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20 Free Things You Can Get on Your Birthday Without Signing Up

Yesterday, I published a giant list of free stuff you can get on your birthday. There were over 200 ideas in there.

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Almost all of them required you to opt-in or at the very least give up your email address.

I’ve narrowed down the list a bit to find a bunch of free stuff on your birthday without signing up for anything.

Companies that offer these birthday freebies without the need to sign up are relying on good karma.

In theory, people who have good experiences with a particular brand tend to remember its name and in turn, either intentionally or unintentionally choose these brands when shopping, dining, or just going out.

Birthday Freebies: FREE Admission to Attractions

If you’re asking yourself: “What can I get for free on my birthday?” Your best bet it to filter your search by location.

Many museums, zoos, parks and other local attractions open their doors to birthday celebrants free of charge. You do have to double-check and call the place you wish to go to first, just to be sure.

For example, a birthday gets you free admission to the Denver Zoo and a whole bunch of other birthday gifts as well.

Denver zoo logo

In most cases, you only have to prove that it’s your birthday (an I.D. will do, if your birthday is printed on it).

You may also have to prove that you’re a local… so if you can bring anything proof of billing, postal ID, or any other document that shows you live nearby, then bring it with you.

All-You-Can-Use Birthday Coupons

Many businesses need your e-mail addresses, personal info, or membership for future marketing.

They use birthday freebies into luring people to sign-up.

And it works.

The upside to this is that you’ll never run out of birthday coupons.

Even if you don’t want to sign-up to claim a birthday gift or freebie, there’s a good chance that you’ve already signed up to a couple of them in the past.

If your birthday is coming up, check all your e-mails for birthday coupons by doing a search for “birthday” and print out those you like best. Check your spam folder. You might see treasures there, too!

Most companies send birthday coupons weeks or a month before your actual birthday, so you can begin hunting for good birthday freebies ahead of your birthday.

20 Birthday Freebies (Without Signing up for Anything)

The following establishments give you free birthday gifts just for visiting their store on your birthday (or sometimes, even within your birth month).

The most common requirement is that you have to flash your ID before you can claim your free food, drinks, dessert, or even a lively birthday song from the crew.

1. Bob Evans

Freebie: Free meals for kids

How to Claim: Dine in exactly on your kid’s birthday.

They also offer free kid’s meals after 4PM every Tuesday with the purchase of an adult meal.

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2. Cheesecake Factory

Free Cheesecake Factory

Freebie: Get a free Birthday Mini Hot Fudge Sundae. It’s disappointing not to have a cheesecake freebie when you visit The Cheesecake Factory, but a free sundae is still free food.

If you’re ordering a cake or any other dessert, The Cheesecake Factory can decorate it with a “Happy Birthday” greeting, confetti and candle free of charge.

How to Claim: If you’re dining in at The Cheesecake Factory, just tell your server that it’s your birthday and let them handle the rest.

Find a location near you.

3. Chompies

Freebie: Claim your “Eggciting Breakfast” free. This breakfast meal includes home fries, two eggs, and a choice of English muffin, bagel or toast.

How to Claim: This is only available around Arizona. Make sure to bring your ID whichever branch you go to.

4. Dutch Bros. Coffee

Freebie: Get your free coffee, if you’re near a branch that participates in this promotion.

Note that since every Dutch Bros. Coffee is locally owned, it is the discretion of the franchise owner if he/she wants to follow company promotions.

How to Claim: Show your ID at any participating branch. Find a location near you.

5 Cracker Barrel

Freebie: You can get a free dessert and a lively birthday song from the crew.

How to Claim: If you’re planning to celebrate your birthday at Cracker Barrel, tell your server that it’s your birthday. The birthday freebie is valid with purchase of a meal.

Check if there are Cracker Barrel locations near you.

6. Denny’s

Free Denny's Grand Slam

Freebie: Free “Original Grand Slam” breakfast, which includes two bacon strips, two eggs, two sausage links and a short stack of pancakes.

How to Claim: There’s no sign up required for this one, but you need to present a valid ID at any Denny’s on your birthday.

Find a location near you.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts

Freebie: Get a free drink of your choice (except for bottled drinks)

How to Claim: The Dunkin Donuts website states that in order to claim your free birthday beverage, you should be a DD Rewards card holder. However, many Dunkin Donuts branches give out free birthday drinks just with an ID.

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To be sure, you can find and call your local Dunkin Donuts.

8. Firehouse Subs

Freebie: Get a free medium sub on your birthday.

How to Claim: The Firehouse Subs website states that you’ll have to sign up to the Rewards club, but many fans of this company report that they were able to claim their birthday freebies just by showing their IDs.

Check out a Firehouse Sub location near you.

9. Joe’s Farm Grill or  Joe’s Real BBQ

Freebie: Get a free adult-sized meal on your birthday. (The meal’s worth $10)

How to Claim: You have to be a local or visiting Arizona, since both restaurants only have local branches. You’d also need to present you ID to prove it’s your birthday.

10. Iguana Mia

Freebie: Get a regular entree of your choice (up to an $18 value) and free fried ice cream. You can even get a free picture with their huge sombrero to commemorate your celebration there, as long as you provide a camera for the picture-taking.

How to Claim: You must visit Iguana Mia on  your actual birth date and present an ID or birth certificate.

