID.  Do you they just take your word for it when you tell them it’s your kids birthday?  

    Thanks for all of this great information. There is a Chompies close to my office in Scottsdale, so I may have to check that one out next year when my birthday rolls around.

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