Quick Summary of Magic Money Machine

Rating: 0.1 This 'magic machine' is nothing but hype.

The Good: The sign up form doesn't work- which means you can't sign up and get scammed. Well, at least for now.

The Bad: There's an annoying pop-up on the first sales video that comes up whenever you move your mouse. Oh, and Magic Money Machine is a complete scam.

The Bottom Line: Don't bother with this obvious scam. Stick with our recommended way to make money instead.

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Magic Money Machine Review

Magic Money Machine starts out with a dire warning: “If you’ve tried other money making systems and been disappointed by scams, this is the only way left to add $800 to your bank account in just 17 minutes- and repeat that process over and over again.”

“In fact, 100% of the people that watched this video, that have done exactly as instructed, have all succeeded.”

Uh huh.

Magic Money Machine

The sales video goes on to state that this system is not for everyone, and not everyone can get involved. Why?

“This is for a select few who have tried other “systems” and failed.”

Apparently, those other systems made unrealistic claims about how you could generate millions of dollars in just a few weeks. But Magic Money Machine doesn’t claim to make you money in mere weeks. Rather, you can make money in just 17 minutes!

How Magic Money Machine “works”

What makes Magic Money Machine different from those other money-making systems?

Get ready for it…

Magic Money Machine 3

“It’s built on pattern replications,” the video claims. “Patterns that consistently produce winning results. No guesswork or analysis needed on your part. All the thinking, analyzing and decision making has been done for you.”

Best of all, this system is completely FREE. Yep, FREE. “But only to a select smart and decisive few.”

And, of course, this offer is available for a limited time only.

Once you enter your email in the form provided, you are taken to a second sales video. Here, you are again warned that you have limited time to grab this incredible opportunity.

Magic Money Machine 4

You are warned not once, but twice, that this opportunity is only available to 30 individuals.

Magic Money Machine is also different from other trading software because you will make your money back on your very first trade. How? The software picks the winning trade for you.

The following customer testimonials are posted, along with a live screen showing successfully executed trades.

Magic Money Machine 5

We also see these videos of Magic Money Machine’s “students:”

Magic Money Machine 7
Magic Money Machine 8

These students give glowing testimonials about Jason (no last name) and how he has helped them earn a bunch of money in just minutes or hours.

As the sales video moves along, Jason also states that he will make a 5% commission on your profits. How exactly that will happen is never explained, but because Jason will be collecting this commission, he has limited the enrollment to just 30 individuals.

The real deal with Magic Money Machine

Unfortunately, Magic Money Machine’s second sales page has an issue on it and you can’t currently sign up to its “recommended” broker. However, if you look at the source code of the page, you see’ll the following element placed in the sign up area:

<iframe src=”https://api.brokerclicks.com/trader.php?command=addTraderAction&amp;project_id=gb&amp;&amp;name=&amp;affiliate_id=&amp;affiliate_display=&amp;affiliate_network=&amp;custom=&amp;custom2=&amp;goal=members” frameborder=”0″ width=”1″ height=”1″ style=”position:absolute;top:0;left:0;visibility:hidden;”></iframe>

When I went to the BrokerClicks.com website, I learned that this site is an affiliate network that connects affiliates to binary options brokers:


As you look through this affiliate network, you’ll find many of the binary options scams that have been reviewed on I’ve Tried That in the past, including Rock the Stock, Insured Profits, and Binary Matrix Pro. Apparently, and at least according to this website, the brokers are fully aware of their affiliates and the questionable approaches they are using to get people to sign up for binary options trading accounts.

But that’s not all that’s amiss with Magic Money Machine.

The fake testimonials

What about those glowing student testimonials that Magic Money Machine showcased earlier? Here are the actual “students,” as discovered through Fiverr:

binary arrow 6

The other fake testimonials

Magic Money Machine also showcases photos of other satisfied customers, including Samantha Jones, Tina Curtis and Thomas Wright. I located the majority of these customers using Google’s image search. As you can see, these folks are nothing more than swiped LinkedIn profiles and/or stock photos.


Magic Money Machine is on Clicksure.

It’s never a good sign when you see a product listed on the Clicksure affiliate network. Why? Clicksure is well-known for carrying a plethora of scammy and shifty products that average a 50% refund rate. Needless to say, Magic Money Machine is listed on Clicksure, with a launch date scheduled for September 28th.

Magic Money Machine1

Notice also that this product is offering a huge $750 affiliate commission. This is way bigger than the already generous $250 commission offered by most other binary options scam products. As such, I’m expecting many upon many “positive” reviews of Magic Money Machine to start populating the Internet.

Speaking of “positive” reviews…

The “positive” reviews are already being generated online- and invariably, they all carry affiliate links such as these:

http://magicmoneymachine.co/ go/?clickID=242369369&affname=certifiied&S1=&affnetwork=cs&cid=intl

There are also several YouTube videos touting this system.


Magic Money Machine is set to launch September 28th. By then, it’s likely that the scammers will have fixed its non-functional sign-up form. The extremely high CPA offered by this product means that many “positive” reviews and promotions will pop up, scamming a good number of individuals out of their money. Don’t become a victim of this scam.

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