11. The Capital Grille

Free chocolate espresso cake

Freebie: Get a chocolate espresso cake on the house.

How to Claim: If you’re dining at the Capital Grille on your birthday, you can claim your dessert as long as you bring your ID exactly on your birthday. The birthday freebie comes with meal purchase, so prepare to eat here as well.

Find a Capital Grille branch near you.

12. Jack in the Box

Freebie: Choose from a New York cheesecake, chocolate overload cake, or 5-piece mini churros snack. Sometimes, the freebie depends on your local branch.

How to Claim: There’s no sign-up required, but you have to visit the Jack in the Box website and print out the birthday coupon. Once you’re in a Jack in the Box location, show your ID as proof and claim your birthday freebies.

13. The Dead Poet (New York)

Freebie: Get a free beer on the house

How to Claim: If you’re looking for a bar to spend your birthday at, check out this New York-based bar. If you’re lucky and you share your birthday with one of the dead poets listed here, claim your free beer while listening to good music.

14. Outback Steakhouse

Freebie: Birthday freebies vary from blooming onion to dessert. This would depend on your local Outback.

How to Claim: The home of juicy steaks doesn’t advertise birthday promos often, but they do provide birthday freebies to celebrants who dine in store. Be sure to prepare your ID to verify your birthday.

15. California Pizza Kitchen

Freebie: Get a free dessert when you dine in on your birthday. You’ll have more birthday freebies if you sign-up for rewards, or you enlist your kid/s for the CPK Kids Club.

How to Claim: Just visit any CPK near you, show proof of identity (with birth date of course), and enjoy your treat.

16. TGI Friday’s

Free Friday's Chocolate Obsession

Freebie: Get a free ice cream (when you dine in). The crew will even sing a “Happy Birthday” rap or song for you.

How to Claim: Normally, TGI Friday’s only give birthday celebrants birthday freebies when they’re a member of the Rewards club. But if you dine in at a local branch and tell your server that it’s your birthday, you’ll be given your treat, no questions asked.

17. O’Charley’s

Freebie: Free slice of pie.

How to Claim: If you’re dining at O’Charley’s and your birthday falls on a Wednesday, you can claim this freebie even without signing up.

18. Changing Hands Bookstore (Arizona)

Freebie: Get a $10 or 25% off from your purchase anytime during your birthday month. Kids receive birthday gifts if they visit as well.

How to Claim: Adults need a driver’s license or other forms of ID to claim their birthday freebies, or to claim their kid’s freebie.

19. Harkins Theatres

Freebie: If you’re going to see a movie at Harkins Theatres on your birthday, you can get free popcorn.

How to Claim: You don’t have to sign up with any clubs or newsletters, but you do  have to show proof with a driver’s license or birth certificate. Visit the box office when purchasing your ticket. It’s valid across multiple Harkins Theatres locations.

20. Benefit Cosmetics

Freebie: Free brow arch

How to Claim: Visit your local Benefit Browbar Beauty Lounge and claim a free brow arch anytime during your birthday week. There’s no sign-up required for this free service.

Tips for More Birthday Freebies

Most birthday freebies require you to become a loyalty member of some sort in order to claim a reward.

Your best bet at getting free stuff on your birthday without signing up for anything will be in the form of a comped appetizer or dessert.

When making a reservation at a restaurant, make sure you specify that you have chosen their establishment to celebrate your birthday, just be prepared for the staff to sing “Happy Birthday” while you sit there awkwardly salivating at the free cake.

I have also received free desserts when noting that we are coming in to celebrate our anniversary. Don’t limit yourself to just birthdays!

Happy Birthday!

I hope this list of birthday freebies bring a hint of joy to someone’s birthday. After all, everyone loves free stuff.

If you’re fine with filling up a form to register, I have a bigger 200+ list of birthday freebiesb you should definitely check out.

6 thoughts on “20 Free Things You Can Get on Your Birthday Without Signing Up”

  1. Firehouse Subs most definately requires you to sign up and download their stupid app to claim a birthday reward. I was just there and they would not give a free sub without the app thing. I guess the only upside is that the clerk said it was good for 6 days so if you sign up on the spot, you can claim your birthday free sub up to 6 days after your birthday.

  2. Very disappointing to see how few goodies there are w/o signing up for one thing or another. Don’t want to be hounded & don’t want spam. Bummer.

  3. Wished it was my birthday today… What a palace of choice! Don’t know where to look first! And such a  variety!!! For all to taste! What I would do? Go for a coffee at Dutch Bros in the morning . Have a meal at Cracker Barrel for the dessert and finish my day with an ice cream at TGI Friday’s … and  come back often during the whole year if it was good! Thank you for posting 

  4. Well, you had me at “free stuff on your birthday”.  I have to say, you picked a couple of my local favorites.  Living in Gilbert Arizona, I have been to Joe’s Farm Grill and Joes Real BBQ on many occasions.  Now I have a reason to visit on my birthday.  

    If you have any ideas on a local pizza joint in my area please let me know!  I know you listed CPK, but I am very interested in something a little more quaint.  It sounds like most of these offers require ID.  Do you they just take your word for it when you tell them it’s your kids birthday?  

    Thanks for all of this great information. There is a Chompies close to my office in Scottsdale, so I may have to check that one out next year when my birthday rolls around.


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