Sure, some people say they don’t watch TV, but for the rest of us, spending some time in front of the screen catch up on the latest drama or comedy is a daily occurrence.

You may watch TV it simply to unwind and vegetate after a long day, or perhaps you’re simply obsessed with the latest reality TV show.

Whatever your level of consumption is, watching TV does take up time that you could be using to make money instead.

What if there was a way to make money while watching TV? Well there is, they are 4 in fact that offer great potential for doing little to nothing except watching the box!

1. Use the Viggle App

Viggle is an app based system (for iPhones and Android phones) that allows you to earn points for watching TV programs.

Once you are watching you “check in” with the app and it detects what program you are watching, kind of like a Shazam for TV.

It works with a long list of national broadcasters in the US, but currently not with local networks.

You get 1 point per minute of the show watched, though some shows offer bonus multipliers for each minute.

Those multipliers may well come in handy, because the downside of Viggle is that the rewards system is somewhat expensive.

In order to purchase a copy of The Revenant e-book (normally about $10 on Amazon), you would need to spend, 199,800 points. That’s 3330 hours of TV watching at the basic points level.

Some books and music are even more expensive!

Still, for clicking a couple of buttons as you settle down to watch your favourite shows, you can at least get something back in return.

2. Become a TV Critic

Becoming a TV critic may have be a dream job for you if you’re a TV fan: I mean what’s better than being able to watch TV and tell your opinion to the world!

Actually getting a job as a critic isn’t that easy. The skill set needed is quite basic: a good grasp of the written language, an eye for detail, and good memory (or note taking ability!) and the ability to see subtle cues that directors may add into their shows.

The hard part is actually getting hired! Competition for available critic jobs is fierce, especially if you’re trying to break into the job market.

The best advice here is to do it anyway! The internet has empowered many people to get the experience they need or make their own business in their ideal niche without having to jump through job application hoops.

Set up your own YouTube channel, have 6 second reviews on Vine, and spread your thoughts far and wide with social media and you never know what will happen! At worst you will watch a lot of TV and learn some things.

3. Earn Bucks with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online service that will give you points for doing a wide variety of activities, including watching videos on their online TV channel.

You might be thinking that Swagbucks is similar to Viggle, and in essence I suppose it is, after all Swagbucks does offer an app.

The similarities end there though as Swagbucks can also be used in a browser and offers a wider range of activities.

The key difference is that Swagbucks has a much fairer points system, and a wider range of rewards.

For example, you only need 500 Swagbucks in order to cash out for a $5 Amazon gift card.

There is a wide variety of programs to watch, enough keep most people interested and you can get rewards fairly quickly.

And if you get bored with the TV, you can also play games, browse the internet, answer surveys and shop to earn Swagbucks points.

Best of all, you can earn $5.00 immediately just by creating your free account now!

4. Become a Netflix Tagger

This for me is the holiest of “watching TV to make money” systems. IT’s also the rarest.

The basic idea behind tagging is that you sit and watch Netflix media (in your pyjamas, in bed, of course!) and to tag each one with one or more keywords, such as “drama” or “sci-fi”.

You get paid for this!

The downside is you actually need to get employed by Netflix, and this job type comes up quite rarely, so keep your eyes on the Netflix Job Board.

You may also want to check out the jobs listing for other online streaming companies like Hulu, HBO, Sling.TV etc.

The Bottom Line

Pairing up your love of TV and making money is not going to be easy, especially if all you want to do is watch it!

It will take some hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to accept a slightly different route in some cases.

That being said, it’s still possible to do!

I would also say to be wary of other online sites that offer rewards for watching TV, as they often offer a very poor points system and/or rewards. Do your due diligence or use Swagbucks.

